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No Soul

No, make the year. Even century. From Michael King: bq. [America's Dumbest Soldiers] lists each of the soldiers killed in Iraq on a separate page with a description of how they met their demise, along with a "Am I Hot" type of rating system for you to determine just how "dumb" the soldier pictured is. Michael is not amused. Nor is Lt. Smash. I'm not sure what I want to do to this person. The thing that bothers me most is it's not just a whim, this site. He goes to a lot of trouble to dig up stories on each soldier. He must spend a large chunk of time putting this site together and maintaining it. What I'd like to do to him would entail a lengthy jail term for myself, and I'm just not willing to go to those lengths to give this guy what he deserves. .... Ok, I waited a bit before posting this to make sure I wasn't going to say anything out of anger that I would regret later. The more I thought about it, the less angry I got. My anger has been replaced by a complete sadness that has left me in tears. How could someone be so cruel? No, I wouldn't even hit this guy. I wouldn't even yell at him, given the chance. I pity him, really. To exist with such a deranged mind, to be so full of hate and contempt; it must be a terrible thing to live with. I'll let him deal with himself. Someday he might grow a conscience, regret what he did and jump off a bridge. Was that wrong? Oh well.


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I'd hit him. I'd hit him a couple of times for you too, Michele. And at least once for each of those soldiers he defames on his site. And a few more just for good measure.

oh my god thats so gross
you know i think i just hear something worse every day

it doesnt matter if you were pro war
or anti war
or if you were pre-war but think we fucked up the after-math
or pro-war but think we lied
or anti-war
but think we need to finish what we started
or whatever
the point is the young men and women who are over there
are not politicians
they are young adults
with husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, children, friends
and the fact that they are there
means we don't have to be there
might i add..
hello (draft) anyone remember that?
so shit
shed a tear for them
feel the sorry of their families
regardless of how you feel about the war
and as to this prick
of whom you wrote
i would
just send him to the families of those soldiers
after they've read his site
and let them have at him

on other news

So, the Iraq war and Vietnam do have something in common; liberals spitting on our soldiers. Poor taste. Very poor taste. Actually, poor taste is probably too good to describe it.

Love ur site.

Lileks was right; being an angry leftist is its own punishment; let's not turn into angry rightists (at least for those of us who are right-wingers) in order to combat them.

That site is very lame. I wouldn't even give it a blog entry. All the deaths (except maybe the swimming pool, maybe) seem like duty related accidents that could easily occur in a dangerous war-torn country. Changing a tire may seem like a cinch on your Dodge Dart but not on a Humvee in Iraq.

Sometimes anti-patriotic (which during wartime is the new "political incorrectness") websites have a grain of truth to them, and you might laugh even though you shouldn't. Not this one. This is no Darwin Awards for the military, not by a hundred klicks.

Don't give him any traffic --you know we can't resist looking once you tease us with it.

Perhaps as he goes through this merry journey we call life, somebody could put just as much time and effort down through the years into anonymously sending printouts of that site to any and every woman he ever attempts to date?

It wouldn't send all of them screaming into the night, of course - just the potential keepers....

just when you think liberals had no class left to lose they do something even more un-American... and yeah I am questioning their patriotism.

He does not appear to be all that smart himself as the one that was appearing when I clicked the link was a British soldier, which could not possibly be amongst America's Dumbest Soldiers. Maybe this guy ought to be listed on the World's Dumbest Webmasters.

My best friend and I served in Vietnam, he in the Marine Corps, me in the Army. Whenever I rage about some nitwit like this and how I would like to pop them, my friend just smiles and says "They aren't worth the round". Of course he's right, and in the end, so are you.

And the Michael Moore Award for Uncommon Display of Poor Taste and Stupidity goes to.....

Some people realize deep down inside that they are nothing. People who actually exhibit qualities like heroism and courage and personal strength of will and character are an affront to them and their self-worth. Some of them, such as Ted Rall and this little feller here, decide that rather than reevaluating their own worthless lives it's much easier to just pretend that things like heroism and courage don't actually exist in the real world and people purporting to exhibit them are really losers just like they are.


After seeing that, I feel empty inside.

That's just wrong on so many different levels. In fact, I think he created a new one.

It's sad to see someone make fun of the very people that enable him to have the freedom to create that website.

I think you're right, Michele. This loser is so pathetic he isn't even worth getting mad over. This is the same type of immature mind that will next be hosting "America's Dumbest Policemen" or "America's Dumbest Firemen." Never mind the fact that he doesn't have the guts or brains to do any of these jobs. Right now, he's probably giggling so hard about making normal people offended that he's already sh%t his diapers.

Contemptible. I guess there are basements in hell.

wow. I can't even picture someone thinking that an idea like that would be in any way clever or funny or appropriate. That's such a sick idea I just can't imagine the thinking that would lead to it. (I'm hoping that large quanitites of controlled substances were to blame, and maybe the dude will wake up, realize what a stupid thing he did, and take it down. But then again, I tend to expect better of people than what they actually are).

I think the best punishment for him is that he has to live with himself. I mean, what kind of a person do you have to be to do something like that? Shameful.

I think you guys are missing a very important point here. This is most likely NOT the work of one guy. Look at the quality of the work, the detail in the data. This is an organization. When you look at it as one guy it is pitiful. But, if you consider that there are millions of these people all over the world and they are very well organized what is it then? When you look at who these people are, what they do, and why they do it, you can come to only one conclusion if you love your freedom as Americans. They are the enemy, and must be treated as such.

I refuse to click on the link--your description is enough for me. I don't hate the guy, I do feel pity for him, but mostly I feel sorry for the families. A close friend of mine's sister lost her fiance in Afghanistan in a helicopter crash. I certainly hope my friend's family and his family never have to see a site like this.

i'm still too disgusted to say much of anything, but i knew a few of those men personally, including the individual that died in the swimming pool...

all i can say, is...sick. sick beyond words.

The Internet now has its Lord Haw-Haw.

I don't think this guy is a crazy-leftist. I think he's a crazy freeper. He has a banner on his site linking to freerepublic.

The Freepers have said some of the most disgusting things I've ever heard. They once found out of a soldier, in Iraq, who was anti-war, and they then sent angry letters to the pentagon saying he should be kicked out of the military.

But on their site? They called him 'the enemy within', 'traitor', and other hurtful names even though, despite being antiwar, he was STILL in Iraq fighting.

No... this Dumbest Soldiers site isn't a leftist site... if it was, it'd link to Kos or counterpunch or buzzflash. It links to FreeRepublic.

He has a rotating banner on his site pointing to various sites he considers to be "wingnut". I saw free republic and www.nsa.gov on there. I don't feel like giving him more hits to see what else he has linked to.

This is a leftist site. No doubt about it. Wishing won't make it otherwise.

Uhh... I fail to see how the nsa, or defendamerica.mil, or the pentagon, are 'wingnut' sites. I'm completely baffled.

rawb: I doubt that. The banner rotates and links to various sites, including ready.gov, defendamerica.mil, nsa.gov, as well as freerepublic.com. That doesn't indicate anything about who put the site together. It's just as likely that it's a tactic to throw people off.

insomni: fair enough... its just as likely they endorse those sites, and are thus of the freeper mentality, or are trying to throw people off, and are thus teh liberal-pissing-on-america mentality.

I just don't see why everyone here upped and blamed the left right away if it's just as likely :-/

Anyway, yeah... I'll shut up now

Rawb - Freepers may be guilty of some strange things, but pissing on the graves of soldiers isn't one of them.

I can't imagine this was put together by right wingers.

Oops, my comment was a bit late. Another Minnesotan beat me to it.

By the way, I'm not too worried about giving this moonbat more hits. He's not making any advertising revenue off of the site at this time. If he were, I'd be more reluctant to visit -- and more angry at this freak's nerve. But as has been said, there's no point in wasting your anger on wackjobs like this.

Here's what I sent to the e-mail address listed on that site:

How is it, living with no soul? When you die, let's hope someone in your life can find something worth honoring. The twenty men listed on your site have my eternal respect, and their families have my sympathy.

I have seen freepers piss on the graves of soldiers, when it was revealed those soldiers were against the war. I've also read them trying to get anyone who uses their voice kicked out of the military.

"I wouldn't be surprised if the son was in Iraq using the communications gear company as cover to either sell communications equipment to anti American forces or in some ANSWER sponsored advisory role."

And while he's not a soldier, I think my point is clear. The freepers seemed to love Jessica Lynch, until she spoke out.

[This comment has been edited out. I will not have people's personal information put on my site, especially when that personal information may be used for purposes that may end up with me as a material witness in court. Thanks, anyhow]

Say what you like about his motives, the number of those who died for stupid reasons is shocking. A waste of life it would seem.


I think the best answer to this odious site (which I won't ve visiting) would be a website that focuses on the Iraq reconstruction effort. This is a story that is woefully under-reported; people really don't know what's happening over there, and fill in the blanks with all kind of fantasies.

Having a place to go for all the news and info on the work being done by the Coalition and the Iraqi people would be an antidote to all these madness.

Maybe it's a job for... the Command Post team?

(BTW, I meant to email you about this for some time now, but kept postponing it. This latest post just did it.)

More evidence that humankind is on the decline, this saddens me more than war itself.

Way to make sure that this idiot gets another couple of hundred hits, Michele.

I don't get it ... unless I do: there is nothing that parading your outrage can possibly achieve other than increasing the visibility of this odious fellow. But you do it anyway. Is it just that expressing anger is actually an end in itself and you don't actually care what the results are, or do you just not stop and think about it?

Put it this way - what suits you better: that you get an opportunity to fulminate about the awful people who don't support the war, or that he doesn't exist at all?

Given the amount of time and energy you seem to expend exposing yourself to these people and then writing about it, I can't help suspecting the former.

You came to the same conclusion as the moral I relate to my kids (at home and at school) regarding someone who has done an inexcusable wrong: The worst punishment he can receive (and the one he cannot avoid) is being him ... for the rest of his life.

Knowing this can make being me (us), and the paths we choose, easier.

I thought you were going to stop posting because you are an unbalanced mental case. What gives?

You, madam, are an anger junkie. An outrageoholic. Yes, you crave outrage-ohol. There are always idiots out there to call out. How about reserving a little of your copious vitriol for the Anne Coulters of the world? Just a dash of the acid that courses through your veins would be sufficient. In truth it would put the critters in 'Alien' to shame...

tristram: Michele can blast her own trolls (or ignore them), but I have to ask this... Are you really acusing her of having acid in her veins when you just called her an "unbalanced mental case"?

Oh, and since when does anyone need to be "fair and balanced" in their outrage? Do you make sure any anger you have toward "the Anne Coulters of the world" is balanced with some "copious vitriol" for the likes of Michael Moore?

The website is down. Clicked on the link and nada. I shall hope it's a permanent down.