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Gimme that, gimme that now, now, now, yeah!

I changed my mind about something. Thunderkiss 1965 is the greatest driving song ever. Soundgarden's Drawing Flies will just have to bow out gracefully.


I'm still rather partial to 'The Rainbow Connection', by Kermit the Frog.

absolutey nutzie. No Way. Tat Song? No how.

"Speed King."
Deep Purple.
"Made in Japan"
I dare anyone who loves to work a clutch to slot that song in the player and stay on the legal side of he county line.

Nonsense. Everybody of any kind of maturity knows that the best driving song of all time is Rebel Rouser followed closely by Midnight Special

Nay! And "Midnight Special"...(how do you type "hock, thpthooie"...")

And nay! right back, heathen! Fie on your soulless being! Dwayne Eddy rocks!

And I'm worried that "LeatherPenguin" might be a disturbingly appropriate name.

Oops. Forgot to add [/ad hominem cheapshot]. Please don't hit me.

The road from LA to Vegas goes well with Jerry Lee Lewis's "Plays the Blues" CD.