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radio, radio: My Playlist Wants Atkins

Tonight's radio program is called Does This Playlist Make Me Look Fat? (thanks, Rob) I don't know if the songs have all that much to do with the title, except that a couple of the dudes in COC are kind of fat and Billy Corgan has a fat head. Oh, and Peter Steele has a fat ego. Anyhow, enjoy the tuneage and, as always, feel free to give short critique. Now for tonight's non-political, non-partisan question: Am I the only one is absolutley dying to see The Stepford Wives?


In a word - Yes!

the radio is cool. does it use a lot of bandwidth from your site?

Omigod! "Fox on the Run". I'm having a flashback.

Lest you think I'm being insulting, I have an mp3 of it around here somewhere...

Ye gods, Fox on the Run! While I was in college I had a job that required a 40-minute drive daily in a car that only had an AM radio, and I heard that song what seemed like every day in both directions.

Unfortunately, I suspect that Stepford will not be free of political content. Indeed, the idea of a remake of that particular movie seems... well, quaint. Independent women were something of a novelty in the early 1970s; now aren't they something of a cliche? I should emphasize that I haven't seen the trailers--are they playing it as a comedy or otherwise changing it around? I can't imagine it working as drama anymore.

Geez, I just saw the trailer and it looks like I saw the whole movie.

The first Stepford Wives (good lord, yes I'm that old I remember seeing it at the theater) was a so-so movie, only saving grace was the wise-cracking Paula Prentiss (who's role this time is to be played by Bette Midler). It was cliched then and pretty insulting to both men and women.

Looks like they may be trying for more laughs this time, between the harried Matthew Brodrick and Christopher Walken..an actor who has made the synthisis of humor and creepiness into an art ... but I think I may pass on this one, because it still looks too close to the original.

My 2 cents of course. :-)

I saw a preview at Van Helsing.

It's going to suck.

Every feminist screed and spew you can think of.

In the preview, Nicole is a short haired brunette, liberated and successful. The poster shows her with long blond gorgeous locks, so it gives away the ending.

I will see with glee anything that Walken does.

Ahh Fox on the Run...

Team it up with The Osmond's Crazy Horses and Cherry Bomb by the Runaways and you would have had a Glam-rock Masterclass.

As for Stepford Wives, could be good but Nicole Kidman might sink it with her po-faced temperament.

Troy on the other hand is utterly wretched. The statue of Apollo looked like a sad papier mache cherub and Brad Pitt looked like a moron. No surprises there.

"Fox on the Run"!!! Girl, I could kiss you on the lips!

"Fox on the Run" ...
"damn you...."
(couldn't come up with appropo Stewie quote)

I LOVE that Danzig song. I have yet to see the movie it's from, though.

I was expecting Queen's "Fat bottomed girls" given the theme.

still waiting on CLASH.

It has Matthew Broderick and Christopher Walken and is based on an awesome story.

How can it possibly suck?

"...tonight's non-political, non-partisan question:

Am I the only one is absolutley dying to see The Stepford Wives?"

Non-partisan? Maybe as far as Ds and Rs are concerned (at least until Garofalo and Coulter weigh in).

That movie has Time magazine cover written all over it: Did feminism go wrong? or something. What's funny is that that movie (the original) was meant to be a feminist nightmare scenario--a low-rent soap opera version before A Handmaid's Tale came along--of female oppression. The term "Stepford Wife" eventually came to mean the feminist woman who did it all: home, children, career, and did it with happiness. Of course it was meant to be a slur against the "traditional" wife. This movie will be a hit, it will be talked about, and it will probably be campy fun. That no one will look deeply at its messages is probably a good thing, however.

Will probably see SW, but not until well into its home video run. Liked the original (but then, I'm a 70s film buff, and 70s conspiracy stuff is a particularly favorite genre; believe I saw it for the first time in a grad class Hopkins -- something about automotons and history or some such). The remake looks far too wink/nod/cartoonish to me -- and Bette in the Prentiss role? Uh, er, neh eh.

Nice - one of my favorite TMBG songs.

Would picked Too Late:Frozen for the Type-o myself.

Hmm, and maybe some Life of Agony - Through And Through

ok, might as well throw in some old Pantera and Prong, with a dash of Suicidal Tendencies, something like the original version of Possessed.

And I've still got Prong stuck in my head...

I just found your website.

It rocks!

OMG, "Fox on the Run", Junior High all over again.

You Rock!

RE: The Stepford Wives, my husband said it looks fun.

I don't really consider the original fun, tho.

Actually, I want to see "Thunderbirds Are Go!"

So I'm a dork, I liked the show. Still do.

=I just found your website. It rocks! OMG, "Fox on the Run", Junior High all over again. You Rock!=

Is it just me, or are you feeling a tad long in the tooth, too?

I was 12 when that song came out. Everytime I listen to it, I'm 12 again.

Yes. :)


Funny, this.

That's exactly my point, you hear that certain song, and then "Pow" you're back feeling like "Susan Shapiro is sooooooo beautiful and I hear she let so-and-so 'feel her up', "I hope Charlie Johnson doesn't beat me up (again) today, (NB: I think good 'ol Charlie is in prison, no really), and then there was the fun of acne!

"Fox on the Run"

So cool to see Albatross on your list, Michelle. I thought I was the only one who picked up on CoC.