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photo friday/voices project note

Yep, it's Photo Friday again. I'm number 112, aka retrovertigo. This week's topic is Parts. While you are there, you can vote on last week's topic, which was play. My entry is number 183, but I'm voting for Alan's (309). Not just because he's my hero of the day - he just so happens to be an incredibly talented photographer. In a programming note, I am finally taking the Voices project to its own home. Stacy is working on that for me right now - the new home will eventually be here. The total lapsed time between idea in my head and the domain registered and Stacy setting up a contents sytem for me was about ten minutes. Which is why I continually bow down to Stacy and Host Matters. I am still getting submissions for the project, almost a year after I started it. If you are waiting for your entry to show, I will probably be spending tonight getting the new site set up and beautified (hopefully) and putting all the new entries in, so expect to see yours soon. We've decided that since we aren't moving to the new house until next week, we would take today to goof off and work on our own personal projects instead of fretting about boxes, mortgages, Home Depot owning us, etc. If you have anything you would like to contribute to the Voices project, or any ideas for what you would like to see there, just drop me a line.