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survey says

Please fill out this survey for BlogAds. No information you enter will be sold to anyone. Please put this blog as your referrer for number 22. It wouldn't kill you to put it as your favorite blog either, you know.


Of course yo get the nod for the favorite. But I am afraid I first saw the survey at Insty's place.

I think it is possible for someone to be a favorite blogger without being a favorite blog.

For instance, you are quite possibly my favorite blogger. However, LGF is my favorite blog because the comments combine with Charles to make an interesting experience.

Also, someone could say that you were their favorite blgoger, but Command Post was the best because of all the voices and effort combined into one.

Required field "Household income."

Sorry, that's a non-starter, even for my favorite blog.

Not Mac friendly. You just missed out on a vote. :( Kept trying to preload Flash over and over. Sux.

Done, done, and done.

Cadrys - I left income blank and it didn't complain.

Steve - What trouble do you attribute to Mac-unfriendliness? I'm using Safari on Panther and had no trouble just now.

Michele - thanks for your effort.

And putting your income down on an on-line anonymous survey is bad because...?