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We've got a baseball game to go to. I didn't want to leave all that rage up top while I was gone.


Interesting--look at the baseball player, then look at the pic of the day. They're perfectly aligned, too.

What a great defensive follow through by DJ! He looks in complete control ready to make the stop if the ball's hit up the middle (Must have a good coach)

I like the new masthead and was wondering about the source of such. It appears to be along the same lines as the currently pictured photo and from my recollection, you husband is an artist. Am I getting warm?

That header is made from a photograph I took at one of my son's baseball games. After approximately 16 Photoshop filters/actions and three different layers, that's what I ended up with.

Who won? I mean, the game.

Yo, D.J. my man. Looks like your limbs are getting longer. Cool, you're normal.

Bad news: By the time you're 13 you'll be a klutz. Good news: By the time you're 15 you'll be adroit again. It's a phase all boys go through.

So when mom asks you why you're being so dang clumsy, tell her it's a contractural obligation.

BTW, even Randy Jones (San Diego Padres, and one of the best control pitchers the game's ever known) walked people accidentally.