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The New Scandal!

Update 5/24: Welcome, dear Kos readers. I suggest you read the post below this one and then the update. [Hey, it was a rush job] Idea blatantly stolen from Jeff, in the comments here. \ [click for bigger] Like I said before, anyone actually going through great lengths to find a conspiracy within Bush's bike fall is out of their mind and, frankly, doesn't deserve to vote.


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Have I told you lately, Michele, I love you?


You're so right.

These people blame Halliburton if their boyfriends break up with them--and that's just the guys.

The level of nutsy conspiracy mongering that is happening on the Left is staggering.

Your comment is funny. At least the nutsy conspiracy mongering from the Left is good for something.


That darn caliche! It makes my house shift too!

too funny!

I'm picturing that guy in the sweater with the cigarette needs a "Halliburton stole my boyfriend" sign.

Funny, y'all.

sigh - "with", not "needs." Although he might need a boyfriend (or girlfriend.)

No scandal. No plot.

Bush just falls alot.

He fell off a Segway.

He fell off a bicycle.

He trips down helicopter steps.

Word has it he's fallen off the wagon.

Heck he can't even eat a pretzel right.

Gerald Ford, move over.

Yup, Gerald Ford, who played football at a big 10 school, saved America. Hopefully GWB will be as successful.


If you've never had mishaps when doing sport then I know you've never done sports.

And your diet probably consists of nothing more daring than yogurt and tofu.

You have my sympathies.

I was a former vegetarian, let me tell you tofu tastes like crap. Soy milk though is delicious, I suggest everyone try it one time in their life.

Tofu has a taste? I guess I missed something when I rejected it as tasteless crap that has the consistency of semi-dry Pla-Doh.


I really do like soy milk. About the only way I ever eat tofu is the way it's prepared at one of my fave Japanese restaurants.

This is just brilliant.


kinda reminds me of how he looked in '02 after he tried to watch football and eat pretzels at the same time.

when's he gonna come clean and admit he was on the sauce again?

Tofu does have a taste, and can actually have a good consistency (probably the way Darleen has had it, above, seeing the Japanese restaurant reference). The big difference, I think, is the Japanese treat it like a vegetable, not a meat substitute.

I had a great tofu casserole once, with spinach and mushrooms covered in havarti cheese and cream sauce. Of course, at that point, a big rare steak would have been much healthier...

winces DAMN. Those lacerations on his hand look relatively deep ... I hope he recovers soon, or that his makeup personnel are experts at touch-ups!

What Profsky, no cocaine cracks? What is the matter with you lefties. Can't you even generate a genuine sleazy comeback. I was expecting a much better performance.

When a man gives up alcohol sucessful and goes on to a productive life, there will always be a bunch of hypocrites naysaying.

It is pitiful that that is all the left has. tsk tsk.

Profsky, you know this post from Michelle is about you.

You really are 12 years, aren't you.

It should also be noted that Segway instituted a recall to correct the safety flaw discovered when Bush fell off one which lacked enough power to run its gyros.

I'll hide behind a smile and understanding eyes
and I'll tell you things that you already know so you can say:
I really identify with you, so much
and all the time that you're needing me is just the time
that I'm bleeding you, don't you get it yet?
I'll come to you like an affliction then I'll leave you like an addiction
you'll never forget me... wou wanna know why?

Cuz I'm a LIAR

It's just another example of Chimpy's damage control department not being able to tell the truth. We (on the left) don't care that he fell, we find it amusing that the administration has to lie about even such a small event. Makes one wonder, what really happened when fearless leader choked on that pretzel?

Odd, looks like the type of injury one might get if their bike slipped to the ground suddenly. Complete with the most common injury: abrasions on the hand because the usual reflex is to try to stop your fall. Or at least the times that happened to me when I was riding a bike and it slipped out from under me.

But I suppose we need someone like Grissom from CSI to examine the crash scene to determine the truth, right?

Btw, any of the moonbats consider that instead of a lie the origin of the loose topsoil might be just a guess? Oh no, can't have that happen.