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Just shoot me

Our closing date has been pushed back. Again. Don't ask. We won't close until next Thursday and Friday. I took vacation time this entire week to pack and move. I have no more time to take. Everything we own is boxed up. No pots, no pans, no dishes. Almost all of our clothes are packed; I left out just enough to get us through to Saturday. We literally have no food in the house. I thought we were moving tomorrow. We're told we can put things in the garage of the new house, except that the garage of the new house still looks like this. I have to go to a wake tonight and a funeral tomorrow. I still have the tortured screams of Nick Berg ringing in my ears. I have about 50 pieces of mail received since last night accusing me of advocating genocide. At least that I can deal with by explaining to myself that those people are idiots who cannot comprehend what they read. The rest of the stuff? I am about thisclose to a nervous breakdown. All I want to do is throw up, cry or scream. Or all of the above. And I haven't even watched/read the news or a blog since yesterday morning. I imagine I probaly shouldn't at this point. I'm a camel in search of a straw.


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Double check when your Lock-In for your loan rate expires... Interest Rates are starting to go up, so you don't want to have to renegotiate your mortage.

Thanks, J. I just checked and we are locked in to the current rate.

Stress needs medication.

Try liberal doses of beer till the stress goes away, or you pass out.

There's nothing at all in the whole of the Blogosphere that requires your attention today (I checked). The newsies will have the same rhetoric out for you tomorrow.

Take the day off from blogging. When you do it intentionally it can actually be relaxing.

What Jim said.

I'm transmitting good vibes from CA.

For what its worth, I offer myself as a target of your screams. Go on, scream at me.

Why should my much-better-half have all the fun?

Sending good luck vibes your way.

Don't forget to call the cable company and have them NOT turn off the cable tomorrow. This happened to us when we closed on our house. We ended up finally moving into our house 6 weeks later than expected. I'm thinking happy thoughts for you and your bunch.

It's tough to let go of things that you can't control. But it needs to happen.
A large glass of wine and a long, hot bath with quiet music playing......
Feel better, Michele.

I once went to St VIncent DePaul's and bought a glass punchbowl set for like $5,and I had no qualms about throwing every last little stinking glass against a brick wall,Made me smile,

If it is any consolation, I will dedicate Ted Rall Is Full Of Crap to you.

Feel better now?

{{{Michele}}} Take yourselves to a ball games or other outings for hotdogs & beverages. Breakfast is flakes & milk. Lunches ... anyway, a week of junk food won't really hurt you or them, just don't get addicted to it.

I am a little surprized at the runaround you seem to being given, but I've seen it happen to others with no eventual bad consequences. For lunch tomorrow, you might want to take your lawyer out and complain.

Deep breath. I've been there and am living proof that it is survivable. Next weekend you'll be in your new home... just a few more days to get through. Hugs.

I wish I could fax you a Valium. You need it worse than I do right now, and that's saying something! Good luck.

Time for a new attorney to handle the closing!!! He seems to be easy going when it goes to pushing the closing date back

Put on the Beach Boys and sing.

Moving sucks. Hope you get to feeling better soon. You won't get that way by reading the news, that's for sure.


Wow! I think you maight be the prize winner for what all can go wrong, will go wrong sweepstakes. Wear your badge with honor!

You don't need wine or beer - tequila will get you through the move!
Nah, really, that has to be an awful thing to go through. Moving is hell when every thing goes as planned, can't imagine how awful it is when things go awry.

following up what Drew said: tell your attorney that his fee must be paid separately from the settlement, and it gets pushed back the same # of days your closing does.

And on the third pushback, his name and phone number gets published in a little internet weblog.

Well, the attorney is my uncle, so that's not gonna happen.

Actually, the whole business has to do with the lender and points and other things that make my head hurt. In essence, if we wait a week and use a different lender, our points will be much, much less and the monthly mortgage will be less. So wait, we shall.

That sucks - I'm sorry! But don't worry, you'll get thru it ... it's just time anyway.

Aw, hon, that sucks. It's all for the good, I suppose, but putting one's life on hold for this kind of thing is insanely stressful.

Leave us. Now. The blogosphere will still be here when you get back, and so will we.

It was very thoughtful of the previous owners to make the garage seem a little more homey and lived-in for you. No one likes that sterile bare-floors-and-walls look.