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day by day takes wing?

So do I take this to mean that Day by Day has finally made it? Ah, it won't be long before product placements appear in the strip and Chris does book signings with a posse in tow and starts saying things like Blogosphere who? Kidding! I hope and I read this right and congratulations are in order.


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I'm thrilled for him, but I sense this means we won't have free strips from him for much longer. Drat it.

On the other hand, perhaps someone will take up the torch. ;-)

I don't get it.

Readers have done their job (very well indeed!),yet we won't know for sure until July.I will say it seems promising so far.

It's nice to see a good guy score once in a awhile.

If this works out, Cox & Forkum should be next.

Anyone ever read "Attack Cartoons"? Check em out at http://www.attackcartoons.com/

Not that prolific, but very, very good.