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* The Mighty Geek celebrates his blogaversary by mentioning my boobs and trying to piss me off. * Alan has a great new design. * Thank you, Mrs. PedersonSandy. * Thank you to the kind person who sent us Samurai Jack Season One. * I do get good mail, and I am behind on responding to it, especially to the really great lady from Texas who wrote one of the best emails I have ever received. Tomorrow is the day I catch up on responding. * Right now and right now only, I am giving away a free one month blogad on this site. First come first serve, starting...right....now! (Must be in email, not in the comments) * Radio, radio. * I think that we should all get X-Box Live and fight out our differences by playing Rainbow Six Three.



Mrs. or Ms.

You mean I didn't succeed in pissing you off? Dammit. I must try harder. I know! How about if I mention...


Right. I'll shut up now.

You say the nicest things ... I enjoy your design, too.

Oops -fixed, Sandy!

Crikey, am I too late to e-mail for the free blogad? I mean, 'cause I've been e-mailin' and such all evenin', bein' the carin' kind of blogger I am, Miss Michele. Ayup, that's me, missus.

Or whatever.

And I should probably invest in an X-box sometime soon, huh?

Say, anyone want to buy a Sony Playstation with 2 controllers (one dual-shock) with Syphon Filter, Gran Turismo, and Twisted Metal III? Cheap?!

Dude, Crimson Skies is the best X-box live game! Dogfighting through a city in retro-futuristic 1930s-style planes, diving down between the buildings, and all during a lightning storm!

[Scott looks longingly at the season one DVD of Samurai Jack]

I'll have to figure out a way to budget for that.

I knew I should've mentioned her b@@bs!

Did you know that Amish Tech Support has been retired?


I'm getting xbox live this weekend as a belated mother's day gift. Yes, we're kind of a strange family. So what!

Congrats on Samurai Jack. I still haven't seen the some of the later episodes (43 and later). I'll have go to look on Cartoon Network and see if they are showing them again.

Michele, I've been sorta kinda semi marsupial blogging for two weeks today. May I post your boobies too? Yours are better than mine.