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Shadow Knows

American GodsYou are American Gods! You are mysterious,
intelligent, and creative. To the rest of the
world you may seem a little standoffish, but
really youre just a quiet person. Youre sort of
bookish and are intrigued by mythology and
fairy tales. You might be Wiccan or Pagan,
either that or youre unreligious. You have a
sarcastic sense of humor and are the kind of
person people like to talk to because youre
such a good listener.

*~Which Neil Gaiman book are you?~*
brought to you by Quizilla If you know Neil Gaiman's works well enough, you can pretty much choose the answers accordingly to yield the result you want. I tried to be honest. Well, as honest as one can be on tests that give you multiple choice answers regarding your innermost emotions.


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I love Gaiman, but this quiz is pretty lame. My results bear only a little resemblance to me:

You are Coraline! You are quirky, strange, and charming. Some people may find you a little alarming and not always get you... But they can piss off, right? You are the kind of person who always needs to be entertained, otherwise you get uncomfortable. You probably still enjoy everything you did when you were little, such as childrens books and Disney movies. Youre fun to be around and are usually the life of the party.

My favorite passage ever is the one where Sam tells Shadow all the things she can believe.

That's a few Gaiman posts you've done.

My only encounter with him was Good Omens. I've followed Pratchett religiosly since then, but Gaiman somehow slipped through the cracks. I think it's time to change that...

"NeverWhere" has to be read to understand how frightingly good it is. This book is a work of art, and I understand the BBC has made a series about it. "American Gods" is ok, "Good Omens" is decent, and "Coraline" is understandably juvenile.

Fred Jenson

Fred: Yes, understandably, in that Coraline was written for juveniles. I enjoyed it just the same, and I think I would have loved it as a kid. Just dark enough.