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Absent Note

To whom it may concern, Please excuse Michele from blogging today as it is now crunch time in the packing/moving experience. Michele has been ordered by all concerned to not blog again until this evening, when she will be allowed a short respite from her day of hard labor. You may wish to visit this post and add your two cents. Sincerely, The better thinking half of Michele's brain


Here's wishing everything goes smoothly for you today and that you forget no belongings, scrape no elbows, throttle no kids, etc.

Have a good stiff drink when you're done. Best of luck!

Our best to the better-thinking half. Meanwhile, kudos to the poetic half for the wonderfully evocative "small victory" banner. It's a keeper.

Ha! Imposter!

Michele doesn't have a better thinking half of her brain. A foolish error, interloper, and one that will lead to your doom...

Michele only had half a brain to start, so...

Sadly, the better thinking half of my brain ended up in my pants, which has severely limited my blogging capabilities.

I agree with Bill. Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Dee Doom Doom Doom Doom Dee Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom

Remember... do not get the cat until you have moved and unpacked and settled in... and kitty-proofed everything.

Lisa, mom always said that between the two of us, we barely had one brain.

As for the rest of you...bite me. With mustard.

I been wondering for some time now, is Lisa older or younger than Michele? (Or should I already know that)

I've had the suspicion that she's younger based on my experience with siblings and her comments, but male and female relationships are often different (Wow! That was an insightful statement.)

Younger, smarter, cuter and further to the Right =)

Do I get to pick the brand of mustard?

Doomee doomee doomee doomee
Doom do-doom doom de-doom doom doom!

Ooh! This is my favorite show!

Michele, how dare you?

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