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Rall's Inflatable Ego

I spend two years cultivating a fine hatred of Ted Rall, evidenced by my 9,000 posts about him. Laurence Simon makes fun of him for two weeks and Rall writes about him. Yet somehow, Rall has yet to acknowledge my vitriolic attitude towards him. Strangely, I think I'm ok with that. On the same post Rall takes a few digs at Tony Millionaire. Then he says: Other better-known cartoonists, such as Art Spiegelman and Sam Henderson, have attempted to copy my style but to no avail. Bitch, please. That is the biggest case of self grandeur I have ever witnessed. Anyhow, that's fine way to fade out ATS and fade in full of crap, Lair. Update: My favorite response so far, by Coop: Thank God Ted Rall has the courage to tell the truth about that terrific cartoonist, TED RALL!!


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I doubt if Barry Bonds could successfully replicate Rey Ordonez' hitting style, either.

Who was first... Ted Rall, or Matt Groenig with "Life Is Hell"/"Work Is Hell"/"Love Is Hell" etc.

Art Spiegelman??? Attempted to copy Ted Rall's style?? Excuse me while I hurl. He can't be serious. Unless I missed that phase.

Ya know, Ted's May 15th "comic" (no links gotta look it up yourself)actually was coherent, something that the right, right of center and ultra left could agree on.

'Course, the May 17th "comic" brings us back to earth with Ted showing his cluelessness in mixing up a Silver Star with three Purple Hearts.

No wonder this idiot believed everything the Taliban told him!

OK, first of all Art Spiegelman transcended the medium and changed many people's thoughts about comics being legitimate artform with MAUS. What did Ted Rall ever do? Draw some shitty faces and disproportionate arms? This ingrate has a pretty high opinion of himself.

He dared sully Spiegelman's name? Bile...rising... Fucker.

Not only is Ted Rall a moron for his politics, he also sucks at history.

In answering his "fan mail" he says:

"France has a Bill of Rights--ours is modeled on theirs, in fact."

Actually, our Bill of Rights is based of a document written by George Mason which was called 'Virginia's Declaration of Rights'. It was also written in June of 1776 making it 13 years older than France's 'Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen'.

But we wouldn't want pesky little facts get in the way, would we?

Update: Ted Rall is still an idiot.

"I doubt if Barry Bonds could successfully replicate Rey Ordonez' hitting style, either."

Sure he could--right now, he's suffering from the aftermath of a nasty sinus infection and has been having severe back pain. Slip him half a dozen Valium and shoot him a few times with a taser, and Rey Mark II is born! If one did the same to a clumsy three year old, then you'd have the next Ted Rall.

"He dared sully Spiegelman's name? Bile...rising... Fucker."

You have a lot of catching up to do, my friend! Enjoy Rall's 1999 hatchet piece on Spiegelman in the Village Voice. Which led, indirectly, to Rall's lawsuit against fellow cartoonist "Dirty" Danny Hellman, which has yet to be resolved after nearly 5 years.

And here.

I suspect after looking back over his tawdry career that he just does this periodically to get people talking about Ted Rall again. Rall seems quite sensible some of the time. I read a recent column of his about how Kerry had to embrace gun ownership in order to get elected, and I had to admit that it was sensible and non-doctrinaire leftist, which does not describe his usual stuff. The recent cartoon rationalizing his thinking behind the concluding panel to the Tillman cartoon is actually pretty reasonable--given his moronic preconceptions, of course he would see Tillman as a sap. Of course, he does so by exposing the lie behind the "we support the troops" canard of the left. And that does not forgive him for the first panel, over which I would hope Tillman's widow will sue.

BTW, there was a letter to the editor in E&P from a "Vietnam vet" whose "son was in Iraq", who thought Rall's cartoon was right on the money--fisked at Brainsters.

Art Spiegelman??? Attempted to copy Ted Rall's style?? Excuse me while I hurl. He can't be serious. Unless I missed that phase.

Dude, it's true. One day in the winter of 1995 Spiegelman had a bad cold and overdosed on NyQuil and said, "Man is this stuff powerful. I can hardly hold a pencil. I bet I can draw like Ted Rall!" And so he tried but as Ted said it was to no avail: he could not possibly suck that badly.

Ted Rall has a style? I'd call it a "lack of talent", myself, and that's not a style.

Michele, it's obvious why Rall won't acknowledge you.

He's a sexist.

Gotta agree with Meryl. The only women I've ever seen him "acknowledge" were all those women he claimed he slept with.

Or all the women who took one look, pointed, laughed, and left.

Imperial Keeper