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disturbing behavior II

So we are flipping the channels and we come across WWE (the all encompassing wrestling conglomeration). There is a person/actor/wrestler who pretends to be retarded. Part of the "story line" is making fun of him and making him appear to cry and be sad. They humiliate him, make fun of his being retarted, etc. The worst part is watching him act like retarded, because it comes off as horribly...what's the word I'm looking for? Ugly? This is the absolute worst thing I have ever seen on a supposed entertainment show and that includes anything seen on FOX. This is so many levels of wrong I think they created a new defintion of wrong. But, hey. Here comes everybody's hero, The Rock, out to avenge the ridicule of the fake retarded kid. Offensive. That's the word. [I used to love wrestling. Maybe that would make a good blog post for tomorrow instead of the usual bitching?]


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This isn't the first time (I'm not condoning it in either case) they've done something like this - remember George "The Animal" Steele?

You must be talking about Eugene. I've never seen it but hear about him from C's little friends. Unfortunately, he's their favorite character.

Well, some people see acting retarded as a good bet for Oscar consideration. For example: Tom Hanks/Forest Gump, Dustin Hoffman/Rainman, Sean Penn/I Am Sam, (oh wait, HE wasn't acting), Cuba Gooding/Straigt to Video....*SNORT* I hate it when I laugh at my own jokes....

They have wrestling on FOX?

God Lord, what has the world come to?

No, no. This was on, I think, UPN. I was just comparing it to programming on FOX. That's your local FOX station, as in The Swan, not your news Fox station.

Speaking of old school wrestling. Some of my fondest childhood memories include being at Pelican Lake Minnesota. A cottage owned by the grandparents of my across the street best friend circa 1965. We would watch the black and white broadcast of wrestling, the shadows flickering, and "heat lightning" (extra points if you grew up calling thunderstorms in the distance heat lightning). I recall watching The Crusher, Vern Gagne, Reggie Parks, Mad Dog Vachon, and the ever popular Kenny Jay. It was so different then. More like the Globetrotters vs. The Washington Generals. I also remember watching the 1967 Six Day War on snowy black and white TV. I remember being pissed it was pre-empting Saturday morning cartoons. Surreal to compare that to today......What a long strange trip it has been.

I like Eugene. What you missed, if you didn't see RAW the last couple of weeks is that Eugene is a seriously good wrestler, with a great command of all aspects of wrestling including amateur moves, and moves by great wrestlers of the past (i.e., Bob Backlund) that have been largely abandoned by the current steroid crew.

Yes, the retarded thing is in bad taste, but it does serve the purpose of making his skill surprising and interesting, and it's advancing both his own storyline and that of William Regal. And besides, since when has wrestling been in good taste?

Doh - got that after I posted.

It's actually SpikeTV (the former TNN). UPN shows Smackdown (Thursday nights).

I stopped watching wrestling when Mickey Foley retired the first time. I watched about ten minutes of it the other day, and had no idea what was going on or who any of those people were.

Is the issue that retarded people can't be heroic or that it is offensive when retarded heroes on TV and movies are played by a non-retarded person?

Is Forest Gump offensive too?

Wow, way to miss everything.

Yes, you missed everything. s.

Y'know Michele, I would love for you to explain exactly what it is that you find offensive about it. Because, franky, I'm inclined to agree with "PC-Bullshit ALert!" on this one. Yes, the characterization is terrible, but it's not like wrestlers are known for their acting ability. But beyond the terrible acting, what is it exacly that separates Eugene from Gump? The "stupid is as stupid does" message is all over the Eugene thing.

Yes, he's nomainally retarded, but he's making chumps of Bischoff and Regal. He's a better technical wrestler than Regal (which is saying something).

It's interesting to me that y'all are criticizing this so heavily on the basis of a few minutes out of a storyline that's been going for a month.

I like the Eugene character too, and I'd like to emphasize, it's a character. In short, like a play or soap opera.

I'd be unhappy if the character were being played to be a fool, but he really isn't. In fact, he is one of the most "popped for" (that is, loudly cheered as a good guy) characters they have. He adds a story line element to the show that has potential of being a loving and kind one.

In fact, in the last episode y'all (who all) saw, the attempt to make him look like a fool backfired to tremendous ovations from the crowd. The biggest name in all of wrestling, The Rock, said he's Eugene's friend.

Even bad guy William Regal seemed to have an introspective character moment or two as he contemplates the evil he is letting the young man get into, and he even gives him a pep talk about how to stand up and be a man when things might go bad.

Bad story line? Hardly. In fact, depending on how they play it, this character might actually redeem the people who were making fun of a young man back stage before this character emerged (the story goes is that Eugene is based on a real life young man that was being made fun of back stage).

The people love the character, not because they wish to make fun of him, but they want him to kick tail on the bad guys.

So, sorry, I disagree on this one. This is actually a fresh story line that has all the earmarks of being a story that combines triumph over hardship, looking to abilities not disabilities, and redemption (face turn for Regal?) all over it.

Personally I love it. But is Eugene really a retard?