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can't we start a petition to ban him from his own movies?

From Garrulatis: bq. But it isn't just that. Apparently, when he releases the DVD's for Return of the Jedi, he'll be cutting out Sebastian Shaw from the famous shot at the end of the movie where the ghosts of Anakin, Yoda, and Obi-Wan are standing together, and replacing him with that whiny little punk Hayden Christiansen. Please stop him. Somebody, for the love of the force, stop him. There's a reason this site is number one for George Lucas is a Fuckwad. And so ever shall it remain, so long as he still breathes. To quote myself, if I may: I am working on inventing a time machine. I will use it to go back in time and kill George Lucas before he ever had the chance to make Episodes 1 and 2. Maybe even I'll go back as far as inventing the Ewoks.


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Why doesn't he just rename the series"Its my toy and I hate you so you'll take it!"

The Ewoks weren't as bad as their press suggests. The original idea was to have Wookiees (I think that's the spelling) on Endor, but Lucas decided upon using little people.

Their battle is no less stupid than any of the other battles in Star Wars. Hell, the stormtroopers actually shot a few of the little rodents, which makes it more realistic than about 80% of the series' battles.

Then again, Jar Jar Binks and his army of frogs (crystal ball catapults? what is this, Hawk the Slayer?) make the Ewoks look like Band of Brothers by comparison.

I'll keep my original edition VHS tapes until Lucas buys 'em back from me personally.

It's his franchise - he can do what he wants. You don't HAVE to see or buy the movies.

I'm SO glad I have my original widescreen VHS copies. They're pre-special edition, pre-THX Old-School.
Here's hoping that this is some kind of twisted nightmare from which we shall awaken to find that it was something George was saying the morning of a particularly nasty hangover, when he was feeling grumpy.

I have some pre-Special Edition VHS dubs off of the Laser Disc Boxed Set. THOSE were the shit - the ultimate version in my opinion.

Mark, no I don't. But I can bitch all I want. Ain't it grand?

So, is Thursday the day you set aside to piss in my comments? Or are you just in a bad mood today?

It would improve the whole goddamn movie if he cut out the Ewok party altogether.

Another sacrilege:

Speilberg is cutting out the mashed potato carving scene in "Close Encounters" to replace it with more special effects shots.

Double fuckwad.

Hey, don't be dissin' Hawk the Slayer, that was some badass late-night CBS goodness.

And the source of my elf-love, but that's another story... cough

Have any of you reviewed your "original" VHS copies... Just did with my five year old (he's starting to get interested in that kind of stuff) and found mine to be VERY degraded...

How long are VHS tapes supposed to last? Has anyone else had this problem?

I will begrudge the ewoks. Lisa Umbarger (bass for the Toadies) got her first bass rig from money she earned playing an ewok in the movie.

I'm colorizing Citizen Kane and adding Daffy Duck. It's my movie, I do what I want!

I'm adding song and dance routine (music by Billy Joel) to Psycho and getting rid of the shower scene. And digitally replacing Anthony Perkins with David Schwimmer. It's my movie I do what I want!

Well maybe they won't actually be "surfing"....but we know how George acts with a shiny new toy. Fuck CGI bring back the awesome model filming/

Once a piece of art is out there, the artist shouldn't be allowed to change it. Can you imagine Van Gogh coming back?

"That Starry Night is so wrong, let me fix it a bit..."

Not that Lucas is Van Gogh, but you know what I mean.

G.L. is a wanker. Someone needs to convert the laser disk version to DVD format and post it all over the web. Maybe it's already out there. Time to start looking.

c'mon, don't be so hard on poor deranged George... he hasn't gotten enough of your money yet...

remember the Episode I "not coming to DVD until all movies are finished, oh wait, (two months later) here it is... AFTER you bought the VHS, asshole!" move?? it just proves what a fuckwad he is.

I'll still buy the DVD's, though... the special features will balance out the few things I absolutely HATED about the SE's.

Actually, I think there are some points where the SE's added some nice touches, like the scenes in Cloud City where there are actual things in the windows, ect. and the flight into CC. It's the things that fundamentally altered the movie that are irritating at the very least and extremely perturbing at times.

Nothing beats Speilberg's replacing all the guns in ET with radios. There was a pretty good Southpark episode about that.

I'm suprised he hasn't digitally added Fidel Castro coming outof the ship at the end of Close Encounters.

Oh yeah? Well I'm going to remaster ET and replace the shotguns with walkie-talkies, just because Drew Barrymore is a sniveling hippie maggot who didn't have the common decency to die young of a drug overdose like most child actors...It's my movie, I can do what I want, daggonit!

Oh wait, I already did.

Damn you Britton! You stole my thunder!

Heh, I also spelled Steven as "Stephen".

Gotta cut back on those lunch beers when I'm at work. Actually, on second thought maybe I should cut back on work, instead.

One thing alone keeps me going: "re-make."

Better yet... get take copies of the current works into your time machine and show him the horrows

Then remind him that his original plan was that of a 'trilogy of trilogies' and tell him to get busy...

Better yet... get take copies of the current works into your time machine and show him the horrows

Then remind him that his original plan was that of a 'trilogy of trilogies' and tell him to get busy...

My boss and I had a big old rant a few months back when I told him that rumour had it that they were going to put Hayden's face in when Luke takes off Vader's mask on the Death Star and Hayden would then be doing the death scene. [insert frustrated gurgling sound]

Thank goodness I have the laser discs!

The day after 'Clones' came out, I officially ceased to care about anything and everything Star Wars. I looked at GL talking on TV and did my best Michael Corleone: 'You're nothing to me now, George.' The only thing that concerns me any more is that Lucas will decide to Orwell the Indiana Jones movies.

What will the future of Star Wars hold?
Why, I was just writing about it herethe other day at this very long link that I didn't bother to put through tinyurl. Sorry.


It is not his movie. To quote Sheila O'Malley, Star Wars belongs to all of us. Besides, any time a director of a well-loved franchise like this says he doesn't give a crap about what the fans think, he should be raked over the coals. Or perhaps he has forgotten that WE are the people who made him rich and fat.

"remember the Episode I "not coming to DVD until all movies are finished, oh wait, (two months later) here it is... AFTER you bought the VHS, asshole!" move?? it just proves what a fuckwad he is."

Oh it's worse than that. The first DVD of both episodes with on the loathsome pan and scan. He didn't put the widescreen versions out till last year. The extras were nice but the MFer still put the first DVD out inpan and scan.

"I'll still buy the DVD's, though... the special features will balance out the few things I absolutely HATED about the SE's."

Only if they are widescreen. I am not getting taken in this time.

The man may have a modicum of sanity...the first trilogy will be released in widescreen format


I guess I just don't agree with you quite so much today.

Here's a link to an actual picture from the altered cut of ROTJ.

From what I've read, there's also been some serious editing of the documentary Ken Burns directed for the DVD set. Most likely to remove anything controversial or less-than-glowing.

Oh, and that picture is just the tip of the iceberg as far as Film/DVD changes go.

If he's going to take out Sebastian Shaw, shouldn't he take out Alec Guinness as well? Seems kind of stupid to change one Jedi and not the other.

"Have any of you reviewed your "original" VHS copies... Just did with my five year old (he's starting to get interested in that kind of stuff) and found mine to be VERY degraded..."

I once read that the glue which holds the oxide on degrades.
Sony had this horifing list of steps to take to make your VHS tapes last. Remember to follow all of the steps...
1. Keep your tapes in a cool, dry environment.
2. rewind them once a year.
3. transfer them to a permanent medium like film.

Hell, why not take out all the old actors and replace them with new ones; or better yet, the Olson twins can play everybody. Why not paint the effing Mona Lisa over with a picture of Bozo the Clown.* Has anyone checked Lucas out for some degenerative brain disease? And can't Sebastian Shaw sue or something for the revenue loss to his career that he'll suffer when his face is digitally removed from a movie he was in?

*Not that I think Return of the Jedi was anything of an artistic masterpiece.

Also off of aint-it-cool-news:

Yep, been a long time since my last report. But I like to save up. So it's time to cash out. Yep, there is a Star Wars TV show on the way. Yep, it takes place between Episode 3 and 4. Yep, the character and story arcs are starting to come together. Hehe... fanboys are gonna love this! Playing one of the series' villans we love to hate is none other than... wait for it... Boba Fett! Expect young Boba (but not nearly as young as in Ep. 2) to feature in the series significantly. And you wondered why Lucas spent so much time focusing on that kid in Attack of the Clones and made sure that you knew that he knew that the Jedi/Republic was responsible for his Dad's death. Now you know.

Cooper the Hound

YOU are the fuckwad. If you actually bothered to read the original BOOKS, Volumes 1-9, you would know that Lucas is being accurate to the source material.

In fact, as any EDUCATED person knows, Empire Strikes Back was the WORST movie, right-wing propaganda

But you conseravanazi rednecks can't even read, you greedy fascists. Go watch Faux News and quit trying to censor Mr. Lucas.

PS: Star Wars THE MOVIES are racist:


Thank you, Mr. Socialist. But wait just a second, here... On one line, you're accusing the conseravanazi rednecks / greedy fascists of censoring Mr. Lucas, and in the next, you're saying the films are racist. Do you even know which side you're on?

Moonbats... such creatures of logic.

re: Ewok battle

Weren't they originally supposed to be Wookiees? As in, a bunch of escaped or discarded Wookiee slaves from the Death Star construction? Or a lost Wookiee colony? Or something? And then George Lucas wanted to sell plush toys, so he wrote 'em out of the first draft and wrote the Ewoks in? (Note -- this is a RUMOR. If anybody can confirm or deny, please tell me.)

Man, I wish he'd kept that. A legion of stormtroopers getting beaten on by Chewbacca's extended family reunion would have made WAY more sense.

Far be it for me to troll, but I was just passing through and read your post. Another person who thinks Star Wars is some kind of cultural untouchable. Listen, these movies DO NOT BELONG TO YOU. They belong to one man, George Lucas. If he wants to add Hayden Christiansen to a scene in the original trilogy, THAT'S HIS FUCKING BUSINESS, not yours. Don't like it? Tough. Go make a movie yourself. God, what sanctimonious crap! "These movies belong to all of us"...yeah? Tell me when you get that first royalty check. Oh, and if you don't like the changes George makes...(and I don't like Greedo firing first, btw), just DON'T BUY THEM. Enjoy your old copies, but please don't try to imply that George doesn't have the right to tinker with his own intellectual property creations.

Hey, George wants to make a shit movie, fine. If he wants to retroactively make his good movies shit instead of just selling us the originals, it's on his dime.

But at least I get to complain about it. Or are some of the uber-geekoids here trying to argue that the divine GL is above criticism?

First, the issue I have with Lucas' retroactively "improving" Star Wars is that he's tampering with my memories and what I'll share with my future children. I'm not techno-savvy enough to make my own DVDs of the original movies. My VHS copies of the originals will degrade by the time a child of mine is born. As I love the Star wars TRILOGY (everything else is non-existent to me) and would want a child of mine to be privvy to the fun, imagination and escapism of the original movies, what am I to do? Star Trek? The Dark Crystal? Screw it all, my kid'll be smarter on a healthy diet of Citizen Kane, Swing Time, and Chinatown.

Is Mr. Lucas allowed to make whatever the hell he wants out of the most emotion-evoking movies I've ever seen? Of course. Should I feel bad for being embarassed about these "new and improved" movies and my suggestion to others that Star Wars is a superior franchise? No worry; I would never propose that the new Star Wars movies are better than any of the latest tripe in theaters now. To be honest, I'm even embarrassed to watch the originals, given the disaster that's become of my once beloved franchise.

Second, all of you people getting mad at eachother for differing opinions about artistic merit vs. artistic right and purity of the originals vs. sanctitiy to evolve with time: let it go. We're all beggars and big business is ... well ... big business. They'll do whatever they want regardless of our opinion - especially split as it is. Just eat it. For all those in favor of change, you get your wish. For the rest of us, we'll continue to hope to get our precious original movies on dvd someday.

Do not, however, let these people who already control 90% of what you see in a day (tv, newspapers, billboards, etc.) have you do their promotional work for them ("there's no such thing as bad publicity"). Allow them to do anything they'll do anyway without raising a stink. Sure, ply them for what you really want, but don't fight those who disagree. It only helps big business. We're essentially all on the same side, with a marginal slant one way or the other. We all love Luke, Han, Chewie, R2 and the rest. Leave the minutia to someone else.