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packing/moving update

Days packing done. Closing date pushed back again. No pool permit. Much frustration, anger, tears. Attorney makes everything ok. I hope. By Saturday. In five minutes I will regain my mind by going out for a well-earned, expensive as hell steak dinner which will be washed down with tequila.


Oh this is so frustrating! I do hope your attorney can work everything out and that you can get moved as soon as possible.

Michele, having just done all this, I can tell you it's better on the other side. For all the crazy moments during the leadup to closing, all the wonderfully idiotic inspections and appraisals and change clauses, there is on the other side the fact that it's YOURS at the end of the day.

I love my home MORE now that I own it, even though I've had some cosmetic problems with the place since closing. I love my home MORE because it's mine at the end of the day when I go to bed, and MINE when I get up the next day, broken shower head or no, broken coatrack and drywall or no.

It's worth the insanity and the heartburn, and it sure as hell beats paying rent!

Deep breaths, it'll be yours soon enough :)

I'm gonna be hated for saying this, but...

My closing went perfect. Smooth like clockwork. Sure, I found a couple things that needed fixing after moving in, but it's a 75 year-old house.

So, am I the aberration? BTW, it was my first, as well...I hear it should have gone horribly. :)

A post with attorneys and steaks that doesn't involve me. Hmm....very suspicious. ;)

Dammit, I want - nay, I NEED a steak...

some closings go well. it helps when all of the regulations are met, documents completed and the attorney is thoroughly familiar with everything which needs doing. general practice attorneys aren't necessarily as skilled as specialists when it comes to real estate law....


have patience. i've personally had one closing which went extremely well; and i've had one closing which really sucked eggs.... why? skill of the people handling the paperwork and legal issues...

however. there is alot of emotional pain involved in giving up as much money as is involved with real estate deals.... lest you think this only happens with individual homes.... it happens at commercial closings too... some of those i worked on were incredibly painful and others were very smooth....


Ooooh, I am SO going to score tonight.

I mean...uhhh... hrrrmm.


I had a difficult closing also,seeing as I bought at the worst time in the SF area(4 yrs ago,pre-dotcom bust)seeing as the owners wanted our closing to fail because they had higher offers waiting in the wings.I dug in and said,no way,this sucker is MINE!The extra treat was when ,after they moved out,I could see the fact that they did not move the curtains or books on the built-in bookshelves to paint the rooms in prep for the sale.But ,like the others have said,the beast is mine,yay-hooray

mmmmmmmm... steak!

Just keep slugging away. My first house purchase was smooth as silk, the second Nightmare on Elm St. Hold the course... and have some $$$ available for the last minute surprises that may happen.