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Disturbing Behavior

I really don't know which of these two things witnessed during today's trip to the store disturbed me more: A mother allowing her barely ten year old daughter to buy a shirt that read "My boyfriend's out of town" (it was a heated tossup over that or the one that read "I dated Ashton)" or the discovery - through the power of one billion watt speakers in the store - of a disco version of Midnight Oil's Beds are Burning.


Tho it is sad about the girl,there is not a whole lot we can do about that,unfortunately.However,we can stop the spread of the nefarious tune whenever and wherever possible.But,you must be aware of the fact that YOU have been infected,and may find yourself running this version through your head in a continous loop.I have not heard it and hope never to have to.

The heresey of vandalising one of Midnight Oil's songs is one of the seven deadly sins. There is a special level of hell reserved for the people responsible for such acts.

My sympathies, Michele, for you having to be subjected to such abuse.

Now thinking about this, I would have thought Midnight Oil would have been too anti-american (ever listened to their "US Forces"?) and too left wing for your tastes, Michele.

Ken: one need not be a fan of MO or any of their songs to be disturbed by the concept of a disco version.

Oh the horror!.... the humanity!

Did you rush home and throw in that Aerosmith CD?

Actually that disco Beds Are Burning is very popular in Europe now. My ears are bleeding.

Ken -- comment #3 -- one word: "semiotics" -- it works for right wingers as well ...

When I was 8 or 9 I was in a Midnight Oil clip, Blue Sky Mining, it was 1990 I think.

It was the end scene where all the people are getting wet, it was filmed in the main street of Kalgoorlie- my town at the time- which is an outback mining town. There was a local controversy because some arrogant rock stars were wasting water during a drought.

I can't stand Midnight Oil.