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disturbing behavior III

Little Miss Hooters: Wrong, in so many ways. Update: I know that this story is in good hands with Stacy, but anyone else in the Tampa Bay area who is as horrified at the prospect of a Little Miss Hooters as we are, should call their local papers and television stations. Update: Score one for the blogosphere!


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As a former member of the Hooters wait-staff, I find your comments to be judgemental and simplistic. I am not ashamed of what I did; in fact the money I earned was enough to put my daughter through one of the fine private Kindergartens in town. If I cannot share my profession with my daughter by introducing her to the fine patrons and extremely supportive staff at Hooters, then I should never have worked there to begin with. As it is I worked there with pride and I happily anticipate the time when Shelly is old enough to work there herself. If entering her in this harmless contest would help her resume then I do so eagerly. Do you think a Lawyer or Accountant should hide her profession from her daughter? Haven't you heard of take your child to work day? I would suggest you keep your opinions to yourself instead of attacking a whole community of caring and nurturing people.

Katie, pardon my bluntness, but you are an idiot.

Nobody said you should be ashamed of your job. There is absolutley nothing wrong with being a Hooter's waitress.

However, dressing a five year old girl up in spandex shorts and a tied-up shirt and then parading her around as Little Miss Hooters is something to be ashamed of.

The rest of your argument is moot as it's just stupid.

Wow, Katie, talk about a short fuse. If you read the linked post, it wasn't a Let's-bash-Hooters fest. The concern is for how these little girls are being turned into mini-Hooters girls. Say what you like about the nurturing community at Hooters, but it's rather obvious why the female staff there are dress the way they do. So, do you really think it's wise to have little girls dressed up the like mini-sex objects?

When I was 5 I was busy running over my "Barbies" with my race cars, and conning the big kids into catching bees for me. The thought of dressing me up ala Jon-Benet lite would have never occured to my mother. They are called CHILDREN for a reason. Childhood is learning, and playing etc. It's getting to be innocent for a while. Contests like these start to take that innocence away. If you can't be an innocent little girl at FIVE , when CAN you be?

Just when I think I can't be surprised...

As Michele and Insomni have stated, the problem is they're dressing these kids up as little Hooters girls. And if you're trying to sell the argument that that costume is for anything but the blatant display of nubile tits and ass, then I'll give you a Brooklyn Bridge for it, but only if you promise to jump off it.

Eh, the above comment was directed at Katie, of course.

Hey, Katie, maybe you should stuff some balloons in your daughter's shirt, or at least draw some cleavage on her -- you know, just to complete the whole look.

"Haven't you heard of take your child to work day?"

Overheard at the Gentlemen's Club:
"Step back a little bit, babydoll. Otherwise Mommy's boot may hit you when she swings 'round the pole. Pick up that dollar for me, would ya hun?"

Wow. Hey guys try and take it down a notch.

If you want to start a rant over little miss anything contests that is fine. Show me the difference between the Hooters contest and any little miss pageant? Oh wait right beauty pageant contestants are there for their minds. They are not sex objects.

Or how bout the Little Miss Hawaiian Tropic Contest. That is okay right?

Guy, this is not about hooters wait staff or even Katie. This is about a truly disturbing and ever growing segment of the population.

But you guys keep attacking Katie and hooters. I am sure Michelle would love to have more raving trolls in her world.

Rob, you apparently made the same mistake as Katie and did not click on the link and read the actual blog post.

Nobody is attacking the Hooters wait staff. And we only attacked Katie because she went off on a bender without reading the story, much like you did.

Parents who put their daughters into this contest are the one who should be criticised not the ones who are running it. If non turned up it wouldn't work would it?

I should have expected the reaction on this Bushie web site to draw on the Ozzie and Harriet philosophy of George W. I am sure several of you are parents and you understand the need for a child to have extracurricular activities such as baseball and band. I happen to chose to involve my daughter in activities that will provide at least as much growth and education as those activities. I am sure you are aware of the need for a girl and eventually a woman to develop certain people skills which will enable her to get the finer things in life. Let me educate you:the whisp of hair over the eye, the down-from-under look, the perfect smile, the walk-that-talks -- these are skills that can only be learned. Do you think I want my daughter to fail where so many other women have succeeded? Watch the movie "Mean Girls". My daughter will NOT go to high school and not know how to act. She will stand out and BE SOMEBODY!

So what you're saying is, you're training your daughter to be a whore?

Michele, I think the term is "prostitot". Ay yi yi.

I think "Katie" is trolling us... No one is this stupid. Come out "Katie", tell us your real name and take a bow.

Not just a whore,but a mamipulative whore to boot,so she can get those "Finer things".

Parents who put their daughters into this contest are the one who should be criticised not the ones who are running it. If non turned up it wouldn't work would it?

Dodge, are you suggesting we should NOT hold the moronic management of Hooters up for ridicule for coming up with this concept? Ridiculous. And as stupid as the contest itself.

oh, so being a "Plastic" is something to be applauded and worked towards? Ick. I'd rather live in a hovel and eat beans and rice every day of my life than sell myself out that way.

Being a sex object for all and sundry is not the only way for a woman to be. I prefer to save my come-hither looks and my 'walk that talks' for my boyfriend, thanks.

A big part of Stacy's point is, that it might be DANGEROUS to dress small girls up in clothes that could be interpreted as "come-hither" by a pedophile. I wouldn't have a problem with the contest if they were working with women over the age of consent, but there's something very wrong about linking young girls with a restaurant that is, frankly, known for t and a.

There are no other words except: Disgusting wench

And somebody please explain the "down-from-under look."

Geez. I find it telling that Sekimori had to add an update to her post saying she wasn't some puritanical prude. It actually bothered me that she felt forced to defend herself by using a rather silly child molestation rationale.

Why can't people just come out and say that it's fucking sick to encourage 5 year old (or younger!) girls to emulate highly sexualized roles?

And Rob, I'm not saying I approve of beauty pageants for pre-teens, but I think you're WAY OFF in comparing something like "Lil' Miss [insert state, city or brand0name here]" contests to this situation. Beauty contests tend to strongly shy away from sexual aspect, focusing on things like poise and grace (whatever that means).

Hooters girls, on the other hand, are crassly and unambiguously sexual. That's their whole role. If an adult wants to take on that role, there's nothing wrong with that. But encouraging kids under 5 to do so?

Sick. Sick. Sick.

Is Katie a HO? Does she have a side job as a stripper? I see kinds like her everywhere, allowing their young daughters to dress like sluts.. Ever wonder why perverts are all over the news in this day and age?

After I clicked on post I realized that some morons may think I am bashing hooters. I love Hooters and I go whenever I can. The women there for the most part are very sweet and not sleazy. But the sleaze comes into play when you begin thinking it is okay as a parent to encourage adult behavior ie: manipulating, flirting, etc. I would not object if my daughter wanted to work at Hooters as long as she realizes that it is just a job and not an opportunity to milk some poor asswad out of lots of money.

What's next? Little Miss June? Mini Pet of the Month? What kind of an idiot thinks of this kind of crap? It didn't occur to this guy it would stir up a hornets nest? It's a disgusting idea, and a really really STUPID business decision. Whoever this guy is, he's lucky he doesn't work for me, because he wouldn't be any longer.

I remember the episode of South Park this season which involved Butters getting a crush on a waitress at "Raisins", a chain of restaurants marketed to little boys, which featured pre-teen waitresses made up like Hooters girls.

He blew his whole allowance on a fools' paradise, and ended up getting his heart broken. In the same episode, Stan, I believe, lost his girlfriend to Token, and became a Goth. Favorite line, Butters to Stan: " I guess I'd rather be a crying pussy than some faggy Goth kid."

I'll bet the genius who thought up this "Little Miss Hooters" contest saw the episode, picked his nose, and suddenly had a two-watt light bulb light up over his head with an idea, thanks to the increased oxygen flow to his brain. Just saw the episode, and thought it would be funny to recreate it in real life, using real children. I hope a bunch of good ol' boys in pickups show up in the near future to discuss their concerns about the matter with him.

I agree with Sekimori, Katie is a troll. 'Her' second post convinced me. Joke's over, Katie. This sort of thing has a short shelf life.

I can assure you I have no interest in raising my daughter to be a "HO". I had her when I was 16 over the objections of my parents who wanted to abort her and, when I refused, wanted to give her to "some nice people". I spend time studying Chemistry and Biology when I should be sleeping or could be going to the beach so that I can get into Nursing School. I am a good mother. I know what it takes to succeed in this world and it will take more than booklearning to get it. Do you think any doctors will notice me if I am only a "good worker"? I want what's best for my daughter and I am going to get it.

Katie, you can stop now. We stopped taking you seriously a while ago. But thanks for stopping by.

Yeah,I vote for the unmasking.She hits all of the hotpoints all too well.

If it walks like a ho and stinks like a ho...

What's Katie's IP, Michele? Let's dig her out.

I think maybe Katies on to something. My mom never dressed me like a whore and paraded me around for people to judge me. (And I totally had the big tits to have won, even at that tender age)


Ok, that would have made more sense if the link actually worked.


It would seem that Katie took lessons from Micah Wright on creating (transparent) alternate identities. Either that or someone should call Child Protective Services.

The question is, at five years old does your daughter need to be taught these essential skills as you see them? Furthermore, why do you have to wait for a contest to teach them? It's called rationalization. There's no excuse for letting children emulate an industry of sexual attraction.

Katie has to be a troll. Look at the reference to this as a "Bushie web site." Like she's a Democrat. Everybody knows that whores are Republicans. Sluts are Democrats.

Marc, the "down from under" look is where a woman looks as if she's averting her eyes by tilting her head down, but in all actuality is looking up. It is supposed that a clever man will notice this and take it as a sign that a woman is interested in him, but not overtly enough that she'd be considered a whore for being forthright.

See Lauren Bacall in the beginning of "To Have and Have Not." No one does the "down and under look" better than Bacall.

I learned the "down and under look" by watching Lauren. Apparently nowadays, you have to be a waitress at Hooters to learn this.

Er, that would be the "down from under" look.


Really? I always called that a "blowjob look" - as in, "This is what you'll see when you look down at me as I'm giving you head".

Please, Don't believe everything you read and Hear.

After reading this article, I went straight to the SOURCE. See, I LIVE in Lakeland FL and I KNOW both Managers at Hooters. ((Their's two in Lakeland BTW)) and the Little Miss Hooter's Pagent Did NOT require the attire of a Hooters employee.

To the Original Poster, please get your facts straight before FLAMING.

It, being the contest, simply put, was too allow the Childern of the employees to come in and wear any type of "beach attire". This could include, bathing suits, Hat and Shorts, or anything they thought their children might look "cute" in.

The childern knew that "mommy" was going to be in an Upcoming Regional contest and they wanted to be in one too.

See, Cute and Innocent.

I'm sorry that most of you that have posted probably don't live in Lakeland, probably don't check the validity of a post, but are willing to bury a company for someone's mis-post.

Society now SHOOTS FIRST, then asks questions later. Sad...but True.

Getting the FACTS Straight.

PS= NOT ONCE was the contest designed for any type of "specific uniform". And that my Friends was straight from the SOURCE.


I do believe that Katie is "goofing" on everyone. Her whole scenerio is way too "B" movie. Funny though.......