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correction on perfection

The most beautiful thing in baseball has always been and always will be this. ctm-denthr.jpg


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That homerun was the Red Sox fan equivalent of the JFK assassination. I know exactly where I was, who I was with, even what we were saying when Bucky hit the luckiest shot of his entire career. I will never forget it.

It is 8:09 AM and you put this up? You just made me spit coffee on my computer and ruined my day. Thanks a freaking lot. Bucky Freaking Dent.

Was this needed? Is this to make up for the bad haircut? Why? Why? Why?

Great, now I am just ranting. Argh!

How dare you sully the image of a gem thrown by an aging superstar with that profane image of a hacker's lucky shot?

Ever notice how Roy White was in the middle of every big rally during the run from '76 to '78?

That's why it's great seeing him coaching first base again.

Just my .02.

hehe...Bucky "fing" Dent.

Blasphemer! A perfect game beats any home run.

But if we are going to count home runs, you can't top this one.

Sorry. I should have provided the background for the benefit of the less enlightened heathen in the readership.

Gotta love the perfection of a corked bat. :)

Urban legend. Myth.

LIE! It's never been proved!

Why do I keep coming back to this damn site?

It's like getting kicked in the groin every couple of weeks.


Everyone knows that Mike Torrez was an embedded Yankee on the Sox pitching staff.


He was probably still wearing pinstripes under his jersey when he lobbed that gopher ball to the plate.

Better than Chambliss in the '76 ALCS?

Actually, the Yanks' rally in the top of the ninth in Game 5 of the 1977 ALCS in Kansas City was probably a more imprsssive feat than either Chambliss' or Dent's home run. But while they had a good rivalry going for a decade with the Royals, nothing tops giving the Red Sox another Wile E. Coyote moment for their memory banks.

I was sitting in a bar called "Who's On First" (on 1st street in Mineola, NY) with a bunch of freakin' yankee fans and $200 bucks on the Sox to win. It was the worst day of my life...that is until some squirt named "Mookie" came a long.

It's pretty sad that Yankees fans' favorite moment is the hurt of another team.

Nothing to do with Ruth or DiMaggio. Not Gehrig's farewell, or Larsen's or Cone's or Wells's perfect games.

NESN commercials show the Red Sox winning. YES commericals show the Red Sox losing. 26-5, and still not comfortable with ourselves? :)

Beautiful! A truly great day in the world of sports. Plus, it was great watching Yaz pop up to Nettles to end the game.

Beautiful: Josh Beckett's pitching gem in game 6 of the World Series last year. The Evil Empire (a team with more than 4x's the Fish's salary) was vanquished.

"Reaching into his bag and taking out a stone, he slung it and struck the Philistine on the forehead. The stone sank into his forehead, and he fell face-down on the ground. " -1 Samuel 17:49

This may be slightly off topic, but I cannot believe you took down the radio! That was the coolest thing ever. (P.S. to Dorkafork..."one thing or another" is not grounds for a lawsuit. The RIAA hasn't even begun to wrap its pea-size collective brain around the true size of the MP3 phenomenon yet, so how the heck are they going to go after the radioblog people?)

Steve Brady: It's not the giddiness at another team's misery; it's the giddiness at THAT other team's misery.

My favorite Yankee moments are every time a busted up Thurman Munson dragged himself out of the dugout and dared the rest of his team to quit.

/RIP, Capt.


Actually, as far as home runs go, Mazeroski's homer in the bottom of the 9th inning may be the best one ever. And yes, the Yankees being on the receiving end of a heartbreaker like makes it that much better.

You got that right.

Well other than Popeye and Pedro last year.

Aaron EFFIN Boone's homer wasn't too shabby either.


That was back during my brief phase as a Yankee fan. I remember my boss letting me go early that afternoon, and I got into the bar just as Dent fouled the ball off his foot. The next pitch he hit into the screen.

Remember Pinella losing the ball in the sun, then making the last-second stab?

Babe effin' Ruth.

Bucky effin' Dent.

Aaron Effin' Boone.

Frigging evil empire.

We Sox fans have become sadomasochists. I tried to warn others last year, but nnooooooo.....They took me along with them for another damn gut-wrenching, heart breaking trip down the baseball no-fun zone known as The Boston Red Sox...

Thanks for a ruining a perfect morning Michelle, preciate it...

How about this guy?

Every time I think "man, that Michele is really a great person" you have to go and post a pro-Yankees, anti-Red Sox comment.

You're back in my doghouse, girly-girl.


And BTW, thanks Michele for ruining my day.

if you don't wreck a Fenway's Day, then step aside,
let the real mooks play...

Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for gravity. With $200 million to blow, a cocker spaniel could field a winner. Both the Earth and the Yankees Suck.

I always thought the most beautiful thing in baseball was Morganna, the Kissing Bandit.

The ugliest thing in baseball is the Red Sox post-AllStar choke. Or Bob Eucker.



Best moment in World Series history: If you guys had a time machine, you'd know it. 1926. The legend Grover Cleveland Alexander on the mound. Noted fatboy mercenary George Ruth on first. Two outs, bottom of ninth. Alexander throws. Fatboy tries to steal. He waddles and waddles and waddles. He's out! Cardinals win! Cardinals win!

Sorry, Michele, but the best moment in baseball history is still this one:


That is another great one, but I still say that this is it....


Go Twins!!