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radio, radio: stain of mind

the thursday portion of radio, radio goes out to carol Tonight's ASV radio program (left sidebar) reflects the current mood, which is one that I call combustible. If you like your music loud and hard you will most certainly enjoy tonight's playlist. If you don't, I suggest you wait until tomorrow for something more soothing. The Dillinger Escape Plan song features the vocal stylings of the one and only Mike Patton, in a remake of Aphex Twins' Come to Daddy. The Prong song is for Rob. Bang your head, kids. Do it for me. Do it for America. [I may take a few requests as long as I'm here - just make sure they fit with the playlist and I'll see if I can dig your song up] Update: Added some Sepultura by special request.


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Hmmm, perhaps Burning Down the House is too obvious?


Does not go with the metal songs! You are disqualified!

"I taught the weepin' willow how to cry..." cough

love the list! listen now!!

Hey, I'm an oldphart--to me Pantera is a car!

What, no Soundgarden?

Hmm, lesse...

Maybe some old Ministry (Burning Inside) or maybe some Revoling Cocks. No wait - 1000 Homo DJ's version of Supernaught (I love that version - Ministry "covered" it at Lolapaloza '92)

KMFDM's Light would fit in nicely.

PRIMUS! (say baby, SAY BABY!)

Atnthax - Finale

Overkill - Fuck You!

S.O.D. - Milk

D.R.I. - Coffin

Scatterbrain - Mr. Johnson and the Juice Crew

Freaky Fukin' Weirdos - Bitch Make Sandwich

some Infectious Grooves to funk things up a bit

toss in the Toxic Waltz just for shits and giggles :-p

Helloween just because

(damn, I wish I had some of these on CD instead of just cassettes)

I feel like beating down someone in a mosh pit now....

Ummm...I think I liked "Fox on the Run" better.

But thanks for sharing!


zakk is SO impressed with your taste and the variety of music on "that cool radio thing" ...

yeah, i know, teenagers think THEY own all the musical taste in the world :)

"wish" - nine inch nails
"feel so numb" - rob zombie