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friday night decisions

Ok, it's Friday. I have some free time on my hands for a change and I don't want to talk about war or anything to do with war tonight. So, what do you want to do? Or are you all going out and having lives? I've got a six of Guinness and a huge plate of strawberries and lots of time and blog space. What's it gonna be?


see "PSA" comment 3.
Going Sports Bar hopping, looking for Metsies/Beaners!

Guiness and strawberries?Doesn't that hurt in the morning?

Strawberries....and Guinness?

I'll do the Guinness....I'll do the Strawberries....but together?

Ugh. Here's my night:

--Home-made hamburgers with wife and small, round-in-the-face female offspring (6 and 4).

--Visit to the YMCA pool for wet and wild fun.

--Home and kids to heavy, happily-worn out sleep

--Wife to TV and 'her shows' as opposed to 'my shows'

--Me back to computer, and early to bed (Market day is tomorrow)

Strawberries and Guinness....geez..

I'm jealous of your Guinness, I'm on my period, I'm overloaded on outrage, and I have to start work in 40 minutes--so all I ask is that it be something extra, extra, EXTRA fluffy.

Total fluffernutterness. Something that will bore the piss out of Norton. Comedy, music, cartoons, movies, I don't care.

Fri nite in the East Bay with 7 yr old daughter,so:
1)go to pool for a few hours
2)sushi fest
3)the local civic center is having a concert of a few bands from the community college,with the sound reinforcement done by the students of this guy I met last weekend who has been doing the sound for the Stones and AC/DC.It will be her first live band experience,so I hope they don't suck.
3)home to a new bottle of bourbon

Piker! Everyone knows the only good Guinness not from the tap comes in a 4 pack!

Okay, that was my question :) Guinness & strawberries? Huh.

I was going to mix fresh strawberries into mudslides tonight, a mixture I stumbled upon last summer when I was making mudsldes for a party at a friend's house, noticed the flat of strawberries on the counter next to me, and started tossing them in. It was a hit.

Project: See how many different drinks you can make with Guinness. My suggestion-Black Velvet, which is Guinness and champagne. No champagne??? Well screw it, just pop open the Guinness and drink


Number One child threw a fit. no, not a fit...a Fit. Therefore, Number Two Unit and Wife are swimming, while Mean Old Dad is here with traumatized kindergartner.

Double up on the Guinness.

A big glass of cabernet and a good book.

I've got a rather tame Friday night lined up... Winnie with Pooh and a three-year old, followed up by bathtime and reading. Probably bedtime by 10:30 pm.

When did I get old?!?

Sounds like the perfect evening. Minus a pitcher of beers and/or Margaritas, that is.

I'll be sitting at home rinsing my gums with salt water and Listerine®. Fucking abscessed tooth. (Yes, I go to the drugstore tomorrow to pick up more antibiotics, and yes, I will have the tooth pulled asap.)