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PSA from Host Matters re: Nick Berg Video

Folks, please do not host copies of the video within the network here. Whatever your position on the availability of the video itself may be, from a technical standpoint, the network disruption created by having it on a server within this network is significant and unfairly impacts your fellow residents. We will be going through the servers looking for any copies, so if you receive a notice that we've disabled it, please abide by the notice and do not reenable it. Thanks. Thank you, -Hosting Matters Management


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Do you just get these announcments because you're special, or is there a place that we can sign up to get them?


Google's archive.org acting as host for massive download through a redirect. (Umm, well, not having downloaded the files in question because I have absolutely no desire to view them, perhaps they're too small for freecache?, which calls for >1 meg, I believe. Or maybe they don't want to cache it.)

Most of these notices also appear in our forums at http://forums.hostmatters.com. This particular item is a copy of a post I made to a thread discussing the massive traffic loads we're seeing this week, available at http://forums.hostmatters.com/screens/helios05142004.JPG

Well, Annette just ruined the whole concept of me being special!

Wrong cut and paste of my own on that link. The thread is at http://forums.hostmatters.com/showthread.php?t=11373

I am having so much trouble here today. It's certainly the lack of sleep I've had due to the various things we're doing to keep things orderly. To continue (and finish, maybe):

Anyhow, we've found that Michele seems to be at the epicenter of so many things that her space is the best place to get word to people who might not visit the forums on a regular basis.

I told you! I'm special! Where's my helmet??


I guess this puts the nail in the coffin for you on the tits vs. taste debate.

I think you lost me, Jason.

Special is as special does.

You are special Michele.

Glad the cable's working....came across this and thought of you.

Frustrated cell phone user trashes store


I am still waiting for someone to explain why we need to download this revolting video.

"Know your enemy", Steve.

Steve: I took it as more of a "stick it in the media's We'll Judge What The Public Needs to See eye." You know, they figure we need to see skanky chicks in uniform diddling tied up Helpless Brown People until our heads explode with self-hatred, but seeing what these darling little Middle Eastern hobbit people (terrorist division) are really capable of, which makes Americans look like a bunch of Little Bo Peeps, is a no-no.

And I don't even think we necessarily have to watch the video. I am already quite sure what our enemies are capable of; no blind spots left in me. But let's not let what happened to Nick Berg disappear down the "he was in the wrong place at the wrong time" memory hole.

Michele is much more special than Chrissie Hynde.