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For the inquiring minds that want to know, DJ's team is now 7-1. Today's win was hard fought; they were down 4-2 early on in the game, but had a big third inning where they took an 11-4 lead. The other team countered with a big fourth inning and the lead shrunk to 11-8. Our team held it together, thanks to two stellar defensive plays at short in the last inning by a certain kid who happens to be my son. DJ pitched two innings, adding three strikeouts to his season total which we keep no real record of. The best part is he went 3 for 3 with 2 RBIs, which makes him very happy because hitting was a big problem for him last year. I think the added two inches of height since last season helps him a lot. He did walk two players during his two inning pitching stint and I think I need to have a nice talk with my little man about handling disappointment with himself. All in all, a very enjoyable game on an incredibly warm and pleasant and spring evening, and it made me really happy to see a big crowd on hand. I'm also pretty damn pleased with the rest of the photos I took tonight. I'll get them up in the gallery later.


And they didn't have to borrow $225 million to pay their bloated salaries and still be a game back.

The Show, not just a dream anymore...

"down 4-2" ...then big inning..."11-2 lead" ...
Where'd the other team's other two runs go?

Whoops. Typo. Fixing.

You don't realize it right now, but you are at the pinnacle of baseball. Enjoy!

See? You've found baseball again. This is where it lives now.

Nice, huh?

Congrats to your son and his team on their victory! Sons are great! I have a 10 year old one myself. He likes WATCHING baseball. Little communist is a White Sox fan. Sometimes kids just go wrong :<)

Go DJ! And DJ's team too of course.

I like the shot of them running. Lots of fun blurry motion :)