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(Re-post) Response to Bad: Strengthen Good

I thought I would keep this up top while I'm not really blogging. Command Post: We were shocked by the evil we saw [yesterday]. Our response is to help strengthen something that is good. We're contributing all donations to our PayPal account made between now and Midnight EDT Friday night to the Tom Family Education Trust Read more about the Tom family here.
This was Alan's idea. When he ran it by me I knew immediately it was something we had to do. Why? Because, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Opposite. When evil strikes - and make no doubts about it, the men in that video are evil - we need to counteract that evil by doing something good for the world. As regular, everyday citizens, we cannot bring justice to Nick Berg's family. We cannot avenge his death. Nick Berg was an American. When those bastards held up his severed head, they were holding America. That's not conjecture, it's a fact. The Tom Family Education Fund has nothing to do with Iraq or the war on terror. It is a non-political, non partisan charity fund and giving to this fund is just a way of making some good happen on a day that seemed to be nothing but bad. Help us to keep the good karma flowing. [A great way to help would be to link this on your own blog]


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