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Jagoff* of the Day

Fuck you. It is people like you that are making a mockery out of what these hearings were supposed to be about. You don't even give a crap about 9/11. It is all about putting the spotlight on yourself for you grandstanding activists. To compare yourself and your showboating boyfriend to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks just shows how god damn ignorant you are. The only reason you were there is because your boyfriend is a career activist with a hard on for Rudy Giuliani. Just like a typical moonbat, you took someone else's cause and made it your own. I feel sorry for those that thought you were there to take up their banner. Now you're trying to gain some celebrity off of Christopher's outburst. You're a fucking leech of society. You may be proud of yourself and your antics now, but I hope some day down the road you look in the mirror and realize what that you were nothing but an activism whore. Sadly, your activism is all smoke and mirrors, nothing more than illusions conjoured up by your boyfriend so he can get his jollies by hounding Giuliani. Fuck you. [Karol wrote on this yesterday. Make sure you read all the comments. What a couple of egotistical, delusional swines] *


The one clear thing I was able to discern Jessy actually giving a crap about was getting suckers to buy her CD.

Not bloody likely.

I thought it was especially cute when she bragged about getting the knife into the hearing, especially after reading Karol's description of hefr boyfriend as a Giuliani-stalker.

Michele, these two aren't worth the powder it would take to blow them to hell, and they sure aren't worth the energy you put into typing this entry. Concentrate your most considerable talents on more pleasant subjects.

Just a thought on the rude kids at hearings. Reading that blog reminds me of listening to egotistical bastards who show up at city council meeting to yell and act self rightous. It's ugly as hell, but it's the way democracy sounds. And if the bastards occasionally latch on to an issue that needs more attention (instead of screaming about the same one for years on end like they usually do) then they sometime do a little good.

They're just kids with no sense of decorum or perspective (they're probably less than bright) , but the issue they were bringing up (poor quality radios) still needs to be addressed.

It sounds like democracy working in it's usually ugly way. Idiots make an unholy amount of noise, but still manage to participate. They brought some attention to an issue and that's probably a good thing.

The point, Joshua, is that they don't give a fuck about the radios. Christopher has been stalking Giuliani since 1998. This was just opportunism.

These hearings are a charade and have been ever since they decided to turn them into a partisan slugfest. Having these moonbats there just helps to underscore the truth of what a joke they are.


I'm on the other coast so I didn't know who this guy was.

What gets me is it's like we're letting the idiot 10 year olds set the agenda these days! These children are the most immediately aggravating, but we've got theoretically distinguished grown-ups on the damn commission itself who are treating their obligations with almost the same amount of childishness!

Of all the incredible nonsense going on now, this is maybe the most amazing to me - that this commission would degenerate so thoroughly into a partisan witch hunt. And it's like they're barely bothering to pretend anymore!

I see now that if I had read Karol's page and not just Jessy's I would have gotten the point.

And you were sure right. Jessica didn't show her character on her own web site, but she sure did on Karol's.

And Ivan cut her down to the foot fungus.

I'm a little astonoshed she put her physical address out there for the whole world to see. Oh, wait she has a "six inch serrated Spyderco knife" with her at all times. She'll be alright. Again, I must echo those who wonder at her intelligence..

Hear, hear, my dear. Well said. Well spoken.

That guy is a bona fide nutcase. The girl just seems a little dim.

Just because I'm sure the attention whores will read this, and I know the question will stick here...

Re: The issue of buying radios from Motorola because someone (Guliani?) was in bed with them...Tell me, Jessica or Chris, who is the other well known company that supplies radios in lots of thousands for Emergency Response organizations?

Yeah, thought so.

Is that the creep who yelled out "Why did you fund al Qaeda?"

Rudi Giuliani funded al Qaeda?

Thats moonbattery of such incompetance I can't even rate it.

His freak out was the main angle of the hearings I saw on Australian TV news, and I am guessing everywhere else in the world.

So I think he got what he wanted.

There are few things more juvenile and pathetic than someone so devoted to the myth of their own iconoclastic righteousness. Jessy strikes me as one of those 15 year old suburbanites in combat boots and army surplus jacket putting all her energy into shocking her parents.

NEWSFLASH!!! These two were thrown out of the hearing ... they're clearly not setting the agenda for anyone. So why are you folks wasting so much time giving them more of the attention they desire.

Aren't there greater injustices happening in the world? ... for example, there has been a slew of horrible injustices this month in the Israel/Palestine conflict that I find more offensive, such as this, this and this .

On a somewhat related note, here's the Washington Post's E.J. Dionne, Jr. on What Giuliani Missed:

And evidence is what should matter to this commission. It simply can't allow those with an interest in having the Sept. 11 story told a certain way to get in the way of telling us the real story. That means especially telling the story of what went wrong. That's the only way we'll learn how to do things right.

What went wrong, you idiot, is that terrorists flew jets into the World Trade Center.

Macswain, you didn't make it clear whether you are upset because the Guardian reprints Palestinian propaganda without fact checking, or whether you're upset because you are believing Palestinian propaganda. Headlines like "Palestinian doctors despair at rising toll of children shot dead by army snipers" That's likely And I did not know that it was Likud's fault that terrorists murdered Tali Hatuel and her four daughters and made a snuff flick out of their deaths.

Back to the other topic:
A quick internet search shows that the problem with radios is that portable radios that can transmit through a large building don't exist.

What's needed are something like cell phone channels/network set aside for emergency workers. In other words a HUGE expensive system of channels and repeaters that covers every nook and cranny in the whold damn country.

No wonder the problem hasn't been solved yet.

Macswain, you are a fucking idiot.I am so terribly sorry that I am not revolving my blog around what you think is important.

Go to blogspot.com. Get your own blog. Then you can spend all day writing about your narrow list of injustices in the world.


Check out http://www.jps.com/index.asp?node=118 for more information on the subject of interconnectivity and radios that can be used in high-rise buildings and in subways.

The technology was only newly available on 9/11. New York City had just begun receiving the equipment and was due to begin training that fall. There was a JPS rep in the Pentagon on the day of the attacks conducting a training session on use of the ACU-1000.

McSwine - GO back to Oliver's blog and have a cookie jerk with your fellow anti semite moonbat idiots, mm'kay?

It never ceases to amaze me how much energy Michele and her obsessive fan club spend on people who don't matter. These two attention-seekers from the lower east side are getting what they want--attention-- and they don't deserve it. Congratulations, you just made their day.
Look, I ride the subway every day here in NYC and there's this white guy I see about twice a month with a large sign around his neck that says, "Impeach Bloomberg." He stands up during the ride and starts blathering on about Bloomberg this and Bloomberg that, evil Bloomberg, blah blah, blatherskite. Shouldn't bloggers have a higher goal than simply writing about people who don't matter--who don't influence policy?
Delfino will be forgotten in a week's time. I've forgotten her already. Move on.

I didn't know I had to set such lofty goals as a blogger. I thought I had this space to vent and rant to my heart's desire.

My bad.

There's a fan club?! I want in!

And isn't it funny that lefties always want to 'move on' from focusing on people that make their side look ridiculous?

The jerk store called, and unfortunately they are not out of these two.

The thing that peeved me the most, as somebody who grew up around cops and firemen, is how scornful she was of the big security guys at the hearing - as if those weren't exactly the kind of guys who died by the hundreds running into the buildings that day. How many underemployed, unshaven lefties were at the Trade Center before 9am? I didn't think so.

Delfino will be forgotten in a week's time. I've forgotten her already. Move on.

Brad – don’t tell us that, tell it to Reuters.

Delfino, her boyfriend and Reuters are all saying pretty much the same thing – blame Americans for the attacks and pretend that the Islamists don’t exist.

Here’s Reuters ‘objective’ headline describing the hearings:

Giuliani Lauds 9/11 'Heroes' Amid Angry Hecklers

Read the article. As is usual with these ‘objective’ news sources, the facts they omit are more important than the facts they ‘include.’

My uncle, retired FDNY, knew many of the heroes Giuliani praised. He spent the weeks after 9/11 attending their ‘funerals.’ You may be able to ‘move on’, but those heroes can’t.

OK Mary, I read the Reuters piece, and I fail to see how it is any less objective than Michele's post on this same topic of hecklers. And by the way,
Ellen Wulfhorst and Caroline Drees do not mention the names Delfino and Brodeur. They are not being lauded in this piece. Show me how the article is biased: is it biased simply for mentioning the fact that there were hecklers, and quoting a couple of them?
If that is bias, then I guess anytime a news agency reports that the economy is down, then it must be an attempt to make Bush look bad. Right?
You fail to see what it is I'm talking about. "Move on" doesn't mean get over the deaths of loved ones. Do I have to spell it out: it means "move on" from ranting about two publicity freaks.

'Brad' the bias shows in the title of this 'news article' in the positioning of 'scare quotes' which imply a certain 'nuanced' disdain for the NYFD. But as you seem more concerned with getting Michele to write 'objectively' about things YOU consider 'important', I can understand why you would overlook this.


Brad – You attempted to portray Delfino and her boyfriend as irrelevant. Since their antics were featured by Reuters, an ‘objective’ news agency that also took the opportunity to downplay the heroism of men who died while saving tens of thousands of lives, they can hardly be seen as ‘irrelevant’.

Yes, I am claiming that the press is biased. Do you disagree? Do you believe that Reuters, the NY Times, Al Jazeera and Fox News are entirely objective?

Do you consider the use of ‘scare quotes’ to be ‘objective’ journalism? If Fox News described the 'stolen' 2000 election and asked the left to ‘move on’ from their resulting complete loss of political power, would you consider that to be objective?

Sarcasm quotes supposed to be double quotes. Have you ever seen an article that used single quotes? They're not heavy handed enough.

Mary, and King Kong...
Journalism 101. The use of quotation marks in the title of an article is to refer to an individual quote in the said piece.

For example: A man gets bitten by a neighbor's dog. He is quoted in the article as saying, "That woman's dog is not the only one who is viscious. She's viscious too."
The reporter writes the article and the following headline is chosen:

"Dog Bite Victim Upset About 'Viscious' Neighbor."

Now, if you read that headline, would that lead you to think that the reporter is biased against the dog owner, that the reporter thinks she is "viscious"?

As to your point about downplaying the heroism of those who died: the article is primarily about the commission hearings, not about the 9-11 victims.

It quotes Giuliani extensively, who was defending this city's disaster reaction. A truly biased piece would not even bother to quote Giuliani, or would quote him selectively and out of context.

In an article of 17 paragraphs, 3 are about the hecklers. The key sentence in the entire piece I think is this:
"It is a fair inference, given the differing situation in New York City and northern Virginia, that the problems in command, control and communications that occurred at both sites will likely recur in any emergency of a similar scale." That is from the commission's report.

It seems to me that you are less interested in finding out how our disaster preparedness might be improved via a thorough examination of weaknesses in the system on September 11, and that the very act of examining such weaknesses and criticizing city officials is somehow an insult to all the city employees who died that day. I see it, on the contrary, as the only way to bolster our defenses and save lives in the future.

Brad, Reuters has come up with a whole new use for quotes, sarcasm.

There is no such thing as a Palestinian terrorist in any Rueters article, only "terrorists".

I think even Al Qa'eda are "terrorists".

Sorry, it's not about quotes it's a sneer in four dots.

"I read the Reuters piece, and I fail to see how it is any less objective than Michele's post on this same topic of hecklers"

LOL....Brad gave up the goose. He is basically agreeing that Reuters was biased to the point of being comparable to Michele's personal blog!

There's a fan club?! I want in!

It's 'simple'. All you have to 'do' is post something mildly positive or in agreement with michele's posting and 'suddenly' you're designated a 'member' of her 'fan club' by 'folk' like Brad.

No dues, no fancy registration forms or anything. What a deal!

...and as an added bonus you can be designated a 'Bushie' by wandering trolls! The prizes just keep piling up!


Patrick, you forgot the part about getting a free roll of tin foil for joining.

Brad gave up the goose. He is basically agreeing that Reuters was biased to the point of being comparable to Michele's personal blog

That's true. He then goes on to say that Reuters is unbiased because they don't use National Enquirer/World Weekly News/Maureen Dowd tactics.

I guess any Reuters "story" that doesn't have the "bat boy" is "unbiased."


re: Michele, these two aren't worth the powder it would take to blow them to hell, and they sure aren't worth the energy you put into typing this entry. Concentrate your most considerable talents on more pleasant subjects.

I have to disagree; following this link to the moonbat blog and reading her get mercilessly slammed in the comments section was an extremely satisfying blog reading experience.

Thanks Michele!

"Dog Bite Victim Upset About 'Viscious' Neighbor"

What I would mostly notice about this headline is the word that describes the neighbor is not spelled correctly. Good day.