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that day [Updated]

I'm listening to Rudy Guliani testify before the hearing committee. I was going to write as he spoke. He just mentioned Pete Ganci's name and I lost it. Again. More later. But you should be listening or watching. Update: He is describing the last moment's of Pete's life - his heroics and his efforts to have his department save as many people as possible. This makes yesterday's histrionics by that piece of shit John Lehman even more despicable. Please listen to this. Giuliani: "And then [Pete Ganci] wished us well...I shook his hand and said God bless you and he said the same....on the way to the command post I saw Father Judge, shook hands with him, it was the last time I saw him....." It's that day all over again. Sometimes I wonder why I am not over this yet. It only lasts a second until I realize that I don't want to be over it. But, still....there are some days, like today, when I cry as if it just happened. And then I think about where we are right now as a nation and I know that are too many people that haven't learned a damn thing. I wish I could just put it all behind me like they do. Update: Who the hell are these people clapping. Timothy Roemer just mentioned that bin Laden was specified in the warnings. People applaud and whistle. That gives the whole commission and all the hearings a huge black eye. Every clap and every hoot and holler makes this whole thing look like nothing more than a partisan sham presented with the intent to discredit people and get Bush out of office. More: Kerrey talking about the people who died that day... "Christians...Muslims..Jews..and, dare I say it, people who don't believe in God." What an ass. 10:00: They keep moving the bar on Giuliani. What if, what if, what if? What if there were ten thousand bombs falling from the sky while radiation leaked from the sewer system and Godzilla was trampling through Brooklyn? Huh? I bet you don't have anything in place for that scenario! Lie of the day: this commission not in search of blame or villians. Yet everything about it says exactly the opposite. Update: Somebody just interrupted the hearing - a woman shouting my son was murdered! There are people clapping and someone else shouting Lies! These fucking people are asking about oil contracts, they are shouting from the audience about god damn contracts. Son of a bitch. Shut these people up. If they want to protest about that crap, go stand on a street with the rest of the ANSWER crowd. This is not the time and place. We are supposed to be helping. We are supposed to be holding these hearings to prevent something like 9/11 from happening again. Instead, it's an anti-Bush rally, once again. I am so disgusted I can't even find the words. 10:30 - I missed part of it when the Windows Media froze up, but it looks like some people were shouting as the walked out of the commission. I could have sworn they were saying something about al Qaeda, but I'm not sure. Last update: Giuliani received great applause at the end. The applause for him drowned out whatever that sleazy guy at the end was ranting about. I do know that the people giving grief at the commission are a small number. But they are loud and they make me angry.


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I honestly believe there are far more people like you Michele, than the vocal minority that look at life through a Sept 10, 2001 lens.


You're braver than me. I stopped watching these "hearings" long ago. When I heard the "Boy scout" comment yesterday I almost drove off the road. WTF??? And leaving Gorelick on the commission..??? [insert Dean scream here]

This is akin to Charles Lindbergh and other America Firsters sitting on a commission investigating Pearl Harbor in the midst of WWII.

Bushiephobia has gone psychotic .. "defeating" Bush is job number one, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

I'm listening just to see if any of these idiots are dumb enough to repeat their performance from yesterday with Rudy in the chair.

He'll unload on them big-time if they try to pull that crap with him.

Every clap and every hoot and holler makes this whole thing look like nothing more than a partisan sham presented with the intent to discredit people and get Bush out of office.

Perhaps that was the actual intent of it from the start.

Who the hell are these people clapping?

I was just asking myself the same thing. I think the commission is using their own version of the laugh track.

One of the many asses who are questioning Giuliani said something like 'we are not trying to assign blame' Ha! The fact that no one laughed at that joke is proof that there's something odd about the audience.

I've heard of a secret King Kong plan, but nothing for Godzilla. He's Japan's problem.

What if Rudy, who was incessantly accused of being a power-mad fascist before 9/11, had suggested - reasonably enough, in retrospect - that the city needed its own air defenses, and had set about constructing anti-aircraft guns atop the WTC? The howls of derision and Hitler comparisons he got for building a "bunker" (which wound up being insufficient to protect him and his leadership team, as it turned out) would have been dwarfed by these very people.

The article I'm reading on Yahoo says Giuliani is recieving equal applause for his "al-Qaeda is solely responsible" rhetoric.

Personally, I think that's a silly argument. The terrorists caused 9/11. Forgive the lack of sensitivity, but duh. The terrorists did not cause the reaction following the impact of the two planes and the successive response from emergency management, and that's what the issue is. I want honest answers about this, and if the common response to those questions is simply going to be "you're being anti-Bush!" then I understand why people might be angry and screaming.

I think what the victims of the attack endured that day is horrible. But Giuliani mentioning it is irrelevant. The point of this hearing isn't who caused the attacks but what mistakes may have been made and/or avoided after the disaster struck. The issue of prevention is solely in Intelligence's hands; the debate about what Rudy could have suggested is baseless, as it's clear that the mayor of New York City has no say in foreign intelligence. Rudy Giuliani, much as I have against him, is nowhere on my list of people I'd consider as having dropped the ball on this.

I have open disgust for most of Giuliani's terms as mayor excepting the praise I openly give him for his manner on 9/11. I think trying to hide behind a "why is this a partisan attack?" defense is equally as irritating as any nothing-but-catchphrases protestor in the stands.

Besides, if this panel was really a hit squad on Giuliani they'd just be asking him if he takes Communion or not. [/cattybitch]

Hey Michele, I've got the yelling at the end covered in the updates of my trackback.

August, the article you're reading is incorrect. Several times the applause was much greater in support of Giuliani and his statements than the rabblerousers. In fact, the guy yelling at the end was drowned out by applause from the rest of the audience as officers arrived to escort him out.

John and Adam, I did update to include the applause for Giuliani.

I was never a big fan of Rudy and said so many times here. I am, however, a fan of the way he handled 9/11. I'll never forget that.

Since 9/11, Rudy’s message has been pretty simple and very positive. Americans are strong, we are capable, and we need to work together to fight an enemy that wants to destroy us.

The point of this panel so far has been to assign blame. Because of his status, they can't directly attack Giuliani - that's why the makeup of this audience is so interesting. A cute attempt at an asymetrical attack.

I'm at home recovering from sinus surgery switching between the 911 and prison abuse commisions. Agianst doctors orders not to exert my self I couldn't help but to jump off the couch angd yell "get that bitch the fuck out of there!" at the TV when that woman got up spouting that crap while a true American hero was tring to answer questions that don't even need to be asked anyway. I was equally disturbed to have to watch Sen. Kennedy and Sen. Byrd grill our top commanders in the field. Our men and women are over there trying to do the impossible. Where is their outrage about what happened to Nick Berg. (Those bunch of PUSSYS)

Saw it after the comment Michele. That idiot at the end is clearly one of the brainwashed. He reminds of the set that likes to claim reality does not exist, blah, blah, blah. Hey, A is A, retards.

Let the people clap, shout whatever.

In the end these people will be the reason that the hearings will be dismissed and forgotten because they were a media circus that only had the intent to place blame, not fix problems.

These people that feel the need to be heard, no matter what the price have all turned into Nero and are setting America on fire. They don't care what the outcome as long as they are heard.

This is what public access to government hearings will get you. These idiots are going to force our government and other governments (UK from the story earlier today the blair was pelleted with blue corn flour from the gallery) to rule from behind closed doors, no public input and hell be damned, you will do as they say or you will be branded a terrorist/seditionist. In their attempt to steer opinion on a non-partisan report by turning it partisan, they are creating a self-fullfilling phophecy of a police state - one there for 'their protection' which will actually just be a sham to be able to operate without having to change direction everytime the wind blows because some differnt vocal segment fills the need to stand up and show what a jackass they are.

Public hearings will quickly become a thing of the past (or will be only viewable from a seperate location through closed circuit tv) - and who do you think will complain the loudest? The idiots that are disrupting the public meetings now.

God I am getting sick of how this country is getting flushed down the toilet by the self-rightous left.

I was getting ready to leave for work, but it was on, and as soon as he mentioned Pete's name I thought of you.

It made me pretty damn sad, and I drove to work thinking about what Rudy was saying about seeing people jump from the tower.

Too many people have forgotten....


It is just a lynching and they haven't decide who to hang yet. These evil, selfish leftists who have sold their souls and would gladly sell their country for nothing more than 15 minutes in the limelight. And this is exactly what Kennedy and Kerrey (And Kerry) are doing. They have decided that the Islamofacists are better than US and the 8th century Sharia law should be imposed (By Kennedy) on the US.

It really makes sense when you think about the fact that the Kennedys, as a family, do not respect women at all. Eddie walked away from Mary Jo and she was only about 2 feet below the surface of the water. And that other Kennedy last year who kiled a little girl with a golf club, well he respects women doesn't he? And what about Patrick Kennedy? He has been to court for rape, right? Sharia law appeals to the Kennedys for many reasons. Women cannot accuse a man of rape under Sharia unless four male members of her family witness the rape. If those men were not present then she is an adulterer and must be stoned to death... I can see how this would appeal to the Kennedys and many others on the left. Gary Condit for instance would like Sharia law.

"It's that day all over again.

Sometimes I wonder why I am not over this yet. It only lasts a second until I realize that I don't want to be over it."

I know what you mean. I get upset at disaster movies now, something I never used to do. I have nightmares about it. I'm supposed to be over it by now, aren't I?

But I guess it's people like you and me who will continue to get angy. We'll continue to rant and pull our hair while politicos turn it into a soapbox for their own views.

I'm glad there are people like you and me.

I await their explaination of how great leadership at the mayoral level should have prevented the 3000 deaths.

Bruce: it's not that simple. these clowns were constructed into a group to find answers: they are doing anything but that. Screw Kennedy, Bush, all those dolts. These clowns are supposedly enjoined to answer two simple questions:
How can we fix it?
How can we improve it?
they lost all, "nonpartisan" standing in relation to those two questions.

They failed to quote another 9-11 family member who raised her voice over the protestors by saying:

"My brother was a fireman who died in the attack and I think Rudy did a great job, so sit down and shut up!"

This commission, like many others, was created out of good intentions. Then the inevitable happened: politics. Big surprise, there. I don't think that this started as a partisan exercise, but once the fingers were pointed at people other than ourselves, partisanship enters the picture. So far, aside from the obvious (al Queda), it's been the fault of Bill Clinton, Boston's airport, Bush, the FBI, the CIA, the Saudis, unarmed pilots, architects, police and fire procedural manuals, emergency exits, strippers in Maine, pilot schools, a Phoenix FBI agent, gays, lesbians, Tom Clancy novels, the failure of Amtrak, and our university system's foreign students.

That 9/11 wasn't planned for is obvious. That mistakes were made is obvious. That asses are being covered is obvious. That, eventually, a better coordinated response to big emergencies will be made is obvious. But first we have to stop blaming the victims (all of us), covering our asses (many of ours), and stop the gratuitous media moments (mostly the left's issue right now).

Openness starts at the top, which is why I'm so disappointed in Bush about this. His government doesn't want to change, it wants to persevere. His obstructionism is one of the reasons this commission is in such a sorry state. Not the only cause, but a big one. That he went into office talking about accountability and responsibility makes him look like a sorry ass President right now. Sure it's a no win situation, but to demand secret testimony with Cheney at his side was unmanly.

He could have said mistakes were made, but al Queda was ultimately to blame. It could have been a moment for history. Instead, he hid behind closed doors. As a supporter of Bush following 9/11 and even into the Iraqi invasion, I've lost all respect for him.

How many of you people actually experienced Sept 11 in New York City? How many of you actually lost a friend or loved one? Or know someone who did?

I was in NYC that day, I saw the towers fall--not on TV--LIVE, and I know those who did lose loved ones. And so I can understand why there would be so much emotion at these hearings, and so much anger.

Ditto, Brad. I went to something like twenty+ funerals/memorials.
These hearings are doing nothing but unsheilding daggers to toss at whoever falls under their sights

err: "sheathing" ...or whatever

How many of you people actually experienced Sept 11 in New York City?

Umm, yeah. Right here. Ten blocks north. So, anger at any "partisanship" aside, I'd appreciate it when, during the next set of questioning, hopefully about, you know, what the fuck I was breathing for three months, I can get a little bit more of a response than being reminded that people jumped out of windows in an attempt to make me feel bad about not liking the president.

My boss lost her brother that day. He worked in the North Tower. And she despises Bush.

Is that wrong? Should she just shut up?

These hearings are not about assigning blame. they are about learning from mistakes so that our first responders don't repeat mistakes the next time this happens. Sure, liberals are politicizing it, and sure, Bush's re-election campaign used images of that day in their TV ads. But the hearings go beyond politics.

Brad, nobody is telling her to shut up. But the hearings are not the time nor the place to start shouting down the people who are trying to get to the bottom of what happened, and trying to learn how to not let it happen again.

The hearings are not forums for protests, for either side. If the commission could learn how to conduct themselves with dignity instead of taking swipes every ten minutes, maybe people will stop feeling like it's open season on Bush inside the hearings themselves.

I want to know how we are going to prevent this from happening again or, if we can't prevent it, what kind of measures we will put in place to minimize the loss of life. That is what I imagine the hearings to be.

Obviously, other people see it in different way, one which I find totally inappropriate.

Much of the shouting was not a spontaneous emotional outburst – it was the result of planned activism.

The heckler who was demanding ‘real questions’ was Christopher Brodeur. According to MSNBC, Brodeur is a New Yorker who “became one of Giuliani's most ardent critics during his two terms in City Hall”

Some of the victims families belong to activist ‘anti-war’ groups like Peaceful Tomorrows, a group sponsored by Teresa Heinz Kerry’s Tides foundation. What a coincidence.

These spontaneous outbursts are so New York - pure Broadway

Here's one of the "protesters"

Christopher Brodeur ® yells from the audience as an unidentified woman (L) is removed by security personnel as they disrupt the end of testimony by former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (news - web sites) at a public hearing of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, in New York City May 19, 2004. Local officials were testifying on the city's response to the attack on the second day of the two-day hearing. REUTERS/Mike Segar

Chris Brodeur is a nutjob candidate for mayor who wrote this piece:


Here's an interview:


Apparently he's had a hard on for Rudy since at least 99 if not earlier


He even tried to sue Rudy and the City and lost


Now, did he lose a relative or his continuing his Rudy hunt?

Based on the above, I hate to say it but nut job activist have in fact infiltrated the hearings.

Now, I won't be able to know which were families and which were ax grinders when comments are reported in the media because too often reporters are too lazy to check it out.

Just realized Mary beat me to it.

I heard a little bit on NPR this morning. Rudy Giuliani conducts himself very well. But the statements and grandstanding of the commission members clearly indicates that no positive interest is served by having these hearing televised, not to mention the antics of some in the gallery.

Rudy let some of the peanut gallery off the hook by stating he understood the grief generated by the death of family members. Whatever they may think of the problems, someone needs to pull them aside and tell them that they are hurting whatever cause they are supporting. Their behavior is disruptive, disrespectful and drawing the wrong kind of support.

I'm certain I'll never read the commission's report since I've heard nothing thus far that indicates there will be anything worth reading in it.

these hearings were never about that.

Ryan - Thanks for all the info about nutjob Brodeur! Like many 'activists', he seems to have turned hate into a form of full-time employment.

Brad, don't start with "how many of you were actually there statements?" Just because you saw it live does not give you any more moral authority to question those who did not. That shouldn't be some sort of justification for people shouting at the former mayor while being questioned. If that was the case, intelligent debate would cease to exist.

What is troubling is your belief that this commission is not about assigning blame. How someone can watch or read about these hearings and still think they are trying to determine what went wrong and then improve it is beyond me.

"Ryan - Thanks for all the info about nutjob Brodeur! Like many 'activists', he seems to have turned hate into a form of full-time employment."

I would like to re-qualify your statement dealing with activists.

"Like many publicity hungry activists..."

There are many activists who do fine work no matter which political aisle they occupy. It's the look at me ones that drive me nuts.

Ryan - that's true - the showbiz-style 'activists' are the problem (I've got to lay off the scare quotes - this is the result of overexposure to the BBC)

Mary and Ryan:

Thanks for putting the info up about Brodeur. I didn't realize he was involved. Now I'm even more disgusted. He's a well-known crank who has a bizarre personal hatred for Rudy Giuliani which he's been nattering on about for years now.

I'm also dumbfounded that the hearings are taking place at the New School. The New School! It's a hotbed of left-wing activism. That probably explains a lot of this crap.

exactly. How this was held there is the "scandal" lehman should aim after. It was a set-up from the start.
(BTW: Hiya! long time no grouse!)

"Ryan - that's true - the showbiz-style 'activists' are the problem (I've got to lay off the scare quotes - this is the result of overexposure to the BBC)"

LOL! damn the BBC and Reuters!

We've got tons of cranks like this Brodeur guy on the Left coast. Did you notice how the cameras all turned around to give the show-clowns all the exposure they were seeking. Pretty disgusting campaign to blame anyone but the Islamo-fascists.

Thank you, Michele, for saying what needs to be said. I was so outraged over the heckling of Giuliani that I wrote a message in the NY Post's 9/11 Commission forum. Why are these people afraid to blame the terrorists? Giuliani and the rescue workers are heroes. Have these people forgotten what that day was like? I think about it every day and will never forget.

"Ask about the radios!"

Ok, did Mohammed Atta and his co-conspirators use radios to plan or carry out 9/11?

"Ask about Motorola!"

Ok, have any of Motorola's fine products been designed or produced under the influence of Wahabbism that inspired the particular brand of Islamic terrorism that produced 9/11?

"Ask about the oil!"

Ok, how much oil did Saddam Hussein use in bribes to prevent the UN, France and Russia from interfering with his tyrannical rule and efforts to deceive the weapons inspectors?

"Ask about the contracts!"

Ok, who did the contracts for Saddam Hussein's prisons, oil field exploitation, nuclear facilities and chemical factories go to?

Any more questions from the peanut gallery?

I read some Democrats bemoaning the possibility of a Bush/Guiliani ticket in the next election. The activists like Brodeur are in the best position to stop this, as the DNC can hardly be seen attacking someone that Americans genuinely like. What they need to do is create controversy, not a case. That way Guiliani goes on the newshows as the "New York mayor whose actions after 9-11 have sparked controversy." Some accusations are thrown out, with no logical consistency, and America hears that this guy is not such an unalloyed good guy as they thought. The whole nefarious Rovian plot is foiled.
I don't think dumping Cheny is a likely move, as Bush is loyal to a fault. What matters is whether or not some lefty activists reading democraticunderground boards thought it likely. Remember, these are the folks who think Afghanistan was about a pipeline, and Iraq was about a $647 million contract for Bechtel.
(No word yet on the pipeline, and Bechtel penned a deal with Seattle to do 1.4 billion in work on the monorail. Funny that no one protested the influence of Big Mass Transit.)

I was afraid from the start that these hearings would devolve as they have, because there is not much we can really say, or do.
You know what's going to happen the next time we are attacked with a new and novel weapon?
We are going to be either lucky, or tragically surprised. Luck is not generally in our favor, as it is usually the result of planning, and we aren't training thousands of people for the attack because we, um... well we won't know what it will be until the kids at our classroom door ask us if we are going to watch the news in class today, and they see the blank look, and they say, "You didn't know?"

The whole exercise makes me sick.

This commission is obviously too trivial to allow out in public - the temptation to grandstand by commissioners & "the public" just can't be resisted.

And the implicit claim that those who lost someone or who saw the Towers fall in person have more "moral authority" to speak about 9/11 than the rest of us is punk arrogance.

First, while I grieve for their loss, it doesn't make them any more qualified - or any more wise, for that matter - than the rest of us to opine on policy. Stupid comments or ideas don't become smart just because a 9/11 widow spouts them - no matter what the Jersey Girls might think.

Second, this was an attack on America, and I'm an American - I'll take it quite personally, thank you very much, just like my father's generation took Pearl Harbor very, very personally .... even though very few of them actually had a family member or friend killed in the attack.

Just because you saw it live does not give you any more moral authority to question those who did not.

Amen, Mike.

The United States and its people were attacked on 9-11. Not just New Yorkers. Not just employees inside the WTC. Not just Pentagon employees. They were just the unlucky ones to bear the brunt of it.

If it were easier on 9-11 to nuke Charleston, SC, it would have happened that way instead. I'm sick of the "families" saying that only they have the authority to complain.

Those of you who had family killed on 9-11, my condolences. However, if you continue to say only you had the authority, you're going to lose some of the support you need from the rest of us.

TV (Harry)

Is that wrong? Should she just shut up?

What is she doing, is she yelling loudly while someone is trying to speak during a hearing?

These hearings are not about assigning blame.

Exactly what has come out of Clarke's testimony or Rice's testimony that has been useful in determining what we need to do differently to prevent future 9/11s? Has the PATRIOT act been vindicated? Obliterated? None of the above? Was it discussed? What did we get out of those hearings except for weeks of points/counterpoints about Clarke/Bush/Rice/Cheney/etc. being unreliable, liars or contradicting one another. Or trying to make a buck off of a book or Haliburton or what have you.

So far, listening to the first 12 minutes of the session, I get the impression that a significant problem (wrt the evacuation of the WTC) was a lack of readiness by civilians. People hadn't done drills, or were willing do do evacuation drills to get the hell out of the WTC. People mistakenly believed that rooftop rescues were possible and planned, and headed up, not down.

Other than this, I've so far learned nothing new from these hearings.

Michelle, thanks. All these freakin' Monday morning quarterbacks are driving me nuts.

I lived in NYC while Rudy Giuliani was mayor, and he was the best damned mayor NYC had had in decades! I didn't lose any relatives or friends in the Towers, though I could have cuz my best friend was on his way to work there. Thank God he was delayed that morning. "Could have" earns no stripes, and it should not.

The thing is, these hearings have turned out to be get Bush sessions. The commissioners don't seem to be overly interested in getting to the truth, else they'd have dumped Jaime Gorelick whose edicts are a contributing factor to the lack of communication between agencies.

How Lehman and the rest can make a noise about the lack of communication between Fire and Police, I don't know, when the greater lack of communication is that which occurred between FBI, CIA, INS and other agencies that could have prevented the terrorist attacks in the first place.

Brad, I'm sorry for your boss's loss. Ten to one, she hated Bush before 9/11, anyway. Hey, I lived in NYC for more than 20 years. It's a Democrat kind of town. The point is, where were the people demanding answers when we were attacked in 1993? Clinton never came to NYC then, and he treated the whole affair as a entirely a law enforcement matter, which it is not.

August, the hearings are a waste of time because they look backward as though we are not in the thick of a war. We expect at any moment to hear of another attack on American soil; even knowing this, the attack is not preventable because terrorists have to succeed only once. What shall we say then when it occurs? GWB knew and did nothing? We didn't declare war on Islamists; they declared war on us. For us to ask how come the enemy was able to strike is like asking how come the wind is able to blow.

3,000 people were murdered. Yes, and I grieve for and with the families. However, even if we had known, our chances of protecting ourselves against attack would have been the same then as they are today. Terrorist need to get luckly only once.

That is why I fail to see any reason why these hearings are going on now. We need to be focusing on plugging the security holes instead of grand-standing and playing to the gallery as is going on now.

When the war is ended, we have time enough to grieve for all our dead and to demand answers. Right now, the distraction will cost us dearly.

John & Helen:

It will not be until another 9/11 or worse that the bulk of Americans will take the problem seriously, and that necessary changes in structures and policies can take place. God help us.

A great post.

The problem is that the issue here is not what happened on 9/11 but how much political capital can be made out of it.

Voters should punish people who do it.


I think it is important that we try to learn better ways of handling terrorist attacks NOW rather than later. We can be certain that they will try again and maybe even succeed. If there is a way to prepare ourselves to minimize casualties then we should learn what they are.

These hearings are apparently not going to give us the insight we need due to the political sniping. However, there is a definate need for some group of people to sit down and discuss any mistakes that were made or actions that should be taken to help mitigate the damage caused by a future attack.

Headline in the Oregonian:

"Jeered: Guiliani defends actions on 9-11"

...and so they win another round of the media war. Now "Ruddy!" has become "Jeered!"

If Donald Rumsfeld personally saved the lives of the entire Iraqi governing cousel, the headline would be:

"Questions Raised about Close Call: Critics demand account of inteligence failures"

I has and was always obvious that this commission should have doen all this behind closed doors, making meetings or transcripts available after the fact, but not long after.
The whole public thing is now obviously a big waste of time, at the least. Some would call it a joke or travesty.
And just why do we need public hearings ? The most obvious reason can be covered by releasing a transcript, so it won't be all revisionist history (AKA lies).

Christopher Brodeur's brother died on 9/11. He was a firefighter. The problem with the Commission is that it is not attempting to find out who was responsible for the attack. Steel buildings don't collapse due to fire. That was a controlled demolition. Who planted the bombs?

Brodeur is right that the US Government funded and trained Al-Qaeda.

Did you hear the victims' families clapping? Do you know who Ellen Mariani is? She's filing a lawsuit against the administration alleging it "had knowledge/warnings of 911 and failed to warn or take steps to prevent; have been covering up the truth of 911; and have therefore violated the laws of the United States; and are being sued under the Civil RICO Act." The media hasn't covered this whatsoever. Again, these are the victims' families.

You just don't get it, do you? These people are not Kerry supporters out to get Bush. These people are grieving over their loved ones and want answers. Your offhand cries of liberal propaganda show how little you grasp.

The melted steel from the buildings was sent overseas. Why? This investigation is a farce.