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Strengthen the Good: A Victory of Sorts

Over at Command Post, we are celebrating the fact that we have reached our goal of raising $10,000 for the Susan Tom fund. We've raised $11,388 so far and we are keeping the door open until midnight tonight. Your generosity has been overwhelming, to say the least. From the people who donated $500, to the people who donated one dollar, to the people who couldn't donate but linked and spread the word, you have all done so much to spread good in a week that has otherwise been so bad. And that is the point. All the things that have been going on in the past week are things we can do little about except rant and scream and cry. Alan, who is one of my heroes regardless, came up with a beautiful way to make us feel like we can do some good, we can make a difference. The beauty of this is that, by donating money to send Susan Tom's kids to college, you are not making a political statement. You do not have to examine your feelings about war or politics or the upcoming election - all the things that divide us - to drop a few dollars in the jar or to call on your readers/friends/families to rally 'round and suppor the cause. It is a human cause. A good cause that nobody can find fault with or find a reason to not support. It is our hope that some of the bigger left side bloggers pick this up as well, proving that there are some things we can agree on an the divide between Americans that is so deep right now is one that can be crossed given the right circumstances. So how about it? Kos, Atrios, Oliver? Will someone pick the ball up and run with it? Please? I also want to address some of you who read this blog and have the power to reach thousands upon thousands of people. You know who you are. I'm asking you to link this and help us reach new heights before midnight tonight. We are going to celerbate tonight. As Alan wrote on TCP:
It’s a remarkable thing, what we’ve done together over the past two days. It shows a lot about the goodness in people, and the number of bright stories that surround us that, unfortunately, are so often drowned out by the evil we see in the world. But this was a great response: to strengthen the good. So great, in fact, that we want to celebrate what we’ve done. Tonight Michele and I are hosting an online “Celebrate The Good” party in the Command Post Chat Room! We’ll open the chat room at 11:00 PM EDT, and everyone who has given (and everyone who didn’t) are invited to join us to talk about the Toms, the past two days, and what else we’ve seen that’s good today. Then at Midnight, I’ll announce the final total, and we’ll pop the virtual champagne. I’ll also call Susan and see if she’ll join us to share her thoughts and the thoughts of the kids. It may just be the three of us, but that’s OK … the real fun was in the doing. Between now and then, don’t let up. There are still some 4 billion people who know nothing about this effort, so get out the word, and help us blow away the goal. Thanks for helping to strengthen the good … let’s help send these kids to college
I'll be there, Alan will be there and we hope you will all be there. Read more at Command Post for some great words by Alan, an email from Susan Tom (he also had a wonderful phone conversation with her) and ways that you can help. Strengthen the good. Now, more than ever, this is what we need to do. And thank you for all you have done already. Update: Thanks, Oliver.


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I haven't had a chance to read everything here or at Command Post in the last few days, so this is the first I've heard of the fund for Susan.

I know Susan. Years ago, I used to work in Special Education, and one of her kids was in our Infant/Toddler "Me Too" program. When I learned of her story, I was so impressed...and even more impressed as time went by and I got to know her.

Susan's children are rich in the one thing that counts - the security that comes from knowing that someone in this world loves them without reservation and will do whatever it takes to see that they have every chance to fulfill their potential; the word 'limitation' doesn't exist in Susan's vocabulary.

What a wonderful example Susan is to us all! And the fund-raising on behalf of her children's future is a most worthy effort - congratulations on what you've accomplished.

Thanks for that, Trish. I forwarded your thoughts to Susan (hope that's OK).

No - I'm glad you did; I wish I could have been at the chat but it looks like Susan was having difficulty with it anyway. I'm going to check out her website now.

You guys are awesome!