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radio, radio II

New playlist is up. It has a definite them, not sure what. Your job is to listen to the songs and give the playlist a name. Meanwhile, look at this site and you'll see what I mean by themes. Your job is to come up with a title for a mix and I'll create that mix out of my music collection to put on the radio station. The playlist changes every night (time willing). I'm going to start making a collection of the playlists. Perhaps I'll eventually end up with one for each of my moods and personalities.


I think "Periodic Ass Slapping" should be a theme. And a fine theme it is.

"Songs for short episodes of delusions of grandeur"

"Background music for a fiercely competitive game of Scrabble"

"I never really grew up, and here's the soundtrack to prove it"

I think you should make a correction to your post titled "I'll have a sarin sandwich, with mustard". If you actually go to the link you provided and then click the link in the story that concerns mustard gas, you'll find it was in Libya, not Iraq. The link you provided does not say where the mustard gas was found. Please go here for more info. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,117176,00.html

Well, wait I take that back. The article is really kind of vague about the mustard gas. Sorry, I just clicked on the top link which talked about Libya.

Well, Melanie, it would be really helpful if you put this comment on a post that is actually referencing whatever you are talking about.

jams for the love rhino on a sugar high

the punk that caused my bellybutton lint to aspire to greatness

tunes to play while pondering who would ever find out if you ate the dessicant.

oops, those were categories that i want you to put together, michele. the songs to the left have a definite "why the hell is the cat looking at me that way" type of feel.

I was thinking about this... how about a playlist of music sung in falsetto voice that taken as a whole isn't totally annoying... it's not a theme or a mood (well, unless the mood is "just-got-kicked-in-the-balls" but I don't think you can actually rise (ha ha) to this challenge.

So, like Iron Maiden and The Darkness?

I was thinking more like the Shins and Blind Melon but go with it...

Blind Melon is good. I can work from there.

ODB...as a resident of Shaolin, I call, "Not him! Jebus Crispy, give us Buster gettin' all 'Hot, hot, hot' before that train wreck!"

Iron Maiden is not sung in falsetto. Judas Priest or King Diamond, sure, but Bruce Dickinson never stooped to that.