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programming note

As much as I love Blogrolling, and as much as it has served me well for the past year or so (probably longer), I have taken the code out permanently. It seems to be going down a lot a lately, which slows down the loading time of this site considerably. I'll be rolling my own, so to speak*. It's something I've been meaning to do for a long time, anyhow. Does anyone know how I can implement a "recently updated" feature on a hand-coded blogroll (using weblogs.com, I presume)? I just put the blogroll on a separate page for now. I know how terribly interesting this must be for all of you, as the world lives and dies by my blogroll. What's that? It doesn't. What a relief, then. *later, I've got a baseball game to attend first


You'd need to set up a cron to crawl those sites, or their xml equivilent if available, and store the post in a database on your server. If it crawls those sites once an hour, it needs to compare against hte database to see if anything has changed.

Good times

Weblogs.com is extremely unreliable as well. It seems to go down almost every weekday at 10am for several hours, then comes back spotty the rest of the day.

I hope you don't take it down completely, I've been using yours as a launching pad to the others.

I've got an answer in the works. Hang tight.

No blogroll? Cats and dogs living together! It's the end of the world.

I looked at this a few ways and eventually settled on just using WordPress. It's an easy install and the categories and bookmarklet make it simple to do everything that Blogrolling.com did.

You can see what I mean on my, uh, blogroll.

I've had much better luck with blogroll since I got away from the Javascript and went to PHP. With MT you'd have to display it (your blogroll) on a different page. (A .php page). The PHP works much better for me.

So that's why my traffic collapsed today. And I thought it was just my lack of posting. ;-)