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Ted Rall and a mixed bag of anger

[Warning: Very long, very disjointed, covering too many subjects in one post. Actually used the extended entry] Enraged and sick to your stomach is no way to go through life. It's not even any way to start a Friday. But here I am, a little of both and it's only 6:30 a.m. on a Friday morning. An email someone sent me last night had the title Prepare to be ENRAGED. Eh, I thought. Nothing can really make me angrier than I already am. Wrong. Here's the link. bq. Many people have written to ask about the price for the original artwork for last week's Tillman cartoon. Current high bid is $4,500; whoever is the high bidder as of Sunday night gets it. For those who wonder, my originals normally sell for $500-$750. $4,500 for a badly drawn cartoon that mocks the death of Pat Tillman.
Here's why I think Ted Rall suffers from the same sociopathic disease as Micah Wright - neither of them ever think for one second that they have done something wrong. And neither of them ever look at the words they have written and think, wow, I just made an incredibly stupid statement. They are both righteous in their flagrant hatred for anyone who isn't like them. Ted Rall is proud of his hardline stance. He is proud that he angers us. He is proud that he pushes our buttons. He likes to flaunt his wild thoughts even when they don't make sense or contradict themselves. And, like Micah Wright, Ted Rall is now a war profiteer, making thousands off the death of Pat Tillman. Way to go, Ted. Embrace that capitalism when it suits you, buddy. Ok, so maybe the fact that Rall stands to make a huge chunk of change off of that hideous cartoon doesn't phase you. What about the post below that one? It Gets Worse
According to today's New York Times, the CIA subjects its "high profile" torture victims to such medieval practices as "waterboarding"--strapping the subject to a board, then repeatedly dunking him under water to make him think he's going to drown. Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, one of the many #2 Al Qaeda guys we've captured, was apparently subjected to this treatment. The FBI, meanwhile, has been ordered to avoid such CIA torture sessions to avoid impugning their future prosecutions. Anyone who knew about this, condoned it or allowed it to happen, Democrat or Republican, deserves the same treatment. The same goes for ordinary Americans who vote for these cretins this fall.
Khalid Sheikh Mohammad has been described as the Kingpin of al Qaeda. He was the mastermind of Operation Bojinka, a pre-9/11 plot to assassinate the Pope, crash CIA planes and blow up passenger planes. Khalid Sheikh Mohammad was the man behind the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings. He was the man behind the Bali nightclub attack and the murder of Daniel Pearl. Oh, and he was the alleged mastermind of that thing we now call 911. Pardon me for my barbarism, but I do think that waterboarding the man was the very least of what should have been done to him. But Ted Rall thinks that was too much. The horror! The outrage! And Ted wants you to suffer the same fate if you vote for Bush in November. Hell, I'd vote for Bush with less ambivalence than I have right now if he would order all people like Khalid Sheikh Mohammad to be treated as such, and then to be shot afterwards. Nick Berg never killed anyone. Nick Berg never plotted attacks against thousands of innocent civilians. Nick Berg never planted bombs or attempted to kill the Pope. Yet, what does Ted have to say about Nick Berg? The only mention Rall makes of Berg's beheading is to blame Bush for it and to come up with this bit of morality:
Cognitive Dissonance "I share a deep disgust that those prisoners were treated the way they were treated. Their treatment does not reflect the nature of the American people." —George W. Bush, May 4 "[The beheading of Nick Berg] shows the true nature of the enemies of freedom. They have no regard for the lives of innocent men, women and children." —White House spokesman Scott McClellan, May 11 When we commit crimes, in other words, they're aberrations. When they commit them, they reveal exactly who they are and what they're about.
You stupid, stupid man. I almost feel sorry for people who cannot discern the difference between the crimes of a few and the beliefs of many, the difference between a few soldiers who did very bad things, to an entire belief system that allows a group of hooded men to hack and saw the head off of an innocent man on video, pull his body of off his head and hold it up for all to see while they shout praise to their god. What is wrong with Rall? What is wrong with all of the people who think like him? I have roundly criticized and condemned what went on in Abu Ghraib but I am well aware at how different the Berg's murder is from that. Guess what? You can be outraged at both. You do not have to pick one thing or the other. Nick, you did not die in vain, that is for sure. My eyes have been opened. So writes Jen, a person who really never writes about politics and I would not consider a conservative. Jen gets it. This is the reaction I am hoping for the Berg video to have. This is why I think people should watch it and hear it, even if it brings pain to your eyes and ears and heart. Read this opinion piece from today's Newsday (which also appears in Reason) Al-Zarqawi's self-righteous snuff movie is an act of lunacy, a gift to his enemies and, one hopes, an unwitting suicide note. So what will happen if and when we find Al-Zarqawi and kill him? Will Ted Rall and company call us barbarians? We they demand we stand trial for our actions? Will they find some kind of moral relativism clause that allows them to call us butchers and terrorists when we kill a butcher/terrorist? I really hope to find out because I am going to out myself as a death-mongerer right now and wish a long, ugly, torturous death on Al-Zarqawi and any one of his followers. I hope the death comes at the hands of an American. Preferably a Jew. Now, about this war in Iraq. Can we still win this thing? Can we come out of Iraq with a semi-democracy installed and our pride intact? Even though I supported this war from the start and I still support it now, I am getting more ill at ease every day and I wonder just how prepared we were to follow this thing through. Oliver noted in my comments yesterday that it is the troops who will pay for any failure to prepare on the part of the U.S. and he is right. I think that is where Oliver and I part ways because my solution is this: grow a spine, America. Stop worrying about what the Arab street will think of us. Stop worrying about the mosques and holy cities. If the insurgents find it alright to shoot at us from within those mosques and cities, then we have every right to shoot back. We are the stronger force and we need to make that fact known. We've been too careful about whose feelings we will hurt. The time is over to care about those things. If we don't act now, our troops suffer later. The longer we wait to bulldoze Fallujah (which is filled with terrorists now, so don't go on about women and children - if there are women and children there it's because your darling little insurgents are using them as human shields), the more coalition troops will be killed. The longer we wait to hunt down and capture al-Sadr, the more ambushes, kidnappings and attacks on our troops will occur. The longer we wait to show the radical Muslims that we mean business and we will KILL before being killed, the more Nick Berg type murders we will see. Remember what I said yesterday? The Iraq war is now tied tight to the war against al Qaeda. They have become one and the same because our enemies have joined forces.
We are fighting a war in which our media is seen as a weapon to be used against us. We are a free and open society. We are, on the whole, a kind and caring people. We are also enormously self-critical, to the point where it sometimes seems as though we despise ourselves more than we do those who seek to slaughter us wholesale. Terrorists know this, and they play upon these traits to convince us that maybe we're the ones who are wrong, that maybe we should just retract into our shells and stop fighting. But didn't we try that already? We tried not fighting after hundreds of Marines were killed in Beirut. We tried not fighting after the first World Trade Center bombing. We tried it after Khobar Towers, Kenya and Tanzania. We didn't fight after the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole. According to the theories of the peace movement, shying away from these fights should have brought us peace. Instead, it led directly to September 11th.
That's Evan Coyne Malone. That last paragraph should be tattooed on the forehead of everyone who thinks that talking, mediating and kissing up to the Arab street is the way to win this war, or at least end it. Who do you want to be? Do you want to be Ted Rall? Do you want to be the guy passing around theories that Nick Berg's murder was actually a U.S. ploy to wag the dog? Do you want to be standing in the middle of your city as the buildings fall or the chemicals spread and think, gee, maybe we should have gone after them a little harder? Or maybe you want to be one of those bloggers who immediately jumped on the "this Nick Berg video is bogus psy ops propaganda" bandwagon that al Jazeera is talking about? That's right. Al Jazeera has a story on blogger who doubt the authenticity of the video. Do you think I was exaggerating when I said that anti-America Americans want to bring their message to the Arab street? Thanks for that, guys. Thanks for giving al Jazeera, the voice of Muslim terrorists, more propaganda material. Way to go.
Revolting millions around the world, the video footage of an American citizen's execution has also raised numerous questions concerning its authenticity. Even at first glance, internet bloggers were asking on Thursday why Nick Berg was wearing an orange jumpsuit – just like US prisoners wear. Other net surfers point to the unlikely timing of the executioner's dubbed announcement that Berg was to die for "Iraqi prisoner abuse".
That's right, Mr. Lawrence Smallman of al Jazeera. You go ahead and write that crap. Go stand next to your al Jazeera buddies. I know that Nick Berg's father is not in a very I Love George Bush mood right now, but I can also bet that he thinks the murder of his son is a very real thing and, while his finger pointing may end up in a different place, he pretty much agrees on who did the actual beheading. And, on the subject of the media, Robert Stewart wrote this on Wednesday: bq. In the midst of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal and near-constant American deaths in a still unstable Iraq, national resolve began to ebb. Support for continued American presence in Iraq declined as the bad news grew, and political rhetoric against the Bush administration and military chain of command reached near-crescendo levels. That all changed when the video was released.

Rather than pictures of prison abuse in Iraq, news of terrorists attacking an American civilian will now blanket the front pages of newspapers and lead the nightly news – at least in nations with free and open media. Reports of Iraqi prisoners – who, as Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., said at yesterday's Armed Services hearing, were "not there for traffic violations" – being abused by a handful of troops will pale in comparison to the brutal attack on an unarmed American civilian. I wish I could say that Stewart was right. Unfortunately, he's not. Nick Berg's beheading is not top billing news anymore. We've gone back to Abu Ghraib, moved on to other things. It's really, really unfortunate. We do live in interesting times. A cartoon defaming a heroic dead man is selling for thousands. People are making excuses for the brutal murder of an innocent man. There is condemnation for the water torture of a man who is at least partly responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans. There are people who want us to lose this war so Bush loses the election, never minding how that will affect the Iraqi people. There are people who would rather see more Americans dead than to dare insult Muslims by attacking their radical brethren. There are people who wish this country to be broken down into little pieces, its citizens crushed like ants and there are people in this very country who keep giving feeding their fire. No, these are not interesting times, I used the wrong word there. These are dangerous times. Forecast for Friday: rage, sadness and a few rays of sunshine. Update: Some strange stories are circulating involving Nick Berg and al Qaeda. I'm going to wait until I expand on this more, I'm doing a little research right now. Regardless of what Nick Berg's intentions in Iraq were, it does not take away from the pure animalistic display of murder that the terrorists videotaped. And shame on Nick Berg's father for using his dead son as a political tool. His behavior is revolting. That's all I'm going to say on that.


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Sure I care abou the Iraqi people,but I care more about mine.When I wake up and see that the US released 300+ prisoners from that jail,I get so angry tha I could spit.The bad guys score a mini Madrid and we send them the message to keep it up.I hope we learn soon,and enough people let it be known that we have had it and we need to protect our own.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammad does not have the rights afforded to uniformed combatants under the Geneva Convention. Last I checked, al-Qaeda hadn't signed on to it, anyway.

When you're dealing with people that fly airplanes into buildings to kill thousands of random people, the "rules" are not the same. They will kill us any way they can- to fight that you do whatever it takes. What. Ever. It. Takes.

To insist on playing fair when your opponent is willing to decapitate non combatant civilians just because they are American/Jews is nothing short of a death wish.

And yes, before you go there, I condemned the prison abuse- but it's an entirely different thing from interrogating Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and his like.

Regarding Berg's father, Lucianne is reporting that he belongs to International ANSWER (!).

You stated:

I almost feel sorry for people who cannot discern the difference between the crimes of a few and the beliefs of many, the difference between a few soldiers who did very bad things, to an entire belief system that allows a group of hooded men to hack and saw the head off of an innocent man on video, pull his body of off his head and hold it up for all to see while they shout praise to their god.

I suppose you are feeling pretty sorry for yourself then. I cannot fathom how you could be so visibly hippocritical.

When will you wake up and stop spitting out such vile garbage? You know full well that the vast majority of Muslims despise this behavior and have condemed the atrocities. The acts of a few extremist DO NOT represent the beliefs of the entire population.

Your brush is as wide as Ted Rall's.

You can say the same thing about the US military & civilian participants who humuliated, totured and killed Iraqi prisoners. Video & photographs show them actually enjoying what they were doing. Does this mean that ALL Americans condone or participate in this behavior? Certainly not.

Does the beheading of Berg mean that ALL Muslims condone or participate in this behavior? Certainly not.

Terrorists need to be hunted down, and brought to justice. Subjecting them to torture is NOT an option. As Americans, we need to rise above this behavior, bring the accused to public trial and then let justice prevail. This is a war of beliefs more than anything else. It seems to me that we are losing this war, because those in power seem to have thrown our core beliefs out the window in the name of retribution.

Personally, I would like nothing more that to find Berg's killers, tie them to a tree and skin them alive with a pair of vise-grips, over a several week period. But that is my gut speaking. My BRAIN tells me to rise above this, bring them to public trial in the US and show the world how justice works.

Is he really with ANSWER or did he just donate money to them?

Greg, I never said anything about all Muslims. I said followers of al Sadr. I said followers of the bastards that killed Berg. When I said "entire belief system..." it meant those who believe that their religion and their god give them the right to saw someone's head off and feel righteous about it.

Stop looking for things where they don't exist. I've made every effort when I write about this subject to use the phrase radical Muslims or radical Islamists and you damn well know that. If not, then you are engaging in selective reading.

Marble, the quote on Lucianne is "Berg's father 'proud to be a member'". My working assumption for now is that he's a useful idiot, not an actual Stalinist himself.

Greg, nobody says that all Muslims support what Al Qaeda did to Nick Berg. The question is, how many, and as Hugh Hewitt points out, the answer is millions, probably tens of millions, maybe more than 100 million. There is no comparable support for the abuses at Abu Ghraib.


Think about this-if less than 1% of all muslims are supportive of the actions of al-qaeda, which I believe probably isn't that inaccurate, we are talking about MILLIONS OF PEOPLE.

There are 1.5 BILLION muslims in the world. Do. The. Math.

It took NINETEEN of them to cause the worst civilian carnage on US soil in our brief history.

You may find the small percentage an aberration, but that doesn't matter. Until the head Mullahs come out and say "don't jihad against America- they are our friends" your opinion is misguided and in my view suicidal.

We are at war. And we must win. Period.

If we could have waterboarded Mohammed Atta to prevent 9/11, would you be ok with it then?

Dunk away boys.

"Regarding Berg's father, Lucianne is reporting that he belongs to International ANSWER (!)."

I have yet to see anybody claiming that Berg's father did more with ANSWER than sign a petition. Which does not make him a member.

I was following the Berg story all night and all the initial info checks out. This will not prevent assholes from having a field day.

More here.

Also, as I said on several LGF threads, all the info about the suburban liberal Jewish milieu of Nick and his family check out completely. I know hundreds of people very much like both of them.

Because I can, I am going to hope that the person who is bidding for Rall's cartoon is bidding for the privlige of burning it.

in my heart of hearts, I'm going to hope that the person bidding for it is doing so to make sure that that cartoon never sees the light of day again.

Tman this year's Pew trust poll asked people in 8 countries (four of them Muslim) whether they viewed Bin Laudin favorably.

The break down in the Muslim countries polled:
Pakistan: 65% favorable / 9% unfavorable 26% undecided
Jordon: 55% favorable / 39% unfavorable / 7% undecided
Morocco: 45 favorable / 42 unfavorable / 13% undecided
Turkey 11% favorable / 75% unfavorable / 13% undecided

I vaguely remember that an earlier polls of more countries found Bin Laudin had nearly a 90% positive approval rating after 9/11 in some countries.

There is some wishful thinking in Gregs statement You know full well that the vast majority of Muslims despise this behavior and have condemed the atrocities.

It's estimated that 10% of Muslims world wide are hard core supporters for Bin Laudin's way of thinking. That's over 100 million people.

And a larger percentage of Muslim religious leaders are hard core than the layity.

Percentages don't count in nondemocratic countries and they may not count in nondemocratic religions.


Here is the unfortunate truth - there is a sizeable portion of America (not to mention the world) that does not get that we are at war. Whether its actual stupidity or willful ignorance because they have to beat GW, I don't know. I watched those towers come down, saw the jumpers on TV (until our elite media decided that may "inflame" passions), I saw the hole in the Pentagon, the crash scene in the scene in PA. And I got it, these people want to kill us. I had spent the 90's wondering why UBL did not wake up in his cave in Afghanistan with Marines sitting there with him, but never gave it much real thought, It was a fleeting thought. I'm as guilty as the Clinton Admin and Bush 1, reagan etc - didn't take it seriously. But what else do you freaking need at this point in time. How many other reminders taht there is a cult that worships death and destruction (and its not the Army or Marines for any leftist still confused).

We are involved in two wars (Den beste theory). One with Islamist nutjobs. And one with leftist fools like Ted Rall and Randi Rhodes. We are winning one and will win the other. And lucky for the Ted Ralls of the world, for when we win, we don't behead the treasonous scum on the other side. Vote Bush, Vote republican. Send a message - we are as mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore from anti americans. (Disclaimer - not all Democrats are anti American it only seems that way. There are some serious democrats - Joe Lieberman is one)


Looks like I was being too generous. I really don't like to paint a whole religion with the same brush, for instance there are really schtoopid christians out there as well, but the silence of the "moderate" voice of Islam is deafening.

Sorry folks, but cut it any way you please, there are simply too many of these sick bastards who would give the Berg treatment to each and everyone of us for me to call it a "small" minority.

Josh- where did you get that poll?

Yehudit, as I said, my assumption is that the dad's just a useful idiot. However, Lucianne indicates that he described himself as a member.

I do get the feeling that the family are typically liberal in that they underestimate the enemy. When his dad says that Nick was Al Qaeda's best friend, that he was just trying to help rebuild Iraq, I can't help thinking that Dad's seriously deluded as to the nature of AQ.

Bravo Romeo Delta: Amen, brother!

I only wish I could afford to bid on it myself. I'd happily pay a few thousand, if I had it -- even to the likes of Ted Rall -- for the privilege of burning that garbage in front of him.

Daniel in Medford

We can only hope that that Dad's delusion will be lifted considering the very high price he paid. My heart really goes out to the Berg family. That said, if you sleep with pigs don't be surprized if you wake up smelling like $hit.

If the enemy does not follow the Geneva Convention, then you are not obligated to follow the convention in your treatment of that particular enemy. Common sense and tons of research, makes it a tit for tat world.

I hate to say this, but most muslims are living in the middle ages, deluded into sympathizing with terrorists, murderers, and suicide bombers. Sad but true.

If you burnt it in front of him, do you think that he would start screaming that its censorship?

If so, what do you think he would say when you pointed out that burning the flag is constiutionally protected?

It might well be that 10% of Muslims are big fans of Osama Bin Laden.

But if some of the people posting on these blogs are any indication, then I'd say it's a good bet that at least 10% of U.S. Citizens actually support what happened in Abu Ghraib, and many of those would support even worse treatment.

A poll taken shortly after 9/11 had a majority favoring putting all Arab Americans in interment camps. Granted, this is not the same as hacking off someone's head with a knife, but it's still an endorsement of imprisoning a group of people for their ethnicity alone (there was no distinction made between Christian or Muslim Arabs, or being immigrant or U.S. born), not because of guilt. For years we shook our heads about the internment of Japanese citizens in World War II; how could we have let ourselves do that, we asked? And yet in an instant, too many of us are willing to condemn an entire people to imprisonment.

What happened to Nick Berg was disgusting, horrific, and barbaric. I can think of nothing more sickening, more vile, more evil. It does not, however, cancel out any action that we might take. His murder is not the standard by which we should judge our own behavior. The bar must be much higher. In the words of Lindsey Graham, the Republican senator from South Carolina, "If we are the good guys, we have to act like the good guys."

Ted Rall's art looks as if he draws with his left foot. Calling him a 'cartoonist' is an insult the real practioners of the craft such as my good friends Cox & Forkum. Rall is nothing but a bitter little lefty man who hates Tillman because he was everything Ted will never be. You don't hang Ted Rall's 'art' on a wall, you put it on a roller and hang it next to a toilet.


Captain America

Interesting, the 10% assumption. Because if it were 100% we'd have to prosecute the war until they could no longer defend themselves. So why is it they always find the Arab-on-the-street to interview that hates America thereby fostering the 100% preception, ensuring the continued American commitment towards the war.

One would think they'd interview the other 90%. I mean they don't think that by showing us the everbody they can possibly find to interview in the Arab world wants to kill us that we'll say, well that's it then, let's go home and have a nice cup of tea do they? Do they?

I don't see much wrong going on in Iraq. I think it's being orchestrated magnificently. We did know long before Falluja and al-Sadr that anti-freedom forces would be stepping up action in an attempt to prevent transfer of sovereignty to the Iraqis.
We also knew that there would be much hand-wringing and cries of despair during this time. The hand-wringers are operating pretty much with no real knowledge of the military and political situation. And much of it is election driven, for shame.

Seems to me to be going pretty much as predicted.


You've jumped to a wrong and I don't feel like checking your math. However, people her express their objections to using these prisoners to fulfill guards sexual fantasies. What whatever percenatage supports is any treatment of people proven guilty of planning, committing or providing support to murders already committed.

Just remember, if they were not planning your or your family, friend, compatriot murder it could be mine. I'm all for for using whatever means to squeeze the last bit of info they might posses.

Call me barbarian and sue me.


Nice use of the vague reference "they." I take "they" to mean all Arabs or Iraqis, despite the U.S. military investigation that found that 70-90% of the detainees at Abu Ghraib were detained incorrectly.

But it's always easier when it's a "they," isn't it, Marek? What if a murderer lived on your street, and the police decided it might be a good idea to sodomize you or your neighbor in order to "squeeze every last bit of info out of you"?

I don't think you're a barbarian, Marek. But I do think you're short-circuiting your brain by lumping all Iraqis, terrorists or no, into one monolithic "they."

Captain America,

Let me ask you the same question that the previous poster Greg seemed to ignore.....

If we could have waterboarded Mohammed Atta to prevent 9/11, would you be ok with it then?


Do you have some hang-up about the unconventional sex as a way of extracting information from suspected terrorists?

And "they" means the either known to be guilty of previous terrorist activity or reasonably suspected. Your example is a typical short-circuit straw man. Re-read the pertinent posts and try a better not short-circuit example.

Appologies, the post to Captain from Captain is from Marek.

"A poll taken shortly after 9/11 had a majority favoring putting all Arab Americans in interment camps."

I'm almost positive that's an outright lie. Prove it.

"the U.S. military investigation that found that 70-90% of the detainees at Abu Ghraib were detained incorrectly."

Another lie; This is based on a dubious quote from one Army officer - it was not a finding of the Army's official investigation.

Lets buy it and destroy it.

Nice piece, but why bother? Why waste time debating the worthlessness of a sack of shit like Rall? His jealousy, penis envy, and ingorance aren't worth our attention. He wants our attention, and a sado-masochist like him probably revels in all the intellectual crotch kicks we can deliver.

Leave him to his sad, hate filled self. We have more important things to worry about.


Under the heading "Changes in Attitude," 59% of those polled favored allowing "law enforcement to hold people suspected of links to terrorist organizations in jail without bail for an unlimited amount of time," 49% favored requiring "U.S. citizens of Arab descent to carry an identification card issued by the Federal Government," and 31% favored allowing "the Federal government to hold Arabs who are U.S. citizens in camps until it can be determined whether they have links to terrorist organizations." "Time/CNN Poll," Time, October 8, 2001, 29.

It wasn't a lie, Karl, though I was off when I said it was a majority. But still, you can chew on the 50% who support giving all Arabs ID cards.

As for the percentage detained incorrectly at Abu Ghraib:

GENEVA -- Up to 90 percent of Iraqi detainees were arrested by mistake, according to coalition intelligence officers cited in a Red Cross report disclosed Monday.

The report, confirmed by the Red Cross as authentic after it was published by The Wall Street Journal on Monday, says a military intelligence officer told the agency that abuse of prisoners by U.S. forces in Iraq is generally "part of the process."


It was a Red Cross investigation (those communists!), but it has not been refuted by the U.S. government.

First of all Captain, the poll you mentioned was taken less than a month after 9/11/01. I think it's safe to say much of the country was still in shock and reacting to that shock and anger. A similar poll conducted today would yield drastically different results. I think also that we need to give credit to the Administration for coming out and condemning any actions against Muslims or those of Arabic descent during that same time period. If the Administration was run by someone whose opinion blew the direction of the polls, we'd be living in a different US.

Second, your proof also proves that it was the opinion of a single military intelligence officer. Red Cross is a humanitarian organization, not an investigative organization. It may not have been refuted by the Government because a real investigation takes a long time. The Government can't refute something without proof. I agree that what happened at Abu Ghraid (sp?) was wrong and should not have happened. I also disagree that it was "horrendous" but I haven't seen all the photos that are out there either. As a veteran, let me assure you that when the hammer comes down on the people who did this, it will come down hard. It's called the UCMJ and it means that you are guilty until proven innocent because in the military, you can't afford to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

In my opinion, we need to realize that the terrorists and those who enable them (remember that terrorist enablers are part of the War on Terror, a.k.a. World War III) want us and our way of life dead. In a wierd way, we're like the people of Rohan in Tolkein's Two Towers; our enemies seek only our destruction. We cannot begin to fight against them until that realization has firmly set in and clearly it hasn't. They have attacked us repeatedly and we've done nothing in response. They attacked us on our own soil, killing thousands of citizens guilty of living their lives in our society and less than three years later we seem to have lost our resolve to defend ourselves. We bicker and argue amongst ourselves while our enemies sit back and do nothing except hide because they expect that we will destroy ourselves. With every news report, we prove them right. Our politicians (for the most part) care only about what's right for their policial party and not the country. Our media condemns us for daring to live our lives in the manner our ancestors fought and died to allow us to live.

If this generation was in charge during World War II, Hitler would have won.


First, great new look.

Second, the "Jheka" who posted above is my stalker/troll/secret admirer. Please ban the sorry little critter.

Finally, check out my new blog :). I'd really like to know what you think.

First of all Captain, the poll you mentioned was taken less than a month after 9/11/01. I think it's safe to say much of the country was still in shock and reacting to that shock and anger. A similar poll conducted today would yield drastically different results. I think also that we need to give credit to the Administration for coming out and condemning any actions against Muslims or those of Arabic descent during that same time period.

Why would the results be different, Madigan? Because we're three years out from 9/11 or because opinions have truly changed? I doubt it's the latter, and if it's the former, it could flare up into a majority if there's another attack. Opinions changed about Japanese Americans after World War II as well, but that doesn't change what happened.

I do commend the administration for their words about people of different faiths. My comments had nothing to do with that. Rather, they are about how quickly so many of us will jump to condemning an entire people. Have you listened to Michael Savage lately? A lot of people do--he has the third highest rated radio show in the country, I believe. He calls Arabs or Muslims (to him and many others there is no distinction) "non-humans."