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taking it when i can get it

This first place moment is dedicated to the Soxaholix. Update: Speaking of my favorite Red Sox fans, one of my best buddies, Solly (hey, he's a leftie and a Sox fan! Cats and dogs!), wanted to do something nice for me in light of all my stress and whatnot yesterday, so he - being the rock and roll god that he is - recorded himself singing the I Love You song for me, complete with smoking guitar solo. You can find it over in my metal up your ass radio station over there on the left. If you are so inclined - and you really should be inclined - you can hear more of the Great Solonor's guitar/vocal work over here.


Ha! You can't prove it was me. I'm a nerdy 40-something with glasses. We don't do that kind of stuff. I think you just sped up one of your Justin Timberlake CD's. Sounds like Air Supply on crack to me.

Weren't the Yankees in first place last year when their were beaten by the lowly Marlins in the World Series?

I vaguely recall something to that effect.

Shut up, Val. You wore a dress and shaved your legs recently. Your statue of limitations on making fun of people has expired.

Ouch. I knew my Spirit of America thing would come back to haunt me.

Is there a larger picture of Vader like that? I love that! I want to show it to all my friends, especially a Dodger friend of mine who loves to refer to the Yanks as the evil empire. (So I was scrambling to find that picture this past week but couldn't till now.)

Hey Michele, will you shave your legs if the Yanks win it all?

h0mi, there's not a bigger version of that graphic at the moment, but here's a one-stop shop for all your Yankee-hating needs:


Happy hatin!

Ouch! Skillzy bringin' the smackdown.

Not a hater, just a fan with a warped sense of humor.

what a difference a couple of days in Arlington makes.

although, I am at a loss as to why anybody there felt like they had to boo A-Rod..I seriously do not get that. He did everything we asked of him. Maybe they were booing the management?

at any rate, I find myself saying this about the Rangers lately: "Who are these guys?