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USOC to Athletes: Be Ashamed of Who You Are

Via Garrulitas bq. American athletes have been warned not to wave the U.S. flag during their medal celebrations at this summer's Olympic Games in Athens, for fear of provoking crowd hostility and harming the country's already-battered public image. ... bq. The plan is part of a charm offensive aimed at repairing the country's international reputation after the deepening crisis in Iraq and damaging revelations of the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. forces at the Abu Ghraib prison. Charm? No. Offensive? Yes. This is disgraceful. The U.S. Olympic Committee has hired someone (Mike Moran) to advise athletes how to behave. The U.S. Olympic Committee thinks we should feel shame for being Americans. That, in and of itself, is the most shameful thing I have ever heard. If a Kenyan or a Russian grabs their national flag and runs round the track or holds it high over their heads, it might not be viewed as confrontational. Where we are in the world right now, an American athlete doing that might be viewed in another manner." ... "We're not the favorite kid in the world right now," conceded Bill Martin, the USOC's acting president. "We are sensitive not only to the security issue, but to jingoism in its raw sense. That is why we are sending people around to educate the athletes as to the appropriate behavior." Since when is celebrating an Olympic victory jingoism? Forget about our reputation as thugs or whatever the French, Germans and "the Arab street" sees us as right now. This will make us look like wimps, apologists and have other countries laughing at the incredible lengths we go to for political correctness. Add this to the reports that Greek officials have warned U.S. and Israeli athletes to not wear their "colors" in public, and what we have here is a farce. When did we go from a powerful nation to a dog hiding its tail between its legs? What about the athletes from Palestine, Korea, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Burma, Pakistan, Syria, Rwanda, Nigeria? Is anyone telling them to tone it down based on whatever their country might be involed in at the moment or has been involved in? I doubt it. Only in America will you see this kind of thing. Only in America would we tell our Olympic athletes to not show their pride after winning an event, for fear of pissing someone off. Only in America would the Olympic committee hire someone to instruct athletes how not to hold up their flag with pride after taking a gold medal. Just another reason in a long list of reasons to not watch the Olympics this summer. ---- Contact the USOC


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Maybe we should just not go. I mean, this is an international sporting competition. If we can't win for our country - which is what the competition is for - we should just not compete.

I get the feeling that the vast majority of US Olympic athletes are going to tell Moran to fuck right on off and wear their "colors" proudly.

If they won't carry USA flags, then they can carry Texas flags.

They're much nicer.

Blaster beat me to the punch.

Stuff a goddam flag up their puckered little Eurosnot poo holes.


Does anyone have an email address for the USOC? We need to send them lots of feedback on how the very idea of this sucks BIGTIME.
I hope the athletes tell the USOC to shove it or at least say nothing and ignore them at the time they choose.

Just more evidence of the PC left's self-hatred. Blame America first! Thanks for posting that e-mail address.

Waaay OT: Does anyone know what's going on with Allah? He posted that he's "dealing with personal" stuff, but then comments on his site were turned off at about noon on Friday (5/14).

We are sensitive not only to the security issue, but to jingoism in its raw sense.

The way this is phrased sounds like this guy's personal opinion. Which makes me want to kick him in the head even more.

Maybe we should ask the Greeks "Please don't play the national anthem when an American wins a gold medal because we don't want to piss anyone off."

This is such major b.s. If I were one of the athelete's, I'd tell this guy that no one can make me say that I'm ashamed of my country, which is what this clown is asking of them.

Was this idea conceived at DU, by any chance?

Is that the same Mike Moran that writes (or wrote) international affairs commentary on MSNBC.com?

Sounds like it, anyway.

I never thought I'd say this--but I'll be glad when the Olympic torch moves from Athens to Beijing. Between their incompetence and ill-concealed anti-Americanism, the choice of Greece for the 2004 Games is shaping up to be the worst since at least 1980 (Moscow), if not 1936 (Berlin)--and at least the 1936 Games gave us the enjoyable spectacle of Jesse Owens stuffing the concept of Aryan superiority up you-know-who's ass. If our athletes meekly comply with these "suggestions", I doubt we will have any such moments to redeem these Games.

The Greeks themselves refuse to recognize Israel's capital as Jerusalem using instead an asterisk * and now we appease?

There will be terrorist acts...

This just makes it more likely...

And China in 2008 is Berlin in 1936...

I agree with Starhawk, we should get this the attention that it deserves, and show Mr. Moran some g-damn AMERICAN PRIDE!

(Kinda sounds like a good country song!)


Many of the people this warning is trying to appease think America is run by some Zionist cabel, so perhaps we should show even more sensitivity by not letting any of our Jewish athletes compete.

Note: The above is sarcasm.

the usoc needs to grow some testicles!you are not the UN,it's competition,we celebrate victories.total assholes. steamroller

This isn't even about pride anymore. I could not be more fucking sick and tired of having assholes like these guys tell me I should feel like shit for being an American.

Personally, I'm not a sports fan, and I couldn't care less what happens at the Olympics.

But Pat Tillman can leave his lucrative sports job and die in combat for his country and these athletes aren't allowed to fly the flag because of "jingoism"? Bill Martin is a coward, and any athletes who go along with this are cowards. Like blaster said, if the USOC is so afraid of what might happen, the team should just stay home where they'll be even safer.

My subject was, "I want my donations back"

We are not cowards. When we win, fly them long, fly them proud.

I don't care what the world thinks. We were never liked. We were tolerated. Grow up and get over this childish need to be loved. We'll have better relations with the world when we do.

Don't you find it ironic that Afghanistan - if they're attending - and Iraq will be wildy applauded but the people who made it possible for them to be there will be booed?

We are Americans, it is the price we've paid for at least 60 years.

What's next, dipping the flag to some despot or monarch?

Shameful. Absolutely shameful and cowardly. OUR COLORS DO NOT RUN!


How's the house?

I think it's time to sack up the potatoes and just win every f*cking medal just to piss everyone off. And then we pull a Wrigley:

After we win the medals, we throw them back.

We may leave with "no medals", but everyone else will too.

What a complete and utter load of crap. I remember watching the Olympics in '84 and being proud to see the red white and blue everywhere. (I kind of remember '76, but not any specifics.) If you're not at the Olympics to represent your country, you're just there for yourself and we have plenty of arrogant self-important athletes in pro sports already. This idea needs to be shot down and hard.

I think this is a slap in the face to the athletes, most of whom are undoubtedly proud to be there representing our country. I seriously doubt that this scheme is going to work out.

On a side note, who's providing security for our athletes this summer? This is shaping up to be the most poorly-planned Olympics in modern history, and I'm really not in the mood for another Munich '72.

Jesus wept. Mike Moran's at it again, I see.

The guy was a flaming asshole and a liar during the '98 Winter Olympics, and he was an impacted anal orifice in every Olympics since then, and he's obviously not changed very much.


1. We could just ask them to waive the Nike "swoosh" instead.

2. The Greeks are banning the Israeli colors? Um, aren't they the same as the Greek colors? Wouldn't that be like Americans telling the French not to wear their colors (red, white and blue) in public?

The best answer is to not watch this worthless programming about sports that nobody cares about. This is nothing but a PC propoganda moment.

The Olympics are the United Nations of sports. And about as worthwhile.

Mike Moran doesn't even WORK for the USOC anymore. Where does he get off speaking for them?

The USOC isn't saying this...it's that idiot Moran.

The USOC is proud of their athletes and country.

This is just blown up, you know, what the press does best!

Ellen, Moran was hired as a consultant by the USOC for this purpose.