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lists for the listless (upated)

You know I have this thing about lists, so when I saw FAD was making lists today, I decided to steal his idea. Mostly because, while I feel like blogging, I don't feel like blogging anything that is going to make my head ache today. FAD made this list up. * Song that most makes me want to kick someone's ass. Sepultura - Roots, Bloody Roots I dare you to listen to this song and not get the urge to lace up the Doc Martens and find someone to kick. It's Max. He brings out the animal in me. * Most Romantic Song Type O Negative - Love You to Death Come on, is there anything more romantic than I am your servant, may I light your cigarette? Sure, you may think I'm confusing romantacism * Best Song For Seducing The Ladies Well, I haven't tried to seduce many ladies, but I suppose if were going that way I would try Prodigy's Firestarter. And maybe that's why I don't get any girls. * Secret Shame Favorite Song Limp Bizkit - Sour. Shut up. Just. Shut. Up. At least I have the balls to admit it. * Best Song Involving Confusion Over Eye Color The obvious (and I believe only) answer is FAD's: Temptation, New Order. That was a really short list. If you make up some more categories/questions whatever you want to call them, I'll put my answer up. Stick to the music theme. This post brough to you by a huge case of Friday Work Procrastination. And Farm Accident Digest. Update: As per Steve: Song I should like but I don't: For some reason people think I'm supposed to be using Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA as my personal anthem. Honestly, I don't think there are many songs I hate more. Also, I think I'm supposed to like Megadeth, it's like one of the rules of Metal Club that you're not supposed to talk about. But I hate Megadeth. I hate Dave Mustaine. And now, this guy is going to take away my Metal Club card.


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Hrm. "Secret Shame Favorite Song Confessional" ?

Tears for Fears Shout

--Song that you should like but don't

Oddly enough, the song that most makes me want to kick someone's ass is that "How many people want to kick some ass?" song from the Jay and Silent Bob soundtrack.

Also oddly, the song that makes me want to kick someone's ass is that 'Paved paradise to put up a parking lot' song. "Father, father, put down that DDT; I don't care about tens of thousands dead from malaria, give me the birds and the bees, please..." Of course, if it's someone other than the singer's ass, well, then...

Secret Shame: well, around here, I guess I should feel ashamed for liking 'Cat's in the Cradle'.

One notes that 'Your Song' probably is at least a candidate for the Eye Color song, although I certainly wouldn't pick it over New 0rder.

>Song that most makes me want to kick someone's ass.

The Gauntlet, by Dropkick Murphys.

Actually, smooth jazz usually makes me want to break things and kill people, just to make it stop.

>Most Romantic Song

I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You, by Tom Waits.

>Best Song For Seducing The Ladies

Well, the above, and 'This Corrosion' by Sisters of Mercy. Maybe some Nick Cave.

>Secret Shame Favorite Song

The Rose, by Bette Midler. Doh.

btw, I still have "Fox on the Run" stuck in my head. Thanks.

There aren't any songs that make me want to kick ass. I did feel like a rebel for listening to Bombs over Baghdad during the liberation of Iraq.

Bjork's Vespertine is the most romantic album I can think of, but I haven't heard it recently enough to pick the most romantic song from it. "Sun in my mouth" comes to mind for some reason even though I can't think of the words. Anyway I always listen to that album straight through - it's one thing to me.

Other than that I can only think of songs about failed love. That's not exactly Romanticism, but then "I'm your slave" isn't exactly romanticism either.

Stevie Nick's "Sara" (yes I know it's a crypto lesbian song...)

Clause Ogerman's "I loved you" on Classical Barbra

Rickie Lee Jones "Deep Space"

For the confused eye color category, you could stretch it a leetle to include Thomas Dolby's "Airhead." (tinted contacts/ don't change the fact/ that black is black), although that song probably better qualifies for Confusion about Hair Color (my frieds say she's a dumb blonde/but they don't know she dyes her hair).

Elton John's "Your Song" is also contains confusion over eye color ("You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue.")

A good song? The sort of song Michele would like? Not hardly. But an earlier eye-color confusion song just the same.

Hey, I was the hugest Elton John fan back in the day. I swear.

Song that most makes me want to kick someone's ass
* Dragula by Rob Zombie
Best Album For Seducing The Ladies
* CD#2 "Passion" from the Gypsy King's "Volare" set
Most Romantic Song
* Avalon by Roxy Music
Secret Shame Favorite Song
* Barbie Girl by Aqua

Ace, I never understood what that line was talking about before because he uses the pronoun before he says what it refers to.

"these things I do,
you see I've forgotten if they're..."

Hey, with that voice at the helm, I can't complain about anybody not liking Megadeth. I like 'em, but they're a big "ymmv" band, especially as flaky and weird as Mustaine has been over the years.

And here I always thought I was supposed to like AC/DC, and there is exactly 1 song of theirs that doesn't always make me change the station (just usually).

Kick some: "Break Stuff" -Limp Bizkit
Most Romantic: "I'd Die Without You" -PM Dawn
Seduction: "Love Me Tonight" -Tom Jones
Shame: Any Barry Manilow (yes, damnit!)
Eye Color "I Ran" -Flock of Seagulls... only because it took me forever to figure out what the heck "tawny" eyes were...

I don't know what I'm 'supposed' to like- but if it's a song by Macy Gray, um, I don't.

>Song that most makes me want to kick someone's ass
Killing in the Name - RATM

>Best Album For Seducing The Ladies
Not sure but definitely not any album by Rush or Yes. Trust me, I know.

>Most Romantic Song
Sweet Thing - Van Morrison

>Secret Shame Favorite Song
Highway to Hell - AC/DC
And did you know this song synchs almost perfectly with the video of the opening credits of "The Addams Family" tv show?

>Song You Should Like But Don't
Every hit by "The Doors"

Not to link back to my own site, but ok, why the hell not?

You might remember, or probably not, how we used Greenwood's "masterpiece" to be the driving power behind our own anthem, Patriot Act Woo.

Powerful stuff, that.


so revoked.

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