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Perfect is...

Randy Johnson. There is nothing in all of sports more beautiful than a perfect game.


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Randy Johnson just completed a perfect game against 27 batters for the Braves as the Diamondbacks won 2-0 in Atlanta. 13 batters struck out. Update - Other Posts: A Small Victory SportsBlog Baseball Crank... [Read More]

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Randy Johnson has become the oldest man to ever pitch a perfect game. The Big Eunuch is still ugly. It ain't his fault, though. I still wish he was pitchin' for the Rangers, but mostly just glad he ain't pitchin'... [Read More]


A perfect game at forty! There's hope for us old geezers yet!

I think Nolan Ryan threw two no-hitters after the age of 40 (but he never threw a perfect game, in 27 years).

"There is nothing in all of sports more beautiful than a perfect game."

Now that I can agree on. :)

Oh yeah. Hometown boy does good!

I loooooooooooooooove Randy Johnson. He's the biggest redneck in Baseball (now that Will Clark's retired).

I have great memories of watching Randy dominate: specifically, sending one Yankee after another, after another, after another limping back to the dugout with tail between legs in the 2001 series. Yee-Haw!

If only he plunked a few of them those would be my "Perfect Games"! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh, how we Mariner fans miss the big mullet head.

I never thought I'd see the words 'beautiful' and 'Randy johnson' in the same sentence.

Michele thinks Randy is beautiful because his name's Johnson and he is the "Big Unit"

OT, but I couldn't find your email link.

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That's damn impressive, especially after a lot of people in the sports world wrote Johnson off after last season.

You know what else is beautiful? Two of the American League's best teams squaring off in a 1-0 extra-inning game. Go Halos!

A perfect game is a very fine thing. However, can you really say it's more beautiful than a walk off Grand-slam to win by one?


congrats to the Big Unit, but right now I'm too ticked off at a certain member of the NY Yankees 'braintrust':

Cracker Jack kicked out of Yankees Stadium.

I was already prepared to address this issue today.