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While you are waiting: porn

Well, yes. Doesn't everyone spend their Monday morning patiently waiting for me to post? Hey! Don't be ruining my egocentric fantasies! Anyhow, there's an interesting discussion on porn's place in society going on over here. It really is a fascinating subject if try not to look at it in a Beavis and Butthead kind of way.


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I think my only big beef with porn is that I don't get, just truly do not get, the attraction of cum shots and some of that other stuff.

My wife thinks I react to porn like a typical chick: I'm all into the feelings and interaction and imagination, and she just wants to see throbbing, pulsating....


In any case, I'm so much more interested in the psychological aspects of sex that most porn just bores me. A movie like BOUND is ten times more erotic to me than almost any real porn movie, and no, not because (okay, not JUST because) it was mostly about two women.

jeez, Dean...
Michelle, you keep way crazy hours...and for me to say that means I've really jumped some sort of shark.

Well, I start looking for your posts at around 1-2 pm in the afternoon my time. You are always the earliest riser (poster) in the U.S. on my blogroll.

Yep, I know who the morning people are and who the night owls are.

I'm impressed by your ability to contemplate porn so early in the AM.

Thre's never a bad time to contemplate porn!

Actually, porn's also pretty fascinating if you look at it in a Beavis and Butthead kind of way. But, like anything else, after a while most people get desensitized to it and it becomes really boring and repetitive. But not as boring as the chick-flick "feelings and imagination" porn that Dean describes above. gack.

Thanks for the mention, Michele. You're right...it's never a bad time to contemplate porn.

Honestly, the most exciting part of porn is the lead up to the sex. Thats why reality porn (though fake) is so in right now. Because you can almost see how someone can talk a woman off the street and into the bedroom. Actually, its that 30 seconds before the first move that is the mosty exciting. The memories I get from my first sexual experiences, ah, nostalga!

The concern that I have is that there is a slippery slope with porn; that while one thing may be exciting enough one day, the next day it's stale and old hat. Hence the user is drawn towards more extreme forms of pornography.

Look at the current AIDS controversy in the industry. One of the gals who was infected, Laura Roxx, got HIV through what is known as a "double-anal" scene. Back in the 1980s I don't think that particular type of scene was common, so it appears that the slippery slope is an issue for the porn industry as a whole as well.

Brainster, when you're talking about porn, don't say "slippery slope" [remembering an old Bloom County].