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programming note

The radio is back, as my blogging legal advisers sthink it's a far better thing for the feds to chase me through Vegas than for me to just sit here drinking and having hallucinations about women and polar bears. That is really freaky, man. I need a title, however ridiculous, silly, lengthy or obtuse, for tonight's mix.


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Could you still help someone else enable that though?

title I have stuck in my head:

"6 Days, Bitch!"

"Damn The Man, More Volume"

"RIAA:Bite Me"

"And They Will Know Us By The Smell Of Our Underpants..."

(...and no, I still don't know why they dropped the baby...)

Know Fear

Does This Playlist Make Me Look Fat?

I Got Your Songs Right Here, Bitch!

Sweatin' The Petty Things

Petting The Sweaty Things

1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila, Floor....

I bent my Wookie

Kyle's Mom

"Music for a large posterior"
"Love songs for the inebriated"

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