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We had joy, we had fun

It was too hot in the sun But everything seems nice With margaritas poured on ice That thing on the right is a bungee racer. Yes, I raced. No, I did not beat any of the ten year olds I raced. Yes, I pretty much looked like an idiot. But I had fun, so neener neener. Just a few up in the gallery for now. More later. Hey, does anyone visit the gallery? Just curious. I put the stuff up there so I have somewhere to keep it all, but it's nice that you come and take a look. If you do. So, thank you. If that's you. Max? I waited for you at five. You never showed up. I want that lemonade. Is lemonade the official drink of lefties? Just wondering, in case I invite any to my housewarming party. Lefties, that is. Not lemonade. Oh, and Max? You're not invited. I really don't like being stood up. Especially when it comes to frisbee.


waves hand in air

I do go look at the Gallery. Just haven't bothered to figure out how you've got the commenting thing working over there. I love looking at people's pictures. Very fun.

Love that one of Nat. That youthful joy! I used to have fun like that.

you KNOW that i go :)

gasp! smiling nat! woohoo!

where's your beautiful nose in the self portrait???

I do look at the gallery and you have some fantastic photos in there.

I think one of my favorite ones is the pic with all the birds on the wire, causing it to bend under their weight...or at least it appears that way.

You have a great eye for photography.