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Random Phallic Ice Cream Thoughts and FREE SHREK MUSIC RIGHT HERE!

Before I get back on the warpath. * Why does the neighborhood ice cream man play lullabyes? Rock-a-Bye Baby just doesn't seem like the kind of song that sells too many King Cones. * I was already very excited for Shrek 2. Now that I hear the movie contains a cover of the Buzzocks' Ever Fallen in Love, I'm doubly excited (Nick Cave and the Eels make appearances as well. And, wow - this is a really decent soundtrack!). * Perhaps the ice cream man should play Buzzcocks songs. I think a few rounds of Orgasm Addict would sell some of these. Just trying to help. Update: Kick ass! They let you host the soundtrack machine thingie on your own site! Well, not really. It's just a banner with a link. But it still makes me happy and that's alright with me.


I know I'll end up buying it just to get that new Eels track.

Fah! The Buzzcocks song is a cover! Damn soundtrack covers. I curse them.

I'd pay my ice cream guy to play lullabyes. I get "Turkey in the Straw," all day long. With a total of five kids living in the two family home next to mine, and three more two houses over, he's parked out front damn near forever...and it's only the second week of May!

You know I tried the frozen banana once, found it alright for kicks. But now I've found that it's a habit that sticks.

Ever fallen in love with some frozen banana you shouldna fallen in love with?

Heh. I'm going to be singing that all night.

Ah, it is so good to know that someone else remebers "Orgasm Addict".

OK, here's the obligatory comment about your 'phallic' references.

Just be glad your neighborhood ice cream man isn't playing this.

or you'd feel like this for sure.


A relative of mine played a rather dirty trick on his kids. He didn't want to overpay for ice cream or bother with the whole ice cream truck experience, so when his kids asked him "what's that music, Daddy?", he said it was "the music truck". His kids didn't figure it out for years. Now, whenever I hear that music, I think "there goes the music truck".

Nick Cave and Tom Waits. Holy hell, that makes it a great soundtrack.


Um, that chocolate covered banana was NOT fallic. It was nauseating.
It looked moldy...

ah! now I have that song in my head too!! I used to have that on 8 track- eek!

The only movie I plan to go see in the near future is Shrek 2. The first one was such a scream, I can't wait.

Saw a "Making Of" on Shrek 2 last night on cable, and it looks fabulous. Antonio Banderas is the voice of Puss in Boots, a sort of 15-inch-high evil-yet-pettable Zorro. CanNOT WAIT to see it!!

I wad VERY impressed with Jennifer Saunders' version of Holding out For a Hero. Didn't know she could sing so well. Can't wait to see the movie.

Once upon a time, our local ice cream trucks cruised the neighborhoods playing music. Perhaps lullabys were in their repertoire, but I don't recall. The city governing folks claim to have received many complaints about the "constant noise" from the trucks, so they passed an ordinance requiring them to replace the music with a fire bell, to be rang in one-second bursts, no more than once per minute. So for a couple years we had these loud obnoxious, startling fire bells going off in the street at irregular intervals. BRAAAANG! I think that must have drawn comments as well. Though I have heard of no additonal cold treat related ordinances from city hall, I have also neither seen nor heard a single ice cream truck in my neighborhood for at least 5 years now.

Great. Now I want a frozen banana, with chocolate and rolled in peanut bits. Did anyone else ever know them as "monkey tails"? That's how I was first introduced to them.

  • goes to freezer to search for something suitably chocolate and banana-y enough *

OK, the comments are doing something funky to my stars. That dot there? That was supposed to be a star, you know, to show an action. Oh well.