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talkin' (little league) baseball

If you need to de-stress, go watch a Little League game. Even though it was about 100 degrees and humid, it was still the best two hours of my week. He's so happy this year becausee heo has a really good team (and coaches) behind him - his pitching is great but the defense that backs him up is stellar. And his hitting has improved about 100% since last year. Baseball is the greatest thing for DJ's self-esteem, which is usually lacking. I love watching this team; for two hours these kids are nothing but fiercely determined and competitive. They have their game faces on the whole time. And the minute the game ends, both teams - no matter who wins - are running around the field, game faces gone and six inning forgotten as they douse each other in water or converge for a conversation about guitars or the Yankees. Not one kid knows their own personal stats (though the parents keep track - we do get some bragging rights, if only to ourselves) and they don't care. They play a hard as pros for two hours and then go back to being little kids as soon as the game is over. I wish I had that capacity to take something so seriously and then let it go when necessary. oh, who am I kidding? My son rocks. He's batting better than Jeter and pitching better than half the Yankee staff. The other coaches come around just to watch him play. His fielding would put half the major leagues to shame. Hey, I'm a parent. I have the right to do that.


Don't you love going to a Little League game, and realizing that the kids on the field act more mature than 95 percent of the adults you have to deal with on any given day?

one of the blessings I discovered after buying my house was that within a twenty-25 minute walk (with dog in tow) was a little league complex with two diamonds, comfy bleachers and a cinder block refreshment stand (and No Nutbag Parents).

Go DJ! He's a total ladykiller too. What a great experience for him--and you.

"He's batting better than Jeter and pitching better than half the Yankee staff."

That's not exactly a high bar now is it? :)

We had a little league game today too - 90 degrees in the shade of my front porch, felt like 120 on the field. Breck asked me who won when we got home. (They did BTW).

Cubbies need a southpaw.

I'm glad your kid enjoys little league. I was one of those kids who woke up with a nervous stomach on game day, wasn't able to eat a thing before the game, and stood in the field praying "please don't hit it to me". But for some reason I remember those days as the happiest of my life.

Here's another advantage of Little League over professional baseball: You will never buy four $27 tickets online, show up at the ballpark's Will Call booth and be told that they do not have your tickets, go over to Ticket Services and be told

that the nice expensive second-deck-behind-home plate-tickets that you bought were for yesterday's game. :-( :-(

On the other hand, no little leaguer is going to hit the ball as far as Eric Chavez.

"Hey, I'm a parent. I have the right to do that."

I am of the opinion that you are required to do it...now let me tell you about my kids stats...:-)

(5 rbi's in first round game of tournament, struck out for only the second time all season in final round of tournament, in case you were really wondering)

I thit this was "ode to why it's nice."?
what's with all the reliving?

"thit" = thought
missed a bunchof letters there.