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gratuitous links

Dear Andy, I have set my blaster on fun! In a completely unrelated note, Slipknot is on Jay Leno. Something really disturbing for that. Disturbing for Slipknot, I mean. Jay Leno? What's next? Touring with Jessica Simpson?


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Love, love, I feel the love! Now all this country boy (huh?) needs is for Mr. James Lileks to post a similar gratuitous link and I can die a happy man. OK, fine, a happier man, as the wife and wee Fiona already take care of the generally happy part.

But, surely, that's not too much to ask? Is it James? James? JAMES? Hello...?

What's that echo? (echo....)

Ah, to Hell with the lot of ya.

Except for Michele, 'cause she's right tasty. You know, if, um, I'd have tasted her and such, which I haven't, so please don't hurt me, Mr. A Small Victory.

Not to follow myself in the comments, but I bet that most of them will deal with the prospect of Jessica Simpson touring with Slipknot and not the wonder of the WWR. Ah, to Hell with the lot of ya.

I mean, love, and kisses - seductive ones at that. OK, to bed with me, god bless us everyone and whatever and such.

Just to prevent andy from having to follow himself a third time, should he awake with one more comment.

Happy to help.

Did the lead singer wear that Leatherface mask?

Man, don't harsh my mellow like that.

Oyster, I owe ya one.

Slipknot have lost the plot...they don't seem to realise that nu metal is dead as a door-nail.

Great, "nu-metal" is dead and I still haven't figured out what the hell it was. (Especially if Slipknot is considered "nu-metal.") Oh well.

Meanwhile, if you want to see video of them playing on Leno, go to http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/index.aspx#22639 and follow the link. And yes, the leatherface mask was on display, as were the other masks. (Ho-hum, I've been to a GWAR show, so it's not that interesting).

The song itself, however, was better than I was hoping. Nothing earth-shattering, but interesting; it had both rhythm and melody, which is a good sign when Slipknot is involved (IMO).

"Nu Metal" or not, Slipknot is still from Des Moines - where a Tonight Show gig is showbiz valhalla.