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progress report

Day one of not caring has gone quite swimmingly, I think.


So what?

Liberating, isn't it?

Is that a Lisa Simpson not caring or a Malcom in the Middle not caring?

There's a difference you know.

You suck! You're a mean lady! We hate you!



Bloody warmonger!

Bush apologist!

Selfish evil cunt!



Speaking of people not deserving too much respect, I just have to share this one.

Last night I got into one of those 9/11 politics arguements with someone who was honest enough to say, and I quote:

"I choose not to defend America because we aren't perfect."

And she literally meant that America should not be defended. We just don't deserve it!

Now you have to give young people some slack for idealism and perfectionism (I'd say she was about 20), but she seriously seemed to believe that nothing in the world is good enough to deserve defending.