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Life of Sunburned Agony

Of course, it's Saturday night, that's why no one is around. I'm only here because my sunburn precludes from going out and stalking the mosh pit at tonight's Life of Agony concert, taking place within walking distance from my home. Ok, it's not really the sunburn. It's that whole not leaving the kids home alone thing. Damn kids, always ruining my fun. Wait, I think they're supposed to say that about me. I console myself with the Life of Agony DVD and the small, small glimmer of the old days I felt when I drove past the club today and saw the band's tour bus parked outside. Anyhow, I discovered a great picture I shot of DJ today, but the camera was on multiple shot mode, so it's a really small picture. Damn. today 011.jpg Maybe it is partly the sunburn. You know, I do this at least once a year - go to a game and sit there on a hazy day as if that haze was going to keep me from burning. I deserve this agony. Hey, Bill Whittle is at it again. Go read, I hear it's great. I printed my copy out for bedtime reading. How sad is it to be spending a Saturday night making belligerent comments on Fark and watching Finding Nemo?


Sorry you had to miss your show. Try to find some aloe gel - that stuff feels really good on a sunburn...

we watched Major Payne.

You're going to love the Whittle stuff - he says Red Sox fans are Islamofascists. Or something like that.

Really appreciated the link. I was wandering aimlessly, numb from the bloody Moore Cannes Award fiasco. I don't know why I should be surprised - please make it stop. The Bill Whittle link helped me gain composure and perspective.
Forging on!


Nemo is a damn funny movie, Ellen steals the whole thing.

Sad? Sounds like a great Saturday night to me.

I spent mine eating popcorn and zipping back and forth through Matrix Revolutions.

Well...it's nice to know I am not the only person with a big "L" on my forehead setting at home watching the same movies over and over again. wondering aimlessly through the internet looking for any human connection.

Crap...I think I have to go kill myself now or drown my sad life in alcohol.

This sad'll top that sad. Got bored, walked to the movie theater. Bad week for movies. Didn't feel like watching Pitt's butt, so skipped Troy, no mood to see Snrek2, so went to see Van Helsing. Missed the reviews that said it sucked rocks hard, but figured that out 15 minutes in to the movie, but still stayed another 30 minutes hoping it would get better. It didn't. Got up and walked out. Came home, wnet to bed.

Yee, ha.