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confusing the issues

This is why I have no respect for most anti-war protesters, here, there or anywhere else.
SEVERAL hundred Islamic students threw rocks at the British embassy in Tehran and tried to storm the building in a protest today over the US-led occupation of Iraq, but were turned back by riot police, an AFP correspondent said. "Death to America, death to Britain and death to Israel," chanted the protesters, called together by volunteer hardline militias, and also burned flags of the three countries. "We will protest here every day as long as the prisoners in Abu Ghraib are not freed," read a sign held up by the crowd, which also denounced clashes between US forces and Iraqi Shiite militiamen in the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala.
If they just came along and protested the coalition occupation in Iraq, that would be fine. But once they drag Israel into it, all credibility of their cause is gone. They claim they are protesting about Abu Ghraib and the war in Iraq, but last I checked, Israel had nothing to do with any of that. Abu Ghraib has become a cloak that Islamic protesters are wearing in order to get their Jew hating/America hating jollies. As far as freeing the prisoners in Aba Ghraib - sure, free the people who were held but committed no crimes or have no ties to terrorist organiziations or are not part of any violent insurgent group. However, if these people think that the U.S. should free all prisoners based on the torture that went on in that prison, well, that's just silly. Imagine if every time a prison scandal broke in the U.S., they had to let all the prisoners of that jail free? These militants or whatever you want to call them are just looking for excuses to throw rocks and call for jihad. If I were in charge, I'd be saying here's your jihad right back at ya. Get your causes straight, people. Are you anti-war or anti-Israel? Because those two things are two separate causes and to throw them all together (ala all the Free Palestine signs at anti-war gatherings) only tells me that your underlying cause has less to do with the occupation of Iraq and more to do with Zionism and your false belief that terrorists are really just nice, sweet oppressed people.


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For the Islamists in the Middle East, it's Western Civilization they are protesting and since Israel is the only country in the region that fits that description AND it is filled with the hated Jew, all "protests" make The Zionist Entity their raison d'etre.

And make no mistake, those "students" in Iran were protesting on the behest of the government, regardless of the show of riot police turning them away.

The rot at the core of the so-called "peace" movement organized by the likes of ANSWER and NION, is they have welcomed the Islamists and their Judenhass. From all the "protests" prior to the invasion of Iraq to recently, one cannot help but notice the blatant anti-Israel, anti-Semitic posters and chants. Even leftist/peacenik Michael Lerner learned early on that this was to be a Judenrein movement.

And shall we recall all the conspiracy theories that the toppling of Saddam was done by the Zionists that control the US government at the behest of Israel?

Indeed, I would posit that such protests don't actually confuse the issue, but bring clarity to what these "protesters" are actually about.

CAIR is the modern German-American Bund movement, and any "peace" activist that marches with them, or ANSWER or NION does not do so innocently.

There you go again,applying logic and common sense to a bunch of clowns who abhore either.To them,anything that has a soul or morality connected to it is fair game for their little fits.

"such protests don't actually confuse the issue, but bring clarity to what these "protesters" are actually about."

Darleen, I didn't say the protests confuse the issues. The protesters do. Semantics, but makes a big difference.

Understood, Michele. And I really wastn't trying to take away from your point, just expanding on the theme. The protesters do confuse the issues, but I don't think they do it innocently. IMHO, the "peace" part is the figleaf for basic anti-Western/anti-Semite sentiment.

Although there are many people who carry "peace" signs, there are very few true "peace protestors" today. Remember those Spanish protests (the nearly naked ones) who carried "no war" signs and wore mock-dynamite belts around their waists, in evident solidarity with Palestinian terrorists?

The protests are not against war. They are against war used as a rational tool of policy by civilized states, and in favor of war as apocalyptic violence carried out by those who have an almost sexual lust for destruction.

On the Israel, I was having a conversation with and anti-war American Jewish woman, who argued that it was the Saudis who had got us into the war with Iraq. She was still voting against Bush but couldn't see the parallel with Israel.

I can understand how it's something you want to hide from, but it's completely obvious that Israel was happy the US attacked Iraq, and is happy we are there, whether Americans are getting killed or not.

Well, given recent events and anti-government protests in Iran, I don't think it's overly implausible to suspect this was not a "spontaneous" protest, and that "turned back by riot police" may be a tad overstated.

What about Mumia? Didn't they ask to free him too?