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The Final Tally on the Tom Family Fund

Straight from the TCP chat: (Susan was having trouble with the chat, so Alan transcribed for her) [Alan] In three days, the Command Post Readers have raised $14,777.16 for the Tom Family Education Trust [Alan] And my wife and I are kicking in the difference to make it an $15,000 [Alan][ (Susan's) kids are cheering ... [Alan] She's telling the kids ... they're asking a million questions ... [Alan] They want to buy things ... she says "You can have an education, and you can buy your own house." [Alan] Thank you, everyone. You are the power of the good [Alan] Susan is still talking to the kids ... [Alan] Susan: "That is unbelievable ... I am speechless." [Alan] Susan: "Tell them I double everything they're saying." [Alan] Susan: "The only person who can tell you you can't do something is yourself." $15,000 in three days. Alan had the right idea when he called this Strengthen the Good. It's something we want to expand on and there will be news about this by the end of the weekend. Thank you to everyone who donated and especially to everyone who linked the story and spread the word. You are all generous beyond thought. Thank you for keeping our faith in humanity alive. One more: Susan: "This has just been awesome ... please post our biggest thank yous and hugs and kisses, and anyone who wants to email me just go to http://www.stomfamily.com and click the email link"


Sorry, my set-up doesn't allow for chats. So my congrats have to be sent via other means.

For Susan's kids: Sorry, but this is future money. Your future. People donated this money to see that you have a good start when you go out on your own, and to help you when you enter college. It's not for the stuff you want right now, it's for what you're going to need when you are adults.

That is really wonderful, Michele. You and Alan should feel very proud for the good you've done here. :)