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you're so vain, you probably think this post is about you

Spent the day at the Little League field and came home not really caring if you think I was being petty in the post below. I also don't care about the weather map you sent me detailing the rainfall in Texas for the past week because honestly, doing so kind of makes you a jackass. Nor do I care if you think I'm being dishonest by mentioning Kerry's stupid joke without mentioning that Bush called someone an asshole four years ago. Why don't I care? Because you are a jackass. And I don't even care if you want to write Bush Lied People Died (tm) 1,000 times in my comments on every post I make because you, my friend, are a jackass. I certainly don't care if by some incredible stretch of imagination and/or delusional thoughts you came to the conclusion that my post about Kerry somehow shows my inherent racism(??) then, wow. You are not just a jackass, but a flaming idiot as well. As one person said to me when I mentioned the subject to him: Aaron can find racism in a ham sandwich. So what do I care about? Well, DJ had two doubles today, his team is 10-1, the Simpsons finale is on tonight, my daughter is getting braces tomorrow, hey, it looks like it might rain, my car needs an oil change, I'm out of cigarettes, the kid across the street is crying up a storm and.. Well, let's just say there are a whole slew of things I care about more than your petulant, whiny rules for what I should or shouldn't be posting on my site. Now, I have some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream and a fresh Guiness waiting for me. Caio.


Congrats to slugger DJ! Now for the more pressing crisis - send hubby for some smokes!


I did! I did think this post was about me! Except you forgot the part where I fly my lear jet up to Nova Scotia to watch the total eclipse of the sun.

Two doubles? Your son rules. Enjoy your ice cream and thanks for the site.

Have one for me too Sweetie. Love your site, don't ever let them get you down.

That last post got you moved onto my favorites button. Who knows, I might even send you money some day.

Let me add my congrats to DJ! Durn, I miss when my girls did AYSO. However, #4 daughter finished Drum Major tryouts Friday and we have our fingers crossed. Outside of that, the twins are not old enough yet having grandma (me) and grandpa shouting themselves hoarse on the sidelines (21 mo/old).

Cold Stone and Guinness????

[insert Homer drool sound here]

With the new house, and now the braces, you are officially permanently broke. Enjoy!

You're still aces with me.

Ever tried the Guiness and the ice cream together? It's bliss in a glass, and good for you!

Now, for an annoying aside: do you recycle the Guiness cans with the extra plastic thingy inside them? Are you going to hell for that? Do you avoid the issue by choosing bottles? Am I obsessed about this?

Cold Stone and Guinness? Awesome.

I spend all night getting those stupid plastic things out of the bottle. I have a collection now.

Install a Guinness tap in your house, you won't have that problem.


Guinness from a can?


Michele, whenever you have a chance to visit the left coast, do stop in at a small partially outdoor eatery along Pacific Coast Highway, just north of the Ventura/LA County Line called Neptune's Net. It's the kind of place with saltwater tanks you can pick your dinner from and have it cooked the way you like it. You can sit on the outside patio with a great view of the ocean, watch surfers, and eye the diverse clientele (a parking lot home to both Harleys and Beemers). Last weekend hubby and I each had an iced bottle of Guinness while devouring a combo plate stacked high with fried shrimp, fried clams and chips.


Not a can. A bottle.

With some kind of phallic symbol inside that keeps the beer tasting like it just came out of the tap.

Bottles or cans, I'm just glad it's good for me.

Maybe I'm squeamish, but a phallic symbol thingy has no business being inside any of my beverages. I'll look for those bottles, but I probably won't look inside.

3 of those a night. Minimum.

Rita and I just polished off the strawberry ice cream we spent the afternoon making.

Hmmmm... frozen custard... fresh strawberries... life is good.

Now we will retire to the front porch to share a cigar and watch the sun go down.

...did I say Life is good?

Don't worry about the idiots... they will die a painful death and spend eternity in a hell of their own making... as it should be... stupidity should be more painfull than it is.

But do you have dark muffins?

Isn't it liberating letting it all go?

Are Ham Sandwiches Racist?

67% of those polled say yes.

Oops, posted in the wrong section a minute ago.

Michele, I am glad to hear that you have the right priorities.

I wore braces when I was younger, so I have some words of wisdom for your daughter: the braces will be inconvenient and sometimes a bit painful, but you will have BEAUTIFUL teeth after they come out. Best of Luck.

Guiness and ice cream.


congrats to DJ on the 2 doubles.

"Last weekend hubby and I each had an iced bottle of Guinness"

Iced? OMG say it isn't so!

Guinness and ice cream FLOAT

"Iced? OMG say it isn't so"

Why? You don't believe the myth that all beer is served warm in Ireland do you?

"The temperature. GUINNESS® Draught is usually served at 6°C and GUINNESS® Draught Extra Cold should be chilled for a minimum of 3 hours before being served at a cooler 3.5°C."

Other fun facts, Nigeria drinks more Guinniess than the US

Geez, what is it with ham sandwiches? I've been hearing for years on Law & Order that Jack McCoy could indict a ham sandwich if he wanted to, and now they're racist?