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Great Moments in Music Lyrics, Part I

[Too busy for anything requiring heavy thought today. all filler, no killer.] I want a girl with a smooth liquidation, I want a girl with good dividends. At citi bank we will meet accidentally We’ll start to talk when she borrows my pen *** Morning has broken Mr. Coffee has spoken **** I leaped on the counter like a bird with no hair running through the mini mall in my underwear **** i'll set the world on fire and, in burning light i'll write my first love song and i will feel warmth *** I was thinking of you while I jerked off into my sock last nite *** Cause I'm kind of like Han Solo always stroking my own wookie, I'm the root of all that's evil yeah but you can call me cookie. *** You may beg to differ and go right ahead, because it's lunch time and I'm hitting the burger deluxe today.


I feel like that every day.

Quoting The Bloodhound Gang is always a treat.

My favorite song from them? A Lapdance is so Much Better when the Stripper is Crying

Cake (the source band of your first lyric) is awesome. Here's another one of their good ones:

"They laugh, they make money, he's got a gold watch, she's got a silk dress and healthy breasts that bounce on his italian leather sofa."

Are these tonight's Radio Songs? And who did the song about the two o'clock sock? Guys are supposed to keep that secret!

I'm not quite sure it's related... well, a little bit, but:

Theeeeeyyyyrreee Back!

just thought you'd want to know. A little self-pimping couldn't hurt, either.

If you mean "great" in the sense that only in modern America could someone get paid to write and/or sing these lyrics then sure.

Otherwise, sure, these are GREAT lyrics. [/sarcasm]

As I finish my double cheeseburger, large fries, and large Pibb Extra.

Yay, Lag Wagon.

My mood today..

Don't you know that the devil he's in me and God she is too.
My Yin hates my Yang, but what the fuck ya gonna do.
I choose a rocky ass path but that's how I like it.
Life's a bowl of punch go ahead and spike it.

"You know I get involved
In unnatural acts
With the aid of my cold cold stare

They’d like to make it
With my big black dog
But they just don’t know how to ask"

(Blue Oyster Cult -- "Baby Ice Dog", 1973)

"I'm sorry you've got a head like a potato, Bobby
I really am"

(Frank Zappa -- "San Ber'dino", 1975)