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coming to you live from...my mom's

Just so you know for future reference: When a Cablevsion representative says to you "So, you want your internet and cable turned off on Friday, May 14th right?" What they are really saying is this - bq. We are going to turn your service off on Tuesday, May 12th. We will fuck with you all day long, telling you that we know we made a mistake and the technician will be there any moment to hook you back up again. But in reality, he's not coming. We'll tell you he will be there by two, but he won't and you'll call us and we'll tell you that you are our Number One Priority! and he'll be there by six the latest, bet your bottom dollar on that and then when you call at 6:05, our supervisor will tell you that all the techs have packed it in for the day and you're shit out of luck. And when you tell us that your husband lost some clients because you were unable to answer inquiries today, we'll tell you that we will take twenty dollars off your next bill, even though we know that means nothing to you. And then our supervisor will promise to have someone back at your house in the morning, or maybe the afternoon, or maybe dinner time and when you finally go ballistic and start screaming, she'll just keep repeating the same cue card lines over and over again because, guess what? You really don't fucking matter. We are Cablevision and we are a monopoly and you are our bitch. So, I had to deposit Nat here at my mom's for a while so she can see American Idol and I figured I would check in and let you know where I've been all day, in case you got to wondering where my usual 40 posts a day went. Too bad, because I had a lot to say today. Per usual. I see there are about 200 mails sitting in my inbox, and I haven't read a single comment on whatever I wrote today, so I apologize if you are waiting for a response and have yet to receive one. The future lies within the hands of Cablevision. Hopefully, they'll turn the service back on tomorrow - just in time to turn it off again on Friday. I hope my ranting and screaming did not do any harm to my Saturday morning appointment to have services turned on at the new house. Oh, I forgot to mention. We close on the house Friday afternoon. We start moving in Friday night. Finally. Anyhow, I've been making good use of my internet down time by finishing up the packing and I guess I'll spend tonight cleaning the place up for the next tenants. See you sometime tomorrow, depending on Cablevision's defintion of priority. Or, I could walk around the neighborhood with the laptop strapped around my neck, looking for a house with a wireless connection. Nah, not that desperate. Yet. Update: I should note this: I've used Optimum Online as my ISP for three years. I have rarely experienced downtime and then only in the case of sever weather. It is Cablevision's (their parent company) customer service I have the problem with.


And here I thought you'd found a hidden reserve of willpower!

Horrah for the house closing! But a big BOOOOOOOOOOO to the cable nazis. You're welcome to come use my wifi, but I'm thinking the couple hundred miles would be a bit far of a trip just for internet.

Yeah,had a similar experience with Comcast out here when I bought my own modems and went to their office to return theirs.Got home to find no Internet(in the middle of a deadline )and they said,"Sorry,the girl at the counter misunderstood and turned you off,and we won't be able to get you back on for 5-7 BUSINESS days,this occurring of course on a Thursday.After I lost it,I regained my composure,told the supervisor that my next call was to SBC's DSL service,and whoever got me back online first wouldd win both my internet and phone service,and that I would be explaining that in a letter to corporate HQ.I was back online within a few hours.

Cable providers sux teh coq. Good luck getting any helpful service from these people. In the not too distant pass I was a tech support agent for Time Warner Cable. From the sounds of it, Cablevision care's about as much for their customers as TWC, ie, not a fucking bit. I wouldn't even begin to guess how many calls a day I'd recieve from extremely pissed off Manhattanites who had some tech either not show up or somehow royally fuck up whatever it was they were supposed to fix. Nor were me and my fellow tech support agents much help to these poor souls. The fact that our training was focussed on getting them off the phone in 5 minutes, selling them an upgrade and fixing their problem - in that order, probably had something to do with that. Our masters somehow got the idea that shorter call times would result in less call backs. As the professor would say, Heh.

Oh, and another thing. I'm afraid ranting and screaming won't help your cause. Tech support agents, at least where I worked, didn't care much for providing customer service and would get a tad surly when presented with call after pissed off call. Never mind that 90 percent of us deserved to get yelled at, the sad fact is many of us wished bad things upon those that yelled at us.

All of the cable providers are hoping to generate big business by offering phone service, too. This kind of customer service experience won't exactly help their case.

Don't speak too soon -- I've gone war driving. After a while it's sort of an adventure.

Congrats on the house -- now the real work begins. bwahahahahahaha

and you expected something more from the jackoffs controlling the Garden floor?

(pssst..Claire, don't let on...it's more fun when it hits them on the head)

That's ok there wasn't much to watch on cable tonight... except the Angeles spanking the Yankees ;)

you had to bring that up? I've been sitting here all happy from tweaking Air Idiot after a totally rotten day, and you gotta bring up Boss. eeeveeeil

I moved 3 blocks from my old apt. and kept the same phone #. It took Verizon 3 weeks to turn on my DSL in the new place. When I first ordered it a year ago, it took only 3 days to get it turned out. Go figure.

Yehudit,they will work to get you,once they figure they've got you,they could give a rat's ass how happy you are.That's why I always go to the supervisor and tell them that I will write to their boss explaining how they lost me as a customer.It should be easier to satisfy me than to explain to HQ,Of course they've never called my bluff,which is good because I hear the DSL in my neighborhood blows chunks.

you gotta love the Boss's minions...An 11-2 beatdown is "vasquez shaky in loss."
You got hammered, you puppies!

The same thing happened to me when I moved out of my old house. I have Time-Warner (oh, excuse me, "Bright House", one of the dumbest names on the planet for a cable company). They shut us off two days early.

At least they showed up to hook up the new cable exactly when promised. I remember it was September 19 for two reasons.

1. I got a kidney stone the day before.
2. It was the premiere of Enterprise's second season and, like many other Trekkers, I was begging it would be better than the last. (It wasn't.)

They arrived on time, hooked up the cable, and left. Amazing. That's one thing I'll give BH: They come when they say they will.

Congratulations on the house closing. Hope it brings you as much joy as my flat here in London.

We have idiot cable companies here in the UK as well. We were promised digital for two years...and now they say we will never get it. Do we still have to pay quite a bit for a lame service however? Yep, of course we do.

Cablevision SUCKS. I had Optimum Online service with them for the past year or so, and it was horrible. It would work for five minutes at a time and then go down. They sent people out to fix it three times and it never got any better. I'm moving to Comcast territory in June and I have my fingers crossed that it's better there....Cablevision customer service is so bad, I don't think it could be worse.

The other day, I commented that the media were salivating at the prospect of showing rape and sodomy pics from Abu Ghraib. Somebody named "Macswain" told me that I was wrong.

Well, read 'em and weep, about the Boston Globe publishing unedited pornographic pictures on its front page, thinking they were from Abu Ghraib!


They actually were bogus, and were from a porn site. But it tells me that I was RIGHT, and Macswain was wrong. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, dude!

"Cable providers sux teh coq."

Uhm, no. People who post irresponsible generalities do that.

I live way out in the weeds. I was happy to hook up with a little Upstate New York cable shop that was shipping bits through Daisy Hollow. I've been even happier with their diligence in attending to business, for eighteen months now. This, after eight years as a Mindspring user, watching that thing going to hell on a rocket-sled.

My cable company rocks 24/7/365. God bless 'em.

Consider getting a webbox.com account for remote access to email. And, unless you live in the boonies where you only get one or two snowy channels, consider disconnecting the cable TV. Maybe it's a generational divide, but I can't see the point of paying money to watch television.

I would use a cable company for my internet connection on the same day I use my accountant for dentistry.