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I didn't know "waistdog" except for what I read on his blog and mostly from his comments on Melly's blog. If you want to find something really good about blogging it's right here. He died with a lot of love and a lot of friends, love and friends he would not have had otherwise. From what I am reading, there are many people who feel blessed to have known him. He left a legacy of sorts. My condolences to Rick's family and to everyone who knew and loved him. I love you, Melly. You know my number. I'll be home all night.


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A blog I had never run across was The Magic of the Mundane. According to the top post on that blog, the blogger, known as "waistdog" by most, but was called Rick or Richard in real life, died this afternoon.... [Read More]


Michele, thanks for the comments on Rick. I spoke to his brother this afternoon, and they are overwhelmed by the outpouring of sympathy from everyone online. They had no idea how many lives Rick touched. Actually, neither did I.