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Susan Tom will be joining the Command Post chat tonight as we have a little "chat party" to celebrate the incredible generosity of those who have raised over $11,000 for the fund to send Susan's kids to college. Please join us tonight at 11pm (EST). One more Another note: I am seriously behind in my email - I have read it all, but I am just now getting to answering it all. I got some great mail yesterday - thank you everyone. One more note: I love Jeff Goldstein.


Who doesn't??

I don't. Underneath the ha-ha exterior, Goldstein is a vindictive and hateful man. Ask him what he did to Dustin Diamond in a cab once ... ask him!

umm...in an unrelated bit of nonsense, how come Darth Steinbrenner hasn't made an appearance today...I mean, look at the current AL East Standings...