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100 Word Stories

I bought the Retrovertigo domain a while ago. My first intention was to put my fiction there. Then I decided to make it a novel in progress site. Then it was a photoessay blog. More recently, it became a link dump for my mp3s and photos. Finally, I settled on hosting my photo gallery there. Still not satisfied, I figured there was more I could do with the home page than use it as a splash entrance for the gallery. So, inspired by Laurence, 100 Word Stories was born this morning. I've been pulling paragraphs out of old, unfinished stories and paring them down to 100 words that more or less tell a story that could be part of a bigger tale or just a tale in and of itself. For each story, I found a corresponding photo to go with it. So, in essence, the site has become what I set out for it to become. Words and pictures. The first story, Angel of Death, is up.


I write very short stories, too, but not 100-word short!

I'll ask the guy who did the 100 by 100 stories if he wants to site promoted at all. I can't remember if he was going to do anything with them, but they were all good.

Drabbles! I love drabbles. Am in a Buffy/Angel drabble challenge group on LJ actually - waiting for this weeks challenge to come down the pike at open_on_sunday. Great way to get the fic engine revved up.

Very cool, Michele! I've actually been considering something similar over at my place -- maybe not 100, but more like "one page worth" of material.

You've inspired me.